VOLUME I, NUMBER 1                                                                         FALL 1993




The first issue of the CABARRUS GENEALOGY SOCIETY JOURNAL has been devised as a paradigm issue. To let you known how our society had it's beginning, and also to give you an ideal of what can be expected in succeeding issues. The journal is at present time to be published quarterly by the Society.

A complete list of official charter members will follow in a later issue. It was agreed at the June 1993 meeting of the Society to have those members joining through December 31, 1993 to be deemed as-charter members.

The caliber of this journal can only be evaluated by the material that is printed in it. So we welcome your comments and suggestions. We encourage you to submit material which would be of interest to those doing research in Cabarrus County the "Golden Nugget of North Carolina."

Please address correspondence for queries, letters to the Editor, or material submitted for publication to Editor, Cabarrus Genealogy Society, P. 0. Box 2981, Concord, NC 28025.

With your help, the Society and the Journal can be a immense success.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -2-



    Tuesday, May 11, 1993, over 60 persons met in the Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library auditorium. Concord, NC, to begin forming a Cabarrus Genealogy Society. The Library Lore Room Local History Collection sponsored the meeting. The seven-member Steering Committee met three times in the next three weeks to draft a constitution and prepare a slate of officers. Tuesday, June 8, 1993, 45 persons reassembled at Historic Cabarrus Courthouse, Concord, NC, approving the constitution and electing the proposed officers. CGS meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Library auditorium in Concord. Members of the Steering Committee were Norris Dearmon, Larry Hayer, John Misenheimer, Carl Moose, Alex Patterson, Edith Walker and Kathryn Bridges.

Cabarrus Genealogy Society Membership Dues:


    1. Associate (Students under 18)- $7.00

    2. Individual - $10.00

3. Family (living at same address, receiving one Journal)-$15.00

    4. Sponsor - $50.00

    5. Life - $200.00 or more

6. Honorary Life Members - those whose contribution to the Society in time and effort are so outstanding as to be so recognized by the vote of the Society and are thereafter exempt from annual dues.


OFFICERS 1993-1994

President                    Cathy Tallent

First Vice President         Tommy McDonald

Second Vice President        Larry Hayer

Corresponding Secretary      Georgia Jenkins

Recording Secretary          Mary Lentz

Treasurer                    Marceline Sloop


Directors                    Ross Morrison

Deane Flowers

John Sharpe Hartsell

Helen Arthur

John Misenheimer

Clarence Horton


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -3-




During the 1992 year long celebration of CaJbarrus County Bicentennial, Katnryn Bridges introduced the ideal of a Genealogy Society being formed. With her guidance and a commitment by a number of Key Bicentennial Commission members to this vision, the CaJbarrus Genealogy Society was "born".

    The "Vision" gave way to the initial May 1993 meeting where the large turnout generated high interest and our superb steering committee members. They diligently set about the task of drafting our Constitution and By-Laws, and procuring a slate of officers they felt would aid in the continued growth of our Society.

    As part of my first presidential message I want to send a large THANK YOU to our steering committee members. Next I would like to commend Kathyrn Bridges, and Tim Auten for their monumental effort in putting together this journal, and to recognize Larry Hayer for his submission of the letter.

    Also as your president one of my goals is to help inspire pride in your ancestry research that will allow you the use of our county's historical significance.

    To Georgia my appreciation for your willingness to help us get started and my best wishes to Harold in his recovery.

And finally my good bye to Miss Eugenia, as I look back to my meeting of our county's "Living Legend" I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have witness a part of Cabarrus County's rich heritage.

    So for now I wish good luck as you search for your pedigree.

Cathy M. Tallent




CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -4-




Harold Jenklns, husband of Corresponding Secretary Georgia Jenkins, who suffered a stroke in September As a result of Harold's unexpected illness, Georgia has resigned as Corresponding Secretary of CGS Harold and Georgia, you are in our thoughts.




Miss Eugenia Lore, long-time Cabarrus historian and benefactor of the Library's Lore Room Local History Collection, died Friday, September 10, in Concord She was 105 years old.

When the Local History Collection was begun in 1977, Miss Eugenia and her sister Miss Adelaide generously gave copies of much of their life-long research of Cabarrus County history and genealogy to begin the Collection. Their research included listings from numerous county cemeteries, many family Bible records and notes, transcriptions of church records and censuses, and articles they had written Several years ago, when Miss Eugenia moved out of her childhood home, she gave the remainder of her research notes and personal library to Local History. Library staff and volunteers are still processing the wealth of information found in the Lore Files. Miss Eugenia was a member many historic organizations, including Historic Cabarrus, Inc , the daughters of the American Revolution, and the United daughters of the Confederacy, With her sister, she authored three books on Cabarrus history Morrison family and the White family She was honored as the county's oldest citizen during October Bicentennial events last year when County Commission Chairman Carolyn B. Carpenter declared October 18, 1992, to be Miss Eugenia White Lore Day.


June 8       Norris Dearmon, John Misenheimer, Larry Hayer, and Carl Moose presented "A Workshop on Genealogy Forms."

July 13      No Meeting


August 10    Tour of Office of Clerk of Superior- Court, Cabarrus County Courthouse, Concord, NC


September 14  Sandra Ball, Rowan County Researcher, presented a program on the genealogy research and resources of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


CGS JOURNAL,  1,1 -5-

October 12    Discussion and Business Meeting

November 9    First Annual Business Meeting


PROJECTS! PROJECTS! PROJECTS! PROJECTS! Second Vice President Larry Hayer is chairing a Court Minutes Publication Committee investigating the possibility of publishing a fully indexed abstract to the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Cabarrus County, NC, 1797-1817. the committee will review abstracts prepared by former Cannon Library Local History volunteer Margaret Bost and compare them against the microfilmed copy of the original minutes. Using computer scanning technology, the committee will edit and index the results. The committee needs additional readers for the project. If you can volunteer a few hours a week, call Larry Hayer at 938-5761 or Kathryn Bridges at the Library, 788-3167.



[The following letter is from Sarah Rebecca Amanda Carrigan, Cabarrus County, NC, to William Adams Carrigan, Hope, Arkansas. Larry Hayer owns the original letter and submitted this copy. Spelling and punctuation appear as in the original.

The 1870 Cabarrus census shows the following Carrigan family in Township 3: Robert, age 81, farmer, born in Georgia; Mary, age 73, keeping house, born in South Carolina; William F., age 54, farmer, born in North Carolina; Sarah R., age 35, at home, born in North Carolina; Margaret C., age 19, at home, born in North Carolina; and James A. Hare, age 20, invalid, born in North Carolina.]


Cabarrus N.C.

August 25,1869


Dear Uncle,

    I suppose you think I have forgotten you, but I am a poor hand to write & hate to begin. We are all well. Father and Mother have good health. Father still ploughs some yet - he is a good deal crippled with rheumatism in his Joints. Mother has better health this summer than she has had for three summers. Jane's & Mary's families is well. There has been a good many deaths this summer. John Hayer died in June, old Doc Price Harris of Concord is also dead, he died with consumption.

    Several deaths that you would know nothing about, mostly old people... We have very dry warm weather, we

CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -6-


have not had rain to wet the ground in six or seven weeks, our corn is nearly dried up, we can't make corn if rains every day & I understand they are worse burned about Salisbury than we are.

    There was a tolerable fair crop of wheat made in our country, we didn't have much sowed.. Cotton is not going to make any thing, the boles are falling off.. it looks like coming to starvation to look at our corn fields now.

    Uncle David Jackson & Aunt Erixene was over to see us last week. They say the friends are well in S.C. Uncle Wm Adams is still living & able to ride his horse to church yet, he is 84 years old, not many of his age are as stout as he is. They are not suffering for rain there as bad as we are here, their corn was pretty well made before the drought set. We have got Mr. Walter W. Pharr at Ramah this year, he is trying to build up the church. I think it will be hard to do, he has had a protracted meeting that lasted For 5 days, they had preaching day and night, there were five preachers. Our Communion is Just over at Coddle Creek last Sabboth. There has been a good deal of preaching & a good deal of excitement this summer, it commenced among the

Methodist. The Methodist preached at a little church

about a mile from us. For two weeks we could hear them

from home; some praying some singing & shouting &

laughing all at once.

    But I will quit as I don t think you can read what I have scrible.

    I forgot to tell you Esqr Pope's wife is lying not expected to live with fever. I uas there last night sitting up uith her & has to go tonight. Company is scarce in on the river they have chills. I have been there two nights this week, a good peace to walk & sit up all night...

    Father & Mother sends their love to you & want to hear how you got home. I think you might of come back to of seen us when you staid so long in N.C.

    When you write, direct your letters to Concord, the mail carrier goes by the gate & he brings our letters & papers, we get them sooner than from Mill Hill.

Your Neace as ever

Sarah R.A. Carrigan




    [The following article was researched and written by Tim Auten from Lore Room files located in Cannon Library and Vital Statistics found in the Office of Registrar of Deeds, Cabarrus County Courthouse, Concord, NC.]

Medical treatment in Cabarrus County before the founding of the Concord Hospital in 1919 was limited, there was not an institution for the hospitalization of individuals who

CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -7-


needed care. This is not to say that a feeling of concern by various men who were medically trained did not exist. It did. In fact, on Oct. 10, 1903, the Cabarrus County Medical Society was organized. The twenty physicians present at this meeting were Drs: W. H. Lilly, L. N. Burleyson, C. H. Barnhardt, J. S. Lafforty, J. R. Jerome, D. G. Caldwell, L. M. Archer, S. A. Grier, J. C. Black, W. D. Pemberton, Robt. S. Young, F. 0. Rogers, J. 0. Walker, P. A. Barringer, J. E. Smoot, T. F. Pharr, Geo. J. Gouger, J. W. Flowe, R. M. King and M. A. Foil.

    As this was a new organization, home-remedies were still relied on by the citizens. Doctors in early part of the twentieth century had to travel from house to house to help the sick.

    There could also be the assistance of a midwife when a doctor was treating patients out in the county. Thus, sometimes, a doctor would be near when needed, and sometimes he would not. IF you lived in town, your chances were better than the farmer who lived on the county line when it came to needing a doctor. How-ever, sometimes living in town wasn't enough. If a person needed surgery, the doctor in Concord had to send him or her to the nearest town which offered surgical care. It is no wonder that the people of Concord were interested their own hospital. The three doctors who helped to create this building joined the Medical Society shortly after the turn of the century.

    Dr. Richard Morrison King (1880-1953) joined the Society in April 1907, followed a year later by Dr. J. Woodley Wallace (1883-1919). In August 1911, Dr. Paul Rutherford MacFadyen (1874-1934) also became a member. Over the next two years, the idea for a Concord Hospital began to form among these men.

    A site for this facility on the east side of North Church Street in -Concord was chosen. However, the Medical Society was not as enthusiastic about this idea as were King, Wallace and MacFadyen. This led many important supporters to suggest that the hospital site be changed.

    Despite criticism, MacFadyen and Wallace began to perform minor surgery on the upper floor of what was known as the "Dixie Building." Dr. John A. Patterson (1882-1930), the Cleveland county son of A. Y. and Margaret G. Patterson, acquired the house of the late Judge William Montgomery (1834-1912) when he came to Cabarrus County. A physical environment for a hospital was now in the hands of a local doctor. MacFadyen and Wallace moved their surgical' skills to Patterson's building around 1913. Rooms for patients were created, an operating room was established, and an elevator was installed. The staff was composed of Patterson, MacFadyen, King, and Dr. Joseph A. Hartsell (1890-1932), with MacFadyen as surgeon-in-chief.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -8-

    Hartsell, son of Jonah L. and Minnie Hill Hartsell, served in the Army Medical Corps during World War I. Two years before his enlistment, he married Leah H. Miller whom he did not see again until his return from France in 1919. Moving back to his native Cabarrus County, Hartsell added his medical skills to the newly formed Concord Hospital.

    Paul R. MacFadyen, son of Rev. Archibald and Marion Cromartie MacFadyen, was born in Bladen County where he attended public school. He continued his education at the University of North Carolina and the College of Medicine in Richmond, Virginia. He married Alice Sibert, the Virginia-born daughter of Col. W. M. Sibert and Nannie M. Trice Sibert. By 1920, they had two sons and two daughters. Alice Sibert MacFadyen died March 19, 1933, at age 54. On Oct. 12, 1934, MacFadyen married Annie Laurie Auten. Not long afterwards, MacFadyen contracted acute hepatitis and died Nov. 26, 1938. He is buried with first wife Alice at Oakwood Cemetery in Concord.

    These doctors laid the Foundation for medical care, establishing the 1913 Concord Hospital. Cabarrus County Representative A. E. Palmer helped build on this idea in the 1930s. He introduced to the North Carolina Legislature the "need" for what is today the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital. The result was a legislative act placing an additional tax rate on Cabarrus citizens"and creating the building that, today, provides people with necessary medical and surgical care. thus, from the creation of the Concord Hospital by three local doctors in 1913 to the formation of the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital in the late 1930s, Cabarrus County citizens have enjoyed hospitalization.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -9-




The name of this organization shall be The Cabarrus Genealogy Society.



 The objectives of this organization shall be as follows:


1. To generate interest in and raise the standards of genealogical research and compilation in Cabarrus County by means of educational programs, work-shops, and the publication and preservation of material of genealogical and historical nature.

2. To instill in members and county citizens a pride in their families' genealogical data and encourage and instruct members in the practice of genealogical research compilation.

3. To serve, through its publication and otherwise, as a medium of exchange of genealogical information.

4. To promote the collection, preservation, and utilization of manuscripts, documents and other materials of genealogical value, particularly in the Lore History Room of the C. A. Cannon Memorial Library and the archives of the Society.

5. To publish such books. Journals, newsletters, charts, papers or lists deemed useful to the public.




Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons interested in genealogical research and who subscribe to the objectives of the Society. Members Joining during calendar year 1993 shall be deemed Charter Members.


There shall be six classes of membership:

    1. Associate (Students under 18)- $7.00

    2. Individual - $10.00

3. Family (living at same address, receiving one Journal)- $15.00

    4. Sponsor -"$50.00

    5. Life - $200.00 or more

6. Honorary Life Members - those whose contribution to the Society in time and effort are so outstanding as to be so recognized by the vote of the Society and are thereafter exempt from annual dues.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -10-

Dues are payable on or before January 1 for the following year. Members failing to pay dues by March 1 will be dropped, from the mailing list.


The fiscal year of the Cabarrus Genealogy Society shall be from January 1 through December 31.


Only active members shall hold office and vote.



The officers of the Society shall be residents of Cabarrus County or its environs and shall include, but need not be limited to, the following:



First Vice-President

Second Vice-president

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary



Editor (Journal) Terms of office shall be one year.


Officers shall be elected an the annual meeting by a plurality vote of qualified members present and installed at the meeting subsequent to the annual meeting.



The Board of Directors shall consist of officers of the Society, the immediate past president, and three to nine members-at-large appointed by the Board and approved by the general membership.

Board members-at-large shall be installed at the first meeting following the annual meeting. The term of office of all Board members-at-large shall be three years with two or three members in each year class. Charter Board members shall be elected for one, two, or three years, depending on the class year.


The Board of Directors shall serve as the Society's budget committee. Budget will be prepared for any appropriate, long range projects. In no case shall dedicated expenditures exceed actual income.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1   -11-



PRESIDENT - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the board of Directors; shall call special meetings of the Society and/or Board of Directors, if necessary; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating Committee; and shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.

FIRST VICE - PRESIDENT - The First Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President; shall succeed to the presidency in case of a vacancy; and shall serve as chairman of the program committee unless otherwise provided. The First Vice-President may succeed to the presidency the following year.

SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT -The Second Vice-President shall be in charge of all publicity, such as notices of pending meetings, articles on meetings held, and any publicity necessary for the promotion of the Society.

RECORDING SECRETARY-The Recording Secretary of this organization shall keep, or cause to be kept, a record of all meetings, including a record of attendance, possess an up-to-date list of the membership list, and maintain a file of all records of the organization including a permanent and separate record of all additions and/or changes to the By-Laws.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY - The Corresponding Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, a record of correspondence pertaining to this organization and shall answer all correspondence pertaining to this Society.

TREASURER-The Treasurer of this organization shall keep, or cause to be kept, a record of total membership; issue and sign all approved checks; shall maintain a checking account of the Society's funds; maintain financial records and funds of the Cabarrus Genealogy Society; and honor only those bills authorized by a majority of the membership present. He or she shall be responsible for all money (or monies) incurred from the sale of any and all material published by the Society. He or she shall give a financial report at each monthly meeting.


ARCHIVIST-The Archivist shall receive, prepare, record and file all biographical and historical materials of value to the Society and shall file in the Lore History Room of the C. A. Cannon Memorial Library all ancestor charts turned in by the members of the Society.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -12-


Editor (Journal)-The Editor shall be responsible for the collection, editing, publishing and distribution of the Journals as issued. The Editor may choose a staff from the Society membership.

ARTICLE VII - MEETINGS AND QUORUMS The Society shall meet the second Tuesday of each month. The November meeting will be the annual meeting.

The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President or First Vice-President.

At any meeting of the Society, twelve active members present shall constitute a quorum. At the meeting of the board of Directors, a simple majority of the incumbent members of the board shall constitute a quorum.

The President may appoint a parliamentarian if deemed necessary.



PROGRAM COMMITTEE-The Program Committee shall arrange the monthly programs of the Society. The First Vice-President shall choose his committee form the membership of the Society. (See Article VI, Vice President).

Auditing COMMITTEE - The Auditing Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President. Within thirty days prior to the annual meeting, the committee shall conduct an audit of the fiscal records of the Treasurer and shall submit a report thereof to the members at the annual meeting.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE - The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairman and two members appointed by the President at least two months prior to the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall submit, with his or her consent, the names of at least one nominee for each elected office. Additional nominations may be made for the floor, provided that the approval of the nominee has been obtained by the nominator. All nominations are to be submitted at the monthly meeting prior to election.

Any additional committees, standing or special, may be appointed by the President, and approved by the Board of Directors, when deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Society.


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -13-


ARTICLE IX - PUBLICATIONS A genealogical Journal/newsletter and other documentary material may be published by the Society at the discretion of the officers. (See Article VI, Editor).



The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern this organization.



Amendments to the by-laws may be introduced at any regular meeting by any member of the Society and shall be acted upon at a subsequent meeting of the membership but no later than the next annual meeting.


Revision and updating the by-laws will take place as required to meet the needs and expansion of the Society.


A copy of the proposed amendment, together with the recommendation of the By-Laws Committee, shall be given to each member of the Society, after which it shall be submitted to a vote. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the" Society's members present shall be required to adopt the proposed amendment.

The proposed amendment shall become effective immediately upon adoption unless otherwise provided.




No part of the earnings or assets of the organization shall accrue to the benefit of any of the officers, directors, or any other private individual except for reasonable compensation for services rendered in carrying out the purposes of the Society, with the approval of the Board of Directors.



In the event The Cabarrus Genealogy Society is dissolved, all bills are to be paid and any residual assets of the Society at the time of dissolution shall be donated to the Lore History Room of the C. A. Cannon Memorial Library to be spent for the purchase of genealogical publications.



Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Articles, this organization will not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by:


CGS JOURNAL, 1,1 -14-


a. an organization exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue, or

b. an organization, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170(c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or any other corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law, or

c. an organization registered with the Secretary of State of the state of North Carolina and the register of Deeds of Cabarrus County.

The Cabarrus Genealogy Society is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt, organizations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal revenue law.


Adopted this 8th day of June 1993


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