Holly Grove CSA Map




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On the Holly Grove map, right in the middle (southeast of Buena Vista) is H. Johnson. This is Hardy Hawkins Johnson. The land is just east of present day Askewville on Askewville Rd. Johnson Lane borders it. Adjacent to Hardy Johnson's land on the east was Elmore Dunlow's. What is now RC Road runs into the Dunlow land. The little ditch in the middle of the fields is the old boundary between Johnsons and Dunlows and still is the property line I believe. Hardy and Elmore were married to sisters Temperance (Tempie) and Susanah Butler. A Dunlow cousin tells me that the Butler land was across the road on the south side.
Paul Johnson kpauljohnson@yahoo.com

J. Todd Cucklemaker Swamp is Levi and Winifred Lawrence, my gggrandparents homeplace with a Lawrence cemetery which contains graves of their descendents but not Levi's or Winifred's. I am sure they are b. close by but probably had no markers. Cucklemaker Swamp is not shown on this map but runs north from J. Todd.

Todd's Crossroads is shown on this map and Joe Cobb said it was first known as Cobb's Crossroads.

Cypress Swamp A branch from Will's Quarter Swamp near Ross Baptist Church. Henry Cobb, Sr. lived in the middle of Gogoon (swamp, I think) and Cypress Pocosion and Beaverdam Swamp.

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