Indian Woods CSA Map




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Butt's Old Mill Ben Butts Mill, adjacent to "Snowfield, the early home of the Bryans.

R. Smallwood Robert Smallwood

521 Ray, John, 30, overseer
Smallwood, Robert W., 29, farmer
Smallwood, Sallie, 50
Smallwood, Mary, 1
Smallwood, Whitmell, 5/12

T. Bond Turner Bond married Mary W. (daughter of Robert Watson Smallwood)

G.M. Mitchell G.W.?

1860 Census - Windsor -
525 Mitchell, GW, 25, merchant
Mitchell, Martin V., 20, clerk 

J. Hollins

N. Hollins

Rascoe's Mill Located near Indian Woods. This was a grist mill only. It now constitutes a covered bridge as the main county road once passed through it. It was originally established about 1778 by Colonel Thomas Pugh and sold by his heirs to John Mhoon in 1811 and by John Mhoon's son, James G. Mhoon, to John Peter Rascoe.

Dr. C. Smallwood Charles Smallwood, physician in Woodville/Lewiston. Diary is on-line.

Dr. T Smallwoodknown as TJP Smallwood - older brother to Charles

L. Thompson's Qrs Lewis Thompson 1808-1867

 1860 Census Windsor pg 1
518 (says 118)
Thompson, Lewis, 57, farmer
Thompson, Margaret K., 44
Thompson, Thos. W., 26, farmer
Thompson, Mary B., 14
Thompson, Martha C., 12
Dickens, William, 37, overseer
Dickens, Mary, 37
Dickens, Martha, 13
Dickens, John, 10

T. Pugh Thomas Pugh 517 (says 117) Pugh, Thos. J., 55, farmer

Dr. Williams Qrs Dr. H.F. Williams [Henry Fletcher Williams] began practicing medicine with Dr. T.J.P. Smallwood, (the diarist's) older brother]. Dr. Williams married Laura Slade Pugh.

1860 Census pg 1 Windsor
Williams, HF, 40, physician
Williams, Laura S., 39
Williams, Henry A., 9


T. Williams

Col Hamlin's Qrs

Mrs. Branch

E. Pitman

 1860 Census Windsor pg 1
Pitman, E* D., 50, overseer, born in VA
Pitman, Celesta, 19
Pitman, Virginia, 19, born in VA
Pitman, Sarah, 14, born in VA
Pitman, William, 12
Pitman, Edwin, 7
Pitman, Mary A., 35, farmer

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