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Blissville Burton Gladstone Lincoln Maugerville Northfield Sheffield
by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

This master list of cemeteries for Sunbury County has been produced by gathering records from several sources. The original transcriptions have been recorded by various individuals and/or groups of people throughout the years. A Student Works Summer Project gathered a major portion.

Most of these records are housed at PANB (The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick) Fredericton, and have been filmed by PANB and/or The Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FHL). Some have been published by The New Brunswick Genealogical Society (NBGS), in their newsletters, called Generations,and others have been privately published by George Hayward.

Mr. Hayward has given permission to publish records from his files, and the Provincial Archives have given permission to use any of those which were gathered as the result of Student Works Programs. This will result in the bulk of Sunbury County's cemeteries being available online when time permits.

It is probable that some of these cemeteries are not listed under names that were in use years ago. Often the people who visited a cemetery called it by the name of its location, or the name of the prominent family buried there. Church records might also have other names for them.

The numbers in the second column of the list below, represents the file numbers at PANB, or the place where they can be found.

Blissville Parish 
Patterson Cemetery V.II,04 Hoyt, Patterson United Baptist Church

Burton Parish 
Alcorn Cemetery 01 Waterville Road, about 2 miles from Hwy #7
Smith Family Cemetery 02 Waterville Road, about 3 ½ miles from Hwy #7
Baptist Cemetery 03 Waterville Road, about 4 miles from Hwy #7
St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery 04 Broad Road, Oromocto, near Oromocto Hospital
A small Cemetery 06 Geary, on the French Lake Road to Blissville Road, about 3/4 miles off Hwy #7
unnamed cemetery 07 Woodside, a few miles along the French Lake Rd
St. Vincents de Pauls Cemetery 08Oromocto, Loisville Street (old part only), Roman Catholic
Pioneer Cemetery 09 Oromocto, on the Oromocto By-Pass, Hwy #7
Baptist Cemetery 10 Geary, Hwy #7 - near the Church
Courthouse Cemetery 14 Burton, south of Burton Bridge (old part only)
Blissville Road Cemetery 15Blissville Road, Geary
Preston Carr Cemetery 16Geary
Branch Road Cemetery 17Branch Road, Geary
unnamed cemetery 18French Lake, near Woodside
Pine Grove Cemetery 19Burton
Anglican Cemetery 20Burton, near Burton school
Chase Cemetery 23Hwy 102, near Queens - Sunbury Co. line
Lavinia Bridge Cemetery v. II, 07Geary
cemetery v.II,10Shirley Road
Babbitt Cemetery none
French Lake Cemetery NBGS v.7French Lake
Stennick Cemetery NBGS v.27French Lake
Wood Cemetery NBGS v.27French Lake

FHL films contain the Waterville Road Cemeteries and St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery, Oromocto*
(* it has 3 listings, 3 pp, 6 pp, 15 pp/ The one listed above was complete on the day recorded.)

Gladstone Parish 
Kelly Cemetery v.II, 01Fredericton Junction
Roman Catholic Cemetery v.II, 02Fredericton Junction
unnamed cemetery v.II, 03Gladstone
Pioneer (Back) Cemetery v.II, 11Tracy, (NBGS v.27)
unnamed cemetery v.II, 12Tracy
master list of cemetery plots, 1980 v.II, 13Tracy
cemetery NBGS v.27Fredericton Junction

Lincoln Parish 
unnamed cemetery 05Lower Lincoln, Hwy # 7, abt 1/4 mile below airport
unnamed cemetery 11Rusagonis Station, (see v.2, 9)
Baptist Church Cemetery 13Rusagonis
Glasier Cemetery 21Lincoln, on St. Dunstan's Community Centre property
unnamed cemetery v.II, 14Wassis Road, Lincoln
Bunker's Cemetery NBGS v.27Rusagonis

Maugerville Parish 
Anglican Cemetery 22Maugerville, below the Burton Bridge on TC Hwy
United Baptist Church Cemetery v.II, 08Maugerville

Northfield Parish 
None available

Sheffield Parish 
United Church Cemetery 12Sheffield
unnamed cemetery 24Ripples (partial)
United Baptist Church Cemetery v.II, 05Lakeville Corner
United Church Cemetery v.II, 06Lakeville Corner

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