St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Roxobel, NC

Register of Marriages


Date               Names /Residence               Parents                      Witnesses                      Officiant


Thomas S. Norfleet and Leila M. Powell


note: see Woodville Parish Register for full records. J.B. Gibble

Rev. Ed. Wootten, at church


Andrew J. Harrell and Mrs. Ella Walker


note: see Woodville Parish Register for full records. J.B. Gibble

Rev. Ed. Wootten at residence of M. Raby, Roxobel


R.H. Norfleet and Mary C. Pugh


note: see Woodville Parish Register for full records. J.B. Gibble

Rev. H.M. Jarvis at residence of R.U. Norfleet


Dr. John Pugh Smallwood and Antoinette Rebecca Norfleet


note: see Woodville Parish Register for full records. J.B. Gibble

Rev. Walter J. Smith, in church


James Paul Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Tyler


Congregation and Ira B. Johnson, John E. Tyler, Mrs. C.E. Hall

Rev. Robert B. Drane, D.D.


Nick C. Watson and Agnes Walton of Raleigh, NC

Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Watson


Rev. Wm. E. Cox, Rev. Wm. J. Gordon, recorded by J.B. Gibble


Robert Ernest Shoulars and Mrs. Hattie Ella Roane of Kelford, NC

Thos. J. and Mary H. Shoulars, H.P. and Elizabeth Howell

Leroy Capehart, Annie Norfleet, Mrs. R.U. Norfleet, congregation

John B. Gibble


Luther Holoman and Pearl M. Hardy


Rich Square, NC.

Geo. D. and Mary A. Holoman, Joseph and Lucy Hardy

G.B. Spirvey, W.S. Norfleet, T.S. Norfleet

Morrison Bethea


Godwin Spivey and Mary J. Wood – Roxobel

John and Mary Wood

Dr. A. Capehart, Mrs. Capehart

Morrison Bethea


Carl Raby Livermon and Annie Julia Norfleet



Asa Thomas Livermona, Alberta S.C. Livermon, Thomas S. and Leila M. Norfleet

Mrs. A.J. Vinson, Jr. J.M. Jacobs, Jr., Thomas B. Jacobs

W. M. Latta


Margaret Andrews Norfleet and Frank Huling Poston, Jr.



Wm. S. Norfleet, Sally Eason Norfleet

J.W. Massey, Jr., T.F. Norfleet, Jr., Js. Brown

J.M. Hamilton


Ray Hightower Stallings of Avondale, NC and Elizabeth Gray Norfleet of Roxobel, NC

Maude H. and Luther K. Stallings, and Thos. F. and Janie C. Norfleet

Allen D. O’Bryan, T.F. Norfleet, Jr., Margaret Long Tyler

G.D. Underhill


James Edward Smith of Burlington, NC, age 22 and Margaret Ridley Tyler of Roxobel, age 19

James Theophilus Smith (deceased) and Mrs. Joseph Parker Barbour and John Edward Tyler, Margaret Long Tyler

Joseph Parker Barbour, John E. Tyler

John Prior, Rector of St. Thomas Church, Windsor


Walter Alec Gunnells of Roxobel, age 25, and Mary Frances Joyner of Woodland,NC, age 31

Reuben Banajeh Gunnells and Anne Louise Somner; James and Mary Miles Joyner

K. Norfleet, Elizabeth Gordon Norfleet, Rebecca W. Drane

Frederick B. Drane


Wayne Edward Reynolds of Climax, NC, age 23, and Ethel Leonard Gregory Tyler of Roxobel, NC, age 20.

Amos Ray Reynolds and Inez Redding; John Edward Tyler, Margaret Ridley Long Tyler

Donald N. Ferree and Elizabeth F. Urquhart

Kenneth Whitney and Frederick B. Drane


Wiliam Herbert Poche, Jr. of Boone, NC, age 25, and Elizabeth Cherry Stallings of Boone, NC, age 22

William Herbert Poche and Patricia Britt; Ray Stallings and Elizabeth Norfleet

Larry Johnston, Anne Stallings Thornton

Kenneth Whitney


Richard Stephenson Cooper of Windsor, age 25 and Sally Griffin Brown of Kelford, NC, age 27

Thomas Collins Cooper, Sr., and Ann Spoon Cooper; Coy Lindsay Brown and Sally Norfleet Brown

Lorraine Shackelford, Collins Cooper, Denny Wicker

J. Garland Teasley, Jr.