Forgotten Faces--Crestmont, NC

William Cecil Whitt Murder
Crestmont, NC

Crestmont, North Carolina existed for an unknown period of time in the early 1900's somewhere in Haywood County, NC. It was a logging camp or village for Champion Lumber Company with a railroad depot 26 miles from Newport, Tennessee.

All that remains are these photographs and a great-granddaughter searching for a gentleman who was murdered August 12, 1916 at Crestmont, NC.

The murdered gentleman was William Whitt who was employed as a foreman for Champion Lumber Company in the village of Crestmont.

The great-granddaughter who is searching is Ms. Kathryn Wallace of Beckley, West Virginia. If anyone can help her, please send her an e-mail and put in "Crestmont, NC" as the subject line. If anyone can shed any light on any of the persons in the photos or on the history of Crestmont, NC, please send the information to me at Haywood County NC and I will add it to this page.

"My name is Ms. Kathryn Wallace and I live in Beckley, West Virginia. My grandmother was born in Crestmont in 1910. Her father, William Whitt, was a lumber foreman for the Champion Lumber Company. He was shot and killed in the general area on August 12, 1916. I am searching for information concerning his death, the two men who shot him and what happened to them. The shooters were father and son named Wilson. Can you offer any help?

Anything that was written on the back of the picture I have included on the copy of the picture. If anyone can identify any of the other people I would be very interested in knowing who they are. So far the only article I have is part of his obituary which was printed in the Winchester, Kentucky newspaper at his death. If you have any inquiries feel free to give my e-mail out. Just ask the individual to make the subject line CRESTMONT, NC so that I will not delete before reading.

William Whitt, foreman for Champion Lumber Company, standing in front of railroad depot at Crestmont, NC, about 1915.
William Whitt was murdered by a father and son with the surname Wilson on August 12, 1916.
Note the sign on the depot: "Elevation ???, Crestmont, NC., Newport 26 miles."

The only identification on this photo is "Crestmont, NC" written on the back.

Champion Lumber Company Engine
photo taken circa 1911--1913
Elizabeth and Bernice Whitt inside engine

Unidentified workmen for Champion Lumber Company at Crestmont, NC.

Unidentified gentlemen at Crestmont, NC

Front Row: William and Maude Kimbrell Whitt
Back Row: 3 unidentifed gentlemen

Handwritten on front of photo:
"A good view of Snuff Row; Place where we met, wooed, won."
Handwritten information on back of photo:
"This was made from top of peak overlooking Old Crestmont."
Pencil line was drawn by Maude Kimbrell Whitt. Notation says:
"Where we took our first and last walk together"
photo is dated "Old Crestmont 9-19-1915"

Unidentified group
Crestmont, NC

Identification on this photo is:
"?? Mack, Sunday School class,
Made at Crestmont, NC
Easter Sunday, 1915"
The following names are as written on the back of the photo. No order, if any, is known.
Men: Dr. McMillian, Guy Mack--Eng., Mr. Roberts
Other names are: Claude Barnes, Hobart Mann, McAuley Breeden,
Charlie Clark, Fred White, Lee Poole, Sylvester Jones,
Casper Evans, W.C.(William Cecil) Whitt, George Howell, Leslie Howell,
Clarence Evans, ??bern McMillen, Arthur Cates, ? Cates,
Dewey Williams--deceased, Ralph Bush, John H. Whitt,
Flanagan boy--left--1 row back

If anyone thinks they recognize anyone in any of the photos,
Haywood County NC can e-mail a larger scan of any of these photos.

These photos are the copyrighted property of Ms. Kathryn Wallace. Please ask her permission before taking.

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