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M. Weston (Just above the letter "E" in Cashie.CASHIE in Cashie Swamp) Malicha Weston On 1860 census:
Malicah Weston, head, DP Holder,[Doctor Peter] age 19, and his new wife, Sarah Thompson Holder. I believe that this was DP's property, inherited from his father, Jethro M. Holder and Malicah Weston was acting as Guardian. I descend from Jethro and his wife, Oney ? Holder

Just above M. Weston is E. Harmonwho is Eli Harmon, HN 668

Above E. Harmon is L.O. Myers who is Lawrence Mires, HN667

Above and to the right of L.O. Myers is J.H. Bunch who is Jesse H. Bunch, HN689

Above J.H. Bunch is W.H. Myers who is William Myers, HN666 M. Weston is Malicha Weston, HN 669, age 23 (DP Holder 19, Sarah Thompson Holder 23). I believe that this was Jethro M. Holder's land. Jethro was on 1850 census and is gone by 1860. Jethro was DP's father. Jethro was Page 04B, HN340 in 1850 and Hendrixen was Page04A, HN341 in 1850. Hendrixen and Holder were neighbors for couple hundred years. You will see that Hendrick is neighbor in 1860 [though not on the 1860 census as I can see.] In 1850 Jethro lived next door to the Westons. Malicha was 14 at that time.

Just above to the right is Mrs. Hendrick and above her is T.T. Rice who is Thomas T. Rice, HN670

To right of M. Weston is Mrs. Cherry who is Sally Ann Cherry, HN671

In 1861, when DP turned 21, he sold some land to John L. Burden, HN672, who is not shown in this area

Straight up above S. White is S. Moore who is Shadrick Moore, HN673

Just below and to the left of Mrs. Cherry is S. White who is Starkey White, HN674.

Of particular interest to me is that exactly where E. Harmon appears on the 1862 is a road today that is named Charlie Harmon Road and 4 Harmon families still live there.
Jim Holder

Jarred Peele,b. Feb13,1814, d. abt.1894, his wife was Louisa "Lucy" Bazemore,b. abt. 1812, M. abt.1836,d. ?. You can just see the "eele" across from Mrs. Hoggard at the top left hand corner. Both William and Jarred were sons of William Peelle and 2nd wife Sarah " Sally" Young. Cir. 1780-1829 Sally Young's father was John Young.
Researcher: Wade Peele
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