Messer Reunion

Messer Family Reunion
Descendants of James & Rachel M. "Tiny" Barnes Messer

Messer Family Reunion
The Family of
James and Rachel M. "Tiny" Barnes Messer
All Messer Family Members Welcome
Dandridge, TN
Dandridge Fire Dept.
May 26, 2003
Located off the Dandridge Exit of I-40,
Dandridge, TN.
Everyone Welcome

This is one of the Greatest Families that I have had occasion to visit with!!
Everyone had a great attitude and no they treated everyone with respect and there was no one trying to outdo the other. They treated the "new family members" as though they had been in their loving arms all of their lives.
Last year people began arriving about 10:30. Lunch was at noon and we had a great time!

James was the son of Daniel and Elizabeth Palmer.
Rachel was the daughter of Henry H. and Catherine Caldwell Barnes.

For further information, please contact: Brenda Messer

Music playing is "Till The Storm Passes By" sequenced by
a talented Haywood County donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

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