Cleveland County, NC Heritage Volume II
Cleveland County, North Carolina
Heritage, Volume II

This hardbound book by the
Cleveland County Heritage Book Committee

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Last update:  23 November 2014

The Cleveland County Volume II Heritage Book Committee has gathered a unique collection of topical and family sketches.  Fully indexed, the book is double its planned size boasting 604 pages of local history.

All residents, former residents, and those with roots in Cleveland County were invited to submit a family household history of 500 words and one photograph that were printed free!

These books are 9" x 12", exquisitely gold stamped (matching other Cleveland County Heritage books) and only a limited number have been printed.

These books will make an excellent gift for birthdays and holidays, so you'll want to order more than one!

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Cleveland County,
NC Heritage - Vol. II
PO Box 263
Shelby, NC 28151-0263
Cleveland County, NC Heritage - Vol. II
is part of the prestigious N. C. County Heritage series


"…and departing leave behind us, footprints in the sands of time."
The Psalm of Life by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You and your family are important to the Cleveland County Heritage Book Committee.
We cordially invite you to participate in the publication of our county heritage book.

I. Who was eligible to participate?
A. Present residents of Cleveland County.
B. Former residents of Cleveland County.
C. Those with roots in Cleveland County.
II. How much could they submit.
A. Each household was encouraged to send in 500 words or their family genealogy/history and one picture OR
B. If their ancestors were in the county by or before 1860, they could submit a 1000 word pioneer genealogy/history and two pictures.
III. What can they write?
A. Ancestors.
1. Why and when they came to Cleveland County.
2. Dates and locations of birth, marriages, death and burial.
3. Family stories.
B. Themselves and their family.
1. Childhood, school days, and other events.
2. Jobs, residences, hobbies and pastimes.
VI. Topical articles ( used at book committee discretion).
A. Histories of churches, clubs and organizations.
B. Communities and major topics.
C. Military service biographical sketch.
D. Memorials.
E. Tributes honoring living persons.
F. Business histories told of their work in the community.

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