Brick Church drawn by Don Ellis

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This information is from the old site of Larry Noah. Larry is no longer managing his site and has given
permission to place his pages here. Any information you want to donate about the Brick Church Area
 and its people will be gladly accepted.

Larry Noah's Comments, Opinions and Questions

Austin (Augustine)BeArce (BeArse) (1618-1697)    (From Caroline Noah McBride)
Our opinion of the Gregg/MacGregor controversy     (From Caroline Noah McBride)
Some comments about our Belks                              (From Larry Noah)
Which Joseph Noe did Katy Kimbro marry?             (From Larry Noah)
The John Noe (died 1846) ancestor of the Noahs of Orange County was not the John Noe,
son of Peter Noe, the immigrant.(From Larry Noah)


Brick Church, Stoner's, St. Paul Pages
The Brick Reformed Church of Guilford County
Personal recollections concerning The Brick Church and its people.
Personal Websites with Connections to The Brick Church.
Pictures relating to The Brick Church and its people.
Sermon Preached by Rev. Bob Boyd This sermon is believed to have been written by Rev. G. W. Welker,
pastor of Brick Church from 1841 to 1893.
How to sign up for the Brick Church news list.
Stoner's (Steiner's) German Reformed Church.
St. Pauls Cemetery Listing

George Noah's Family
Memorial to John Courtney
Family of John Noe Sr.
Family of Joseph Noe
Clara Estelle Noah Preddy
Nellie Noah
Our John Noe
Low's and the twin church builders

Peter Noe, Immigrant


Orange County Pages
The Break up of Old Orange County
A Historical Sketch of New Hope Church. Written in 1891 by Rev. D. I. Craig,
transcribed by Anna Herbertson, used with permission.
Early history of Orange County

Jeremiah Belk
William Belk
John Courtney
Peter Efland
Jacob and John Foust
Micah Mixon
Adam Moser
Frederic Mosier sen.
John Noe
Peter Noe
Capt. Peter Summers
Edward Woodham

Biographical Sketches of some Old Orange County People
Other area Churches
Journal of Rev. D. I. Craig
Inquest on the body of Peter Noe

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