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powellsvillePhotograph from the private collection of Lynn C. McCarthy and made available for use on the Bertie Page

Official records reveal that Powellsville was incorporated 6 March 1919; however, it is thought that this community (shown as Powell's Cross Roads on the April, 1863 Gilmer Map) was probably established in 1879. This latter date is noteworthy, for on 15 September 1880, Joseph B. Ruffin and his wife, Mary E. Ruffin, and Frank Askew, deeded for ten dollars to Edward P. Simons, W.B. Claiton, W.H. Tayloe, J.J. Perry, Joseph Leary, William Miers (of Bertie County) and D.V. Sessoms, J.L. Jenkins and J.J. Scull (of Hertford County), Trustees In Trust, 1 2/7 acres "for the use and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South".

The deed recorded in Bertie County Deed Book VV, Pages 518-520, further states, "...the said trustees shall erect or cause to be erected on said land" ( "on the publick road from Powellsville to Pitch Landing", now Bethelem Church Road) "a house of Religious worship, in which, at all times, such ministers and preachers as shall from time to time be duly authorized to preach the Gospel and administer the Sacraments of the church, shall have the privalage to officiate, according to the rules and regulations of said Methodist Episcopal Church South as may be adopted or enacted by the General and Annual conferences of such church."

It is thought that the church was built in the 1881-1882 era, making it 117-118 years old. This modest, simple building (constructed of wood) has a shingled steeple and roof, the latter having been covered with a tin roof for preservation purposes. A small room, used for Sunday School purposes was added to the rear of the building a number of years after the original structure was constructed. Oil, then kerosene lamps were used to illuminate the interior. A pot-bellied stove was used to heat the sanctuary in earlier years. A cemetery, no longer in use, is located on the church grounds.

The small, lovely stained glass windows which grace the chancel, were dedicated in memory of William H. Tayloe (died September 14, 1884) and Frances Tayloe (died July 3, 18--8); William B. Cleaton (died July 30, 1896); John W. Britton (born June 24, 1886 - died April 27, 1894) and Lunis Cyrus Britton (born May 24, 1894 - died October 1, 1894).

J.O. Moss was one of the earliest ministers associated with the Powellsville Methodist Episcopal Church South. Charter members were Lucy A. Britton, Bettie Bryan, Sallie Casper, L.E. Cleaton, William B. Cleaton, J.B. Freeman, Lettie S. Gilliam, Sarah H. Myers, Wright Powell, Frances S. Tayloe, Kate Tayloe, William H. Tayloe, Eliza Sessoms, D.V. Sessoms and Martha P. Sessoms.

The earliest Sunday School records that survive are from the 1909-1910 era. Members listed included:

D.C. Miller
A.S. Wynns
John C. Britton (Superintendent)
Hattie Tayloe
Fannie Tayloe (Teacher)
Hattie Brown
W.S. Tayloe
Mary Wynns
James Hill
Lee Price
Thomas Dildy
Bessie Arrington
L.S. Stoke
Sadie L. Britton
Talmadge Wynns
Willie Tayloe
Addie Wynns
Lucie Tayloe
Leon Alston
Rusville Overton
Rue Holloman
Lucie A. Britton
Mary Overton
Nannie Dildy
Fannie Dildy
Joseph Ruffin
Sidney Taylor
Mary Hill
Leslie Casper
Irene Overton
Ella Mary Holly
Paul Tayloe
Braxton Wynns
Winston Ruffin
Elizabeth Ruffin
Rexwill Brown
Joseph Dildy
Rosie Hill
Minnie Hill
L.R. Sessions
Tinie Sessions
Sarah E. Holly
Spurgeon Powell (name marked through)
A. Lee Powell  (name marked through)

The Powellsville Methodist Church continues in operation and is served by a circuit minister. Services are held once monthly.
Prepared by Lynn McCarthy


powellsville baptistSketch made available by Cecil S. Holloman for use on the Bertie County Page. Used in 75th Anniversary Booklet.

Prologue taken from the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Booklet of The Powellsville Baptist Church, September 30, 1984:

"Baptists began to appear in North Carolina as early as the year 1695, but it was not until thirty years later that the people began to construct church buildings. As early settlers in this new world, they were busy establishing themselves as farmers and constructing rude huts for homes. They chose the groves that nature provided along the river banks as suitable places to gather for worship and fellowship. It was in these lovely settings that the strong-willed Baptist followers would read the Bible, offer prayers, preach and sing songs of redeeming grace.

The establishment became discontented with these gatherings and sought ways to prevent them. As a direct action to halt these gatherings, laws were passed in 1715 which required that meetings of 'dissenters' should be public. The strong will of these early Baptist leaders prevailed and the authorities were unsuccessful in stopping the gatherings. Baptists continued to preach the Gospel and, with these firm foundations established, the first Baptist Church was organized in 1727 in the area of Perquimans County. From these early beginnings, the Baptist faith has spread throughout the state and has resulted in the founding of many more churches."

Dedicated citizens in the community of Powellsville "with their spiritual needs in mind and the belief that a church can be the greatest transforming power in any community", banded together to form a Missionary Baptist Church.

On December 29, 1909 M.A. Adams, S.B. Barnes, A.T. Howell and J.R. Matthews met in the Powellsville school building to organize the church. Bethlehem, Holly Grove and Mars Hill churches furnished members and deacons to this new church, which had 35 charter members. Accepted as deacons from other churches were Josiah Brown and J.E. Matthews. Elected and ordained as new deacons were D.C. Miller, Dr. J.B. Ruffin, Sr. and A.S. Wynns. J.E. Matthews was elected first Sunday School superintendent.

On January 10, 1910, just 17 days after the church was organized, J.O. Askew and his wife, Mary D. Askew and W.P. Shaw and his wife, Mary R. Shaw of Hertford County deeded to J.B. Ruffin and A.S. Wynns, Church Trustees, for $50, 15/16 acre of land for the Powellsville Missionary Baptist Church (Bertie County Deed Book 212, Page 227).

A building program was established and in the fall of 1910, the new church had been constructed. Serving as the initial pastor was J.R. Matthews, followed by the Reverend C.P. Jones who arrived in April, 1910. Services were held the first Sunday of each month. The first revival service began September 5, 1910.

The financial burdens of the church were heavy at this point. A.T.Howell worked diligently to strengthen the church's treasury. It was through donations of neighboring churches and the support of the membership that the church was debt free in December, 1912. It was said of two trustees, in James Earl Cowan's paper on "Powellsville Baptist Church, 1909 - 1995", "trustees Ruffin and Wynns deserve special mention...because their influence continues in the church to this day. Dr. Ruffin, aside from his work as trustee and deacon, was an old-time country doctor who made house calls as far away as Askewville and chose to work with country people who sometimes paid his fees with eggs and chickens. He never got rich. Augustus S. 'Gus' Wynns, the other trustee, was head of a family which contributed several charter members to the church whose descendants are active deacons and leaders in the church today."

In March, 1913 the Reverend Scott, considered the Founding Father of the church, delivered his final sermon. Reverend H.F. Brinson followed as second pastor in May, 1913. Under his leadership, the first Women's Missionary Society was formed. In October, 1913 Mrs. J.B. Ruffin, Sr. was elected President. Since that time and for 86 years, the WMS of Powellsville Baptist Church has made a significant contribution to the church throught its mission programs.

During the pastorship of the Reverend H.H. Honeycutt (1914-1917), the church initiated an "Every Member Canvass". Conducted by members, these canvasses were designed to "establish a basis for the spiritual needs of the membership". Significantly, under the guidance of the Reverend N.H. Shepperd (1918-1920), the first Baptist Young People's Union was formed to serve the young people of the community.

Serving the church for nine years (1920-1929) was the Reverend L.E. Dailey. In May, 1924 a building committee (W.L. Early, J.E. Jordan, H.O. Raynor, P.L. Raynor, and W.A. Wynns) was formed after the membership voted to build a new parsonage.

By 1930 with the new parsonage constructed (and trustees, the Reverend L.E. Dailey, T.W. Hollomon and J.E.R. Perry, named), the need for Sunday School rooms became a priority. A building program was initiated for a Sunday School extension and Mrs. J.J. Alston, G.W. Belch, Sr., Mrs. H.O. Raynor and J.J. Tayloe were engaged to seek notes and monies for the construction. "By March, 1931, the committee had solicited $1,889.91 in cash, 6,560 feet of lumber, and 30 days of labor." Through the leadership of the Reverend K.E. Byrant and the efforts of the membership, this building program too was brought to a point of fruition.

Reverend Bryant served for 12 years (1929-1941). It was said that "he carefully ministered to the congregation and his influence was long recognized in later activites of the church." In 1938 a porch and bell tower were added to the front of the sanctuary, giving the church its present-day appearance. In April, 1945 the Askew heirs deeded additional land to the church. In 1948 new pews and a new heating system were installed.

During the 1940's, Powellsville Baptist Church had been in a field with Bethany, Bethlehem and Center Grove Baptist churches. Bethany withdrew and Holly Grove joined the field. In 1954, Center Grove Baptist Church and Powellsville Baptist Church formed a two-church field with Powellsville furnishing the parsonage. The Reverend D.M. Spell was the first minister to serve this two-church field.

The 1950's saw the addition to the church of a nursery and restrooms; the establishment of a Brotherhood organization for male members of the church; and the development of a church library under the direction of Mrs. W.A. Wynns. New carpet was installed; a new piano, new choir robes and new hymnals were purchased. It was the teachings and inspiration of Reverend Spell and his wife, that had a far-reaching impact on the youth of the church in the 1950's. Their loving devotion to the spiritual needs of the youth was perhaps made greater through the untimely loss of twin daughters on October 14, 1955. Crossing the road after a youth choir rehearsal, their daughters were accidently killed by a passing log truck. No event before or after so galvinized the church family.

The Reverend A.C. Sanders followed Reverend Spell, who resigned in April, 1960. In 1963, the procurement of a better parsonage was realized. The old one was sold to members, Ray Tayloe and his wife, Elizabeth, and the new one, belonging to Mamie Hoggard, was purchased for $17,500. Reverend R.O. Brown first occupied the new parsonage. In 1964, the note was paid in full, a new roof was placed on the sanctuary, and the church was painted.

Five pastors served Powellsville Baptist Church in the 1960's. Renovations to the church continued; additions to the parsonage were made; a new organ was purchased totally through the donations and memorial gifts of church members and friends; the tradition of presenting new Bibles to all high school graduates was begun. Most memorable was the presentation in December, 1967 of a Christmas cantata presented by the combined choirs of Center Grove and Powellsville Baptist churches.

The past three decades have been marked by numerous building programs (including the brick veneer added to the structure in the 1970's), but none more significant than the one that saw the completion of the fellowship hall and baptistry in 1997. This fulfilled a 35 year old dream of the pastors and congregation. (Baptisms had formerly been held at Stoney Creek.)

Land adjoining the church property was deeded to the church in 1977 by the family of Bessie H. Mitchell, which allowed for expansion of the church building.

The church celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary on September 30, 1984 with a special homecoming celebration, attended by 250 present and former members as well as descendants of former members. The Reverend D.M. Spell spoke at the morning service. Former pastors and members spoke in the afternoon session. Oldest members present were Mrs. Sue Wynns and Mrs. Alice Dilday, both now deceased.

In November, 1984, the long-time association with Center Grove in the church field was severed. The last pastor to serve the two-church field was the Reverend J.H. Mace.

B.A. Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Mitchell and J.B. Wynns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Wynns, both entered the ministry from Powellsville Baptist Church. Mitchell was ordained by the Reverend K.E. Bryant in 1933 and Wynns was licensed to preach in 1972.

Church membership in 1936 totalled 329. In 1995, the membership stood at 233. Suinday School enrollment in 1934 was 230. In 1995, the enrollment was 125.

The advancement of Powellsville Baptist Church has come through many materialistic accomplishments, but these accomplishments were and remain today, directed toward the spiritual needs of the members and the community and "the advancing the Kingdom of God...."

"Powellsville Baptist Church has every reason to take pride in its past accomplishments; to rejoice in its blessings and in its many saintly members who have given generously of their talents and resources in building and maintaining this House of Worship...." "The church should not, nor does it take this backward look for the purpose of congratulating itself or resting upon its labors, but only with the hope and the prayer that it may be inspired to greater things in the future. Just as it did in its early years when its members were few and its problems great",... the church "calls for men and women of ability, courage and wisdom, of patience in service, and of faith in God who will labor unsparingly and unselfishly to maintain the high standards set by those who served so faithfully and so well...."
Pastors of Powellsville Baptist Church

C.P. Scott                   1910-1913
H.F. Brinson                1913
H.H. Honeycutt            1914-1917
N.H. Shepperd             1918-1920
L.E. Dailey                  1920-1929
K.E. Bryant                 1929-1941
J.U. Teague                 1942-1948
T.H. Williams               1948-1954
D.M. Spell                   1954-1960
A.C. Sanders               1960-1963
R.O. Brown                  1963-1965
H.R. Orr                       1965-1969
C.C. Wells                   1969-1970
J.H. Mace                    1972-1991
C.T. Edmondson           	1991-present


D.C. Miller
M.L. Rayner
J.E.R. Perry
J.J. Tayloe
Ella A. Raynor
J.C. Hoggard
Oma D. Askew

Sunday School Superintendents
J.E. Matthews
W.E. Matthews
J.W. Raynor
L.H. Freeman
W.L. Early
H.O. Raynor
J.C. Early
C.B. Harrell
C.L. Askew
J.D. Hoggard
J.M. Askew
C.D. Hoggard
T.E. Bass
C.B. Jones, Jr.
J.E. Cowan
E.L. Swain, Jr.
R.D. Smith
S.M. Freeman
T.T. Tayloe

On July 25, 1944 an Honor Day was held to pay tribute to the young men of Powellsville Baptist Church who served their country in World War II. Listed in the Church Minutes were:

Cecil Barnes
Johnnie Barnes
Savage Barnes
John Bass
Thomas E. Bass
Johnnie Burch
Fred Carter
Sidney Castello
James A. Cowan
James E. Cowan
Raymond Cowan
Rupert Cowan
Thomas H. Dilday
Carlton Early
Vernon Early
Garland Harmon
Jack Harrell
George A. Harrell
Edgar Herring
Milton Hester
Joseph C. Hoggard
Elmo Holloman
J.C. Holloman
Raymond Holloman
J.C. Jones
Marshall Jones
Dr. W.P. Jordan
Rudolph McKeel
Wallace McKeel
Eugene Mizelle
Charlie Oakey
Lewis Overton
Charlie Raynor
Merrill Raynor
Vernon Raynor
Howard Robertson
Jesse Robertson
Guy Ruffin
Dr. J.B. Ruffin, Jr.
Dr. Winston Ruffin
Wilson Saunders
William Sessoms
Clyde Ward

My thanks go to Mary Anne Williams, Rosalie Hollomon, Mary Kathlyn Early and James E. Cowan, J.C. Hoggard and Oma D. Askew, for making the presentation of this Abbreviated History possible.

Prepared by Lynn McCarthy

Holly Grove Baptist Church

Holly Grove Baptist

Photograph from the private collection of Lynn C. McCarthy and made available for use on the Bertie Page

Holly Grove Baptist Church, (located on Highway 13 North), was originally organized as Outlaw's Chapel (and as part of the Kehukee Association) in 1804 with 99 members. Jeremiah Bunch was the first pastor.

The original Holly Grove Baptist Church Minutes date to September 7, 1822 and read as follows:

"Minutes and proceedings of the Church at Holly Grove formaley the Church at Outlaws Chappel - met according to appointment Sermon by Elder Hilrey Morriss a door opened for members, on motion it was ordered that a Reccord be made of the death of our beloved Brother John Mitchell who departed this life the 6th day of August A.D. 1822 on motion it was ordered that absenttees should render an excuse for their non attendance and if they miss two conferences that they be cited to attend Agreed we adjourn prayer By Elder Morriss---"
It was apparently in 1825 that Outlaw's Chapel officially became Holly Grove Baptist Church for the Minutes for September 10 reflected, "...on motion brethren J.P. Freeman J.J. Hoggard W. Spivey and D. Pruden were appointed a cammity to rase a church fund & report to our next con. Agreed that Brother Pruden take the Deede for the meeting house Land & get it Registered."

The name of the church was apparently taken from the numerous holly trees which covered the property, for in the January 12, 1828 Minutes, a resolution was made "that we meet at this place next friday for the purpose of cleaning up the Grove".

While other pastors have been mentioned as associated with Outlaw's Chapel, the first recording in the Minutes of a pastor for Holly Grove was April 26, 1826. Brother W.H. Jordan was chosen. Noteworthy to mention is the fact that no membership lists survive prior to 1893 for a church which reached its 195th year of continuous operation in 1999.

The original Church Covenant reads as follows:

"Forasmuch as almighty God by Grace has been pleased to call us whose names are underneath assigned out of darkness into his marvelous light & all of us have been Regularley Baptised under a profession of our faith in Christ Jesus & have given up our selves to the Lord & to one another in a Gospel Church way To be governed and guided by a proper deciplen agreable to the word of God We do therefore in the name of our Lord Jesus & by his assistance Covenant & agree to keep up the deciplen of the church we are members of In the most brotherley affection towards each other while we endever punctualey to observe the following Rules (Viz)----1st In Brotherley love to pray for each other, to watch over one another & if need be in the most tender & affectionate manner to Reprove each other That is if we discover aneything amiss in a brother to go & tell him his fault according to the direction given in the eighteenth chapter of Saint Matthews gospel, & not to be whispering & backbiteing, we also agree with Gods assistance to pray in our famileys, attend our church meetings, observe the Lords day & keep it holey, & not abcent our selves from the communion of the Lords supper without a lawful excuse To be reddy to communicate to the defraying of the church Expenses & for the support of the ministrey not erregularley to depart from the fellowship of the church without a Regular dismission, these things we do covenant & agree to observe & keep sackred in the name of & by the assistance of the holey trinity Amen-----Signed by the mutual concent of the members whose names are underneath assigned."

This Covenant was read at every conference. The Church roll was called at every meeting. Those who had been absent were required to cite excuses for non-attendance. Grievances were brought before the church membership. If the brothers and sisters failed to confess their "misconduct" and ask for the forgiveness of the brethen, they were merely excluded from the membership.

The Minutes that exist begin in 1822. George Williams was first mentioned 13 December 1828 as Brother George Williams. In January 1829, he was referred to as Elder. He was unanimously chosen to pastor the church for one year on 09 March 1833. On 29 March 1833, he accepted the call of the church to serve them as pastor for the one year provided that the church would change their meeting times from the second to the 1st Sunday in each month.

In the 12 April 1834 Minutes, $24 for his services during the previous year was mentioned. On 03 May of the same year, he agreed to serve "as long as convenient". In May 1835, he and Henry White agreed to serve the church together. In March 1836, the church wanted Mr. Williams and Mr. White to serve again. Henry White served.

On March 31, 1860 during the pastorship of John Delk, a committee was appointed to discuss the subject of repairing the existing meeting house or building a new one. On May 5 of the same year, the committee (consisting of J.P. Freeman, James S. Mitchell and J.W. Cowin) recommended that a new structure be built. Such recommendation was adopted and the same committee was charged with carrying out said recommendation.

The indebtedness for this structure was $896.15. The amount raised by subscriptions was $803.63. Following is a description of the building to be constructed (and which stands today) from the May 5, 1860 Minutes: "...we reckomend the building of a new house 32 by 40 feet long 16 feet from sill to plate with the End fronting the Road with 2 doors in the front End Pulpit & 2 windows in the Back end & 3 windows in each Side with a Galory all Round except the Pulpit end which is to be entered by a door outside of the house Said house to be built of good Sound Substantial timber plastored Sealed painted & whitewashed inside and out & to be underpined with open Brick work all round the whole to be made of good material & Executed in a neat & workmanlike manner the House to stand where the oald one Stands & that to be worked up in the new one where it will answer the purpose...."

Not long after the completion of the new church and during the conference held on June 6, 1863, the Minutes reveal the motion, ..."all the members of this church that have left & gone to the yankees are excluded & the clerk appointed to ascertain the no. & names of those gone & report to our next meeting". Subsequent Minutes through 1865 disclosed that those who were excommunicated were black members.

Through the 1800's, Holly Grove supported local and foreign missions and faithfully met its financial obligations. The first Sunday School was organized November 8, 1891 with 17 members. In 1894 a reed organ was place in the sanctuary.

In 1906, the first Women's Missionary Society was formed. Sallie Barnes Hardison was the first President; Fannie Harmon Byrd was Secretary-Treasurer. Sallie Vaughan Garrett was leader of the first Sunbeam Band, organized in 1910. Also in 1910, the membership of Holly Grove raised $500 to assist the Powellsville Baptist Church in its organizational efforts. Church membership during these early years of the twentieth century, exceeded 200.

Remodeling of the building occurred in 1911 and 1912. A handmade pulpit, installed in 1913, remains in use today. New pews were installed in 1915. Interestingly, a baptismal pool was constructed outside of the church in 1917, used once, and later removed due to the cold winters. Baptisms in the 1921-1926 era were held at Stoney Creek. A cemetery on the grounds, is no longer used for burials.

Financial difficulties were experienced during the 1930's and membership decreased. In 1935, Holly Grove joined Republican as a field. Since that time, the church has been in a number of fields with other churches, has used interim pastors, and is now served by a supply pastor. Membership has continued to decline but the faithfulness of the current membership is truly remarkable.

The transcription of the 1883 "Holly Grove Church roll as taken from the record and corrected saturday before 1st Lord's day in April/83"; the "List of Sisters Names at Holly Grove Oct 1893"; the "List of Male Members at Holly Grove Baptist Church" for 1901; and the "List of Female Members of Holly Grove Baptist Church" for 1902 have been typed as written by the church recorders. No attempts have been made to make corrections.

These lists provide a record of some of the persons who lived within close proximity to the church during the approximate time period that the lists were made and updated. In some instances, previously unknown death dates are given. Those dismissed or expelled are named. On occasion, the newest members were listed.

These lists should be read in concert with the actual Minutes which, in most cases, will provide additional data. For instance, the Minutes may include the name of the church an individual was transferring to, thus giving their new location. Also they will provide information on persons joining Holly Grove. The reason for expelling a member is contained in the Minutes.

As is noted, all lists were updated beyond the 1883, 1893 and 1901/1902 dates. No list has been found prior to 1883 nor for the 1893 male members of Holly Grove.

Any church records beyond 1910 are thought to be in the possession of Thomas Eugene Ruffin, II of Bertie County.

Source for membership lists: Call No: 133-01-3 Microfilm entitled Holly Grove Baptist Church Minutes 1822 - 1910 (2 vols.) - Duke University, Durham, NC.

"Holly Grove church roll as taken from the record and corrected saturday before 1st Lord's day in April/83"

I. P. Freeman
W J Freeman                  Died 84         July
John D. Todd                 Died 85
Moses Todd
M J Rayner
A C Todd
Benj. Tayloe
J. R. Jernigan
J. W. Mitchell
John A. Rayner
George Tayloe
Joseph J. Mitchell
W Preston Askew
John W Barnes
W. P. Todd
Gustavo B. Rayner       (line drawn through name)  Dismissed
W. L. Todd 
Leander J. Tayloe         (line drawn through name)  Dismed 83  Letter
Ralph O Myers
Henry C. Myers
R J Cowand
John G Myers Jr
W. S. Cowand
Starky Jernigan
Ervin Pritchard
Willie Howard                (line drawn through name)  expelled July 83
Joseph O Cowand
F J Todd
G W. Outlaw                  Expelled 1883
Calvin F Casper
Jas R Casper
Nathan Myers
W R Harmon
R H Harmon
George W Casper
Frank E. Myers
J. M. Todd
W. J. Mitchell                expeled June 82
Thos. R Ward               expelled 82
Charles M. Phelps       Dismissed
William E. Mathews     (line drawn thorugh name)  dismissed      
W J Freeman jr             Dismissed
D W Cowand
A  O Askew
Dr John Mitchell
Colored members       Apr. 1882
Henry Cherry               1891
Judy Cherry
Harriet Cherry             Dis by letter 1898
Caroline Willoughby  Dismissed 82
Penelope Outlaw        Died
"List of females belonging to Holly Grove Church as corrected
Saturday before the 1st Lord's day in Sept 1883
Elizabeth Tayloe
Martha Phelps
Levina Todd                     Dead
Frusy Todd
Levina W Todd
Sarah F. Todd
Mary L Cobb    (line drawn through name)      Dead 1882
Celia Rice
Sarah M Freeman
Wineford Pritchard
Sarah A Bachas
Mary Todd
Pheby Myers
Sarah F Bowen
Martha Tayloe
Frusy Todd jr
Hannah S Cowand
Winnie Ann Cowand       Expelled Jan 1901
Mary Jernigan
Jane O Askew
Pheby W Thompson
Betty Tayloe Morris (line drawn through Tayloe)
Emmie Eason
Tempie Swain
Narcisa J Cowand
Arrie M. Rayner  Lenow (line drawn through Rayner)
Amanda F. Hughes
Julia A Tayloe
Ann E Tayloe
Belinda A Tayloe
Jarsy Ann Mitchell
Martha A. H. Tayloe
Pernecia A. Askew
Margaret L Cowand      Expelled Jan 1901
Martha Harrell
Emily F Lowther
Nancy J Phelps
Wineford E Backus
Betty Evans
Bettie Harmon
Emmie Barnes
Mollie W Rayner
Sallie A M Backus
Celia Tayloe
Emmie Coggin
Vantilla Cowand
Balzora Ann Jernigan
Tennetta Cowand
Amanda A Casper
Sallie F Todd
Mary W Ray             Dis by letter
Leonora K Mizell
Sarah E Cowand     Expelled Jan 1901
Pattie C Bullock
Victoria Alexander
Laura S Freeman
Mollie C Myers
Laura E Mitchell
Sarah E Myers
Josephine B Tayloe
Sallie R Mitchell       Dis June
Martha A Harrell
Jannie F Rayner
Mary L Todd
Georgie A Cowand
Amanda Askew
Gabrial A Cowand       (line drawn through name)     Exp Jan 1901
Florence A Cowand    (line drawn through name)     Exp Jan 1901
Margaret E Rayner
List of the Sisters Names at Holly Grove Oct 1893
1.     Frusey Todd              Died 1898    (line drawn through name)
2.     Levina M. Todd         Died 1896    (line drawn through name)
3.     Celie Rice                  Died 1900
4.     Sallie M. Freeman     Died July 1897  (line drawn through name) 
5.     Sarah A. Backus
6.     Mary Todd                 died July 1901
7.     Sarah F. Boween
8.     Martha Tayloe
9.     Frusey Todd  
10.   Winnie A. Cowand  Expelled Jan 1901   
11.   Martha Jernigan
12.   Emmie Eason
13.   Tempie Swain           dead
14,   Julie A. Tayloe          Dead  (line drawn through name)
15.   Ann E. Tayloe           Dismissed by letter 1899
16.   Belinda A. Tayloe
17.   Jersey A. Mitchell     Expelled 1898
18.   Martha A. H. Tayloe  Dead
19.  Margaret A. Cowand  Expelled Jan 1901 
20.  Pernicia A. Askew
21.  Emely F. Louther
22.  Mollie C. Myers          Dismissed by letter
23.  Nancy J. Phelps
24.  Wineford E. Backus   Dead (line drawn through name)  
25.  Bettie Evans               Dismissed by letter June 1902
26.  Bettie Harmon
27.  Emmie Barnes
28.  Sallie A. M. Backus    dead
29.  Celie Tayloe
30.  Vantiller Cowand
31.  Balzora A. Jernigan Cowand
32.  Tinettie Cowand    Dis by letter Jan 1896 (line drawn through name)
33.  Sallie F. Todd         (Line drawn through Todd and Pierce inserted)
34.  Lenora K. Mizell
35.  Sarah E. Cowand  Expelled Jan 1901 (line drawn through name)
36.  Pattie C. Bullock   Dis by letter May 1894 (line drawn through name)
37.  Victora Alexander
38.  Laura E. Mitchell
39.  Sarah E. Myers   Dismissed  by letter
40.  Josephine B. Tayloe
41.  Martha A. Harrell  Dismissed by letter
42.  Mary L. Todd
43.  Georgia A. Cowand   Expelled Jan 1901
Not numbered:  Amanda Askew
44.  Margret E. Smallwood
45.  Loudenie Pritchard
46.  Ader Todd
47.  Annie E. Freeman    By letter May 1908
48.  Rose Askew  Dis by letter Jan 1897 (line drawn through name)
49.  Annie M. Freeman Dis by letter 1896  (line drawn through name)
50.  Georgia W. Outlaw
Numbering jumps to:
61.  Maggie White
62.  Maggie G. A. Tayloe
63.  M. A. Tayloe
64.  Claud Todd  Dis by letter Aprl 1898  (line drawn through name)
65.  Annie G. Jernigan  Dis by letter May 1896  
66.  Laura Jernigan
67.  Laura Tayloe
68.  Florence A. Cowand  Expelled Jan 1901  (line drawn through name)
69.  Lizzie Mitchell  (line drawn through Mitchell & Williams inserted)
70.  C. M. Cowand  (line drawn through Cowand & Tayloe inserted)  
71.  Ader Askew  (line drawn through Askew & Dilda inserted)
72.  Luler E. Harman by letter Jan 1910 (line drawn through Harman &
       Freeman inserted)
73.  Sallie Pritchard
74.  Mittie Mitchell  Expel March 1898  (line drawn through name)
75.  Ider Tayloe
76.  Lourena J. Pritchard
77.  Maggie Todd
78.  Mary Wilder (line drawn through Wilder & Askew inserted)
79.  Lillie Myers  Dismissed by letter
80.  Dasey Myers (line drawn through Myers & Lasiter inserted)
81.  Maggie Casper
82.  Elen Myers-L.E. Holomon
83.  Lula Bazemore Myers
Not numbered:  Lettie C. Jernigan  Dis by letter March 1899
84.  Lucy Tayloe (line drawn through Tayloe & Holoman inserted)
85.  Bessie Rice
86.  Mary Casper
87.  Hattie R. Parker (line drawn through Parker & Rayner inserted)
88.  Hattie Casper (line drawn through Casper & Wilson inserted)
89.  Lizzie Rice
90.  Fannie M. Harmon (line drawn through Harmon & Bird inserted)
91.  Bessie Myzell and Nellie Rayner  Dis by letter June 1899
92.  Bettie Harman
93.  Oakie L. Holloman   Died Feb. 1899
94.  Lillie Cowand (line drawn through Cowand & Stallings inserted)
The remaining names are not numbered
Janie Tayloe
Katie L. Phelps    Dismissed by letter
Suzan C. Todd     Recd by letter Oct 1900
Nettie Casper
Carrie Askew (line drawn through Askew and Hughs inserted)
Icy Miers     Dismissed by letter
Nonie Cowand
Ider Phelps    Dismissed by letter
Lizzie Cowand (line drawn through Cowand & Mizell inserted)
Hallie Tayloe
Minnie Phelps  Dismissed by letter
C. M. Dukes   Received by letter Oct 1900  Dismissed by letter
Dora Miers
Bettie Lu Raynor  Dismissed by letter Feb 1908
Lizzie D. Holloman
Rosa M. Holloman
Bettie Hewitt (line drawn through Hewitt & Bazemore inserted)  
      received by letter Apl 1902
Lizzie Phelps

December 1st 1901
List of Male Members at Holly Grove Baptist Church

1.       J  W. Mitchell
2.       A  C. Todd            died May 16 1907
3.       Ervin Pritchard    died June 26 1906
4.       J  R. Jernigan      died Nov 1906
5.       J  W  Barnes        Died Nov 28 1902
6.       W  P. Todd
7.       J  G. Myers           (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter 
Feby 1904
8.       Nathan Myers
9.       F  E. Myers           Dismisd by letter Aug 1903
10.     J  M. Todd
11.     W  L. Todd
12.     Jos J. Taylor
13.     S  S. Cowand
14.     B. F. Myers           dismissed by letter 1907
15.     P  A. Harmon        Dismissed by letter 1907
16.     J  H. Bowen
17.     J  J. Taylor
18.     R  A. Myers
19.     J  C. Bowen          Died Feby 8 1903     
20.     M R Barnes
21.     J T. Pritchard       (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter 
March 1902    
22.     J L. White             Dismissed by letter 1907
23.     J H. Myers            (line drawn through name)  Dismissed Fby 1904
24.     J H. Lassiter
25.     H K. Taylor
26.     J A. Rayner          Dismissed by letter Fby 1908
27.     J M. Bazemore     (line drawn through name)  dismissed by letter May 
28.     J T. Mitchell         (line drawn through name)  dismissed by letterr 
Nov 1908
29.     R B. Myers           (line drawn through name)   Dismisd by letter Aug 
30.     J L. Barnes
31.     W H. Myers           (line drawn through name)   Dismissed by letter Fby 
32.     Latham Myers      (line drawn through name)          "          "
33.     John W. Myers     (line drawn through name)           "          "
34.     L. W. Todd            (line drawn through name)   dismised by letter 
35.     S D. Myers            (line drawn through name)  Dismis by lett Aug 1903    

36.     Pedro Mizell          Dis by let Dec 1909
37.     Alonza O. Holloman
38.     Aubry R. Mizell     Expelled Apl 1908
39.     E R. Holloman
40.     R L. Holloman
41.     W S. Cowand
42.     Rufus Mitchell       Dead
43.     Miles T. Phelps
44.     Jesse R. Phelps    (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter Fby 
45.    Thomas E. Ward                                                        "       
"    "    Jay 1906
46.     Robert Tayloe
47.     Clide Britton          Expelled Apl 1909
48.     Leander Harmon
49.     Frank Phelps         (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter Fby 
50.     Henry Williams      expelled Dec, 1908
51.     L R. Duke               dismissed by letter 1906
52.     Cleveland Mitchell    (line drawn through name) Dismissed Nov 1908
53.     Jos W. Duke           dismissed by letter 1906
54.     Herbert Harmon
55.     W. T. Hewitt            Dismissed by letter 1903
56.     Thomas E. Holloman
57.     Dr. John Mitchell    Died Mch 1903     Recd by letter Nov 1901
58.     William J. Holloman   by letter Jay 1902
59.     J R Leggett              recivd by letter Apl 1902
60.     Miles Mizell              recivd May 1902
61.     Henry A. Mizell                         "       "
62.     Lemuel Mizell                           "       "
63.     Joseph Burress
64.     Joseph J. Cowand 
65.     W H Tayloe
66.     William J Askew        Expelled Aug 1909
67.     Solomon Askew        Expelled Oct 1908
68.     J L. Tayloe
69.     J H Harmon                Expelled
70.     Russell A Myers        (line drawn through name)  Dismis by let Aug 1903
71.     A E. Cowand
72.     George D. Mizell     
73.     Jacob E. Holloman
74.     Charles F. Pearce      Dismissed by letter  April 1906
75.     J P. Sessoms             Died 1907
76.     J. J. Mizell                  Died Feb 1909
77.     Solomon Mitchell      Dismissed by letter Nov 1908
78.     J J. Mitchell
79.     W L. Vaughn
80.     H C Myers                   Dismissed by letter Feb 1910
81.     B W. Taylor
82.     Thomas C. Phelps     expelled  Dec 1908
83.     B B. Taylor
84.     Moses Todd
85.     John Todd
86.     J P. Phelps
87.     James Myers
88.     Clide Vaughn
89.     John W. Mitchell        Expelled Aug 1909
90.     K S Mitchell
91.     Thomas A. Williams
92.     John C. Williams
93.     Estus M. Williams
94.     George H. White
95.     Johnie Casper             Expelled Sept 1908
96     James Cowand
97.     Abbie Barnes              Dismissed by letter Mar 1910
98.     W H Hoard                   Dismissed by letter Oct 1906
99.     Docton Williams
100.   P S. Cherry
101.   W H Bryant                   Dismissed by letter Jany 1908
102.   Arthur J. Furrell
103.   David R. Tayloe
104.   J L Willoughby
105.   W P Askew                   Dismissed by letter Jny 1908
106.   J A Peirce
107.   Rufus A. Williams
108.   C S Ruffin
109.   Jno Casper                   Dismissed by letter Feb. 1909
110.   Sol. C. Askew
111.   Dewey Harmon
112.   Jno. R. Todd
113.   J. P. Todd
Not numbered:  Edward Askew rec by L Feb 1910
October 1902
List of Female Members of Holly Grove Baptist Church
1.     Sarah F. Bowen
2.     Martha A. Taylor
3.     Frusey Todd
4.     Emmie Eason
5.     Belinda A. Taylor
6.     Pernecie A. Askew
7.     Mollie C. Myers   (line drawn through name)   Dismissed by letter Aug 
8.     Bettie Harmon
9.     Emily Barnes
10.    Celia Taylor
11.    Vantilla Cowand
12.    Balzora A. Jernigan
13.    Sallie F. Pearce
14.    Lenora K. Mizell
15.    Victora Alexander
16.    Laura E. Mitchell
17.    Sarah E. Myers    (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by leter Feby 1904
18.    Josephine B. Taylor
19.    Mary L. Todd       (line drawn through Todd and White inserted)
20.    Georgia A. Cowand
21.    Amanda Askew
22.    Margaret E. Smallwood
23.    Loudenia Pritchard
24.    Ada Todd
25.    Annie E. Freeman  (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter May 1908
26.    Georgia W. Outlaw
27.    Maggie White
28.    Janie J. Taylor
29.    Laura Jernigun
30.    Maggie E. Taylor
31.    Luallie(?)  Taylor
32.    Lizzie Mitchell  (line drawn through Mitchell and Williams inserted)
33.    C M. Cowand    (line drawn through Cowand and Taylor inserted)
34.    Ada Dilda
35.    Lula E. Freeman     dismissed by letter Jan 1910
36.    Sallie Pritchard
37.    Ida Tayloe
38.    Laurena J. Prichard
39.    Maggie Todd
40.    Mary Savage
41.    Lillie Myers          (line drawn through name)  Dis by let aug 1903
42,    Daisy Lassiter
43.    Maggie Casper    (line drawn through name) droped
44.    Ella Holloman      Dismissed by letter 1906  
45.    Lue Myers
46.    Lucy Holloman
47.    Bessie Rice
48.    Mary Casper
49.    Hattie R. Rayner
50.    Hattie Wilson
51.    Lizzie Rice
52.    Fannie M. Harmon  (line drawn through Harmon and Byrd inserted)
53.    Bessie Mizell           By letter Nov 1909
54.    Bettie Harmon, Jr
55.    Lillie Cowand   (line drawn through Cowand and Stallings inserted)
56.    Janie Taylor
57.    Katie L. Phelps   (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter Fby 1904
58.    Susan C. Todd
59.    Nettie Casper
60.    Carrie Askew     (line drawn through Askew and Hughs inserted   
61.    Icy Myers     (line drawn through name)  Dismissd by letter Fby 1904
62.    Nonie Cowand
63.    Ida Phelps   (line drawn through name)  Dismiss by letter Fby 1904
64.    Lizzie Cowand  (line drawn through Cowand and Mizell inserted)
65.    Hallie Taylor
66.    Minnie Phelps  (line drawn through name)  Dismiss by letter Fby 1904
67.    C M. Duke
68.    Dana Myers  (line drawn through name)  Dismiss by letter Feby 1904
69.    Bettie Lee Rayner  (line drawn through Bettie Lee; Rayner
              inserted)  Dismised by letter Feb 1908
70.    Lizzie D. Holloman
71.    Rosa M. Holloman
72.    Bettie Bazemore
73.    Lizzie Phelps
74.    Novie S. Legget
75.    Rosa E. Freeman  (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by Letter 
                 May 1908
76.    Lizzie Myers  (line drawn through name)  Dismissed by letter
                 Fby 1904
77.    Lillie D. Holloman
78.    Ella R. Holloman
79.    Annie L. Duke      Dismissed by letter Apl 1906
80.    Lula Mitchell        Dismissed by letter Nov 1908
81.    Sadie Williams
82.    Winnie E. Mizell
83.    Sallie D. Mizell   (line drawn through Mizell and Barnes inserted)
84.    Bettie J. Williams
85.    Zerutha C. Holloman
86.    Ada Peirce
87.    Rosa C. Sessoms
88.    Mary A. Mizell
89.    Josey A. Mitchell
90.    Penny E. Mitchell   Dismissed by letter Nov 1908
91.    Armillie Mitchell
92.    Nancy J. Vaughn
93.    Beulah M. Vaughn
94.    Sallie Vaughn
95.    Sarah E. Todd
96.    Pattie M. Myers
97.    Sallie F. Hollamon
98.    Annie Vaughn  (line drawn through Vaughn and Hill inserted)
99.    Rachel Cowand
100.  Mamie Lee  (line drawn through Lee and Harmon inserted)
101.  Martha A. Williams
102.  Lillie H. Cherry

Not numbered:
Susie Myrtle Myers
Lethia B. Hollomon
Lidie E. Willoughby
Edward W. Phelps     died aprl 27 1908
Stella Myers
Bertie M. Mizell
Nora Willoughby
Cornelia Hollomon
Mary Hill
Isabel Todd
Willie Leggett
Abbreviated History prepared and membership lists transcribed by Lynn C. McCarthy

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