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Haywood County's
Gallant Heroes in Gray

Confederate Veteran's Reunion
Haywood County Courthouse
Waynesville, NC
July 10, 1910

photo courtesy of Mr. Marshall Styles

This list of names was on the back of Mr. Amos Medford's copy of the photo. This information was donated to the SCV Camp #229 by Mrs. Helen Ingle.

Front row--left to right:
Jim Milliner, John Mill, Marion Smathers, ?? Cook, John Caldwell, Anderson "Auce" Singleton, John Singleton, Columbus Singleton, Dick Moody, Archibald Justice, John McGee, Unidentified, Jim Edwards, Mat Parton, Henry Burress, Atlas Allen, Lawson Messer, M.D. Kinsland
Back row--left to right
Alex Carpenter, John L. Morrow, James Morrow, ?? Clark, Unidentified, Wylie Caldwell, Joshua H. Allison, Merritt Trantham, Mark Killian, Unidentified, William Thomas Price, Lush M. Welch, Hack Hargrove, R.L. Underwood, Bill Bennett, Western Green, ?? White, James Swayngim, Unidentified, A.C. Calvin, Unidentified, Taylor McClure, Jake Evans

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Vietnam Memorial at Haywood County Courthouse, Waynesville, NC

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Haywood County is located in the extreme western section of North Carolina nestled in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. It was formed from part of Buncombe County in 1808, and named in honor of John Haywood, who was the State Treasurer of North Carolina at that time. When it was first established it included all the land that comprises present day Macon, Jackson, Clay, Cherokee, Graham, and Swain counties in North Carolina and part of the Qualla Boundary Cherokee Reservation. At the time of it's creation, Haywood also bordered on the states of Tennessee and Georgia. Today, it is bounded by Swain, Jackson, Buncombe, Transylvania and Madison counties in North Carolina, and Cocke County in Tennessee. The county seat is Waynesville.

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