WW1 volunteers from St. David Parish

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World War 1 St. David Parish Volunteers

(1915 - 1917)

The following partial list of men volunteering for the Canadian Expeditionary Force overseas is from the Philip Christie Collection microfilms at the St. Croix Public Library in St. Stephen, NB, - film #12328. The number MAY also reflects the designation at the Public Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton

The lists appear to cover the period from late 1915 until late 1917, and cover all of Charlotte County. The St. David individuals have been excerpted.

By 1915 many of the younger men had left St. David for jobs in St. Stephen, Calais, or at the Milltown Cotton Mill, or further afield to cities like Boston. Thus it is not surprising that the list is not longer. By late 1917 conscription had come into force, by the way.

In addition, the list of personnel files from the National Archives of Canada has been consulted, and where a firm identification can be made with an individual, the file number has been added. If you write to the Personnel File Division of National Archives, the WW1 personnel file of an individual, with its marvellous detail, can be ordered. It is well worth doing so. - Tom Moffatt.

To Search the National Archives Site - or track down the BACK side of the ATTESTATION PAPERS for those with them online, go to http://www.archives.ca/02/020106_e.html

name residence Age marriage status notes Date

from National Archives WW1 Personnel Files
Image of FRONT Page of Overseas
Image of BACK of same
Ernest Davis Oak Bay 19 s 104th 11/10/1915      
Roy Scott Honeydale 19 s 115th 11/27/1915      
Walter Frederick Blakley Oak Bay 25 s 115th 11/27/1915      
Lawrence Albert Hanson St. David 32 m 115th 12/9/1915  742194    
Roy Eugene Graham Moores Mills 18 s 115th 12/23/1915  709987  Image  Image
Fred Leslie McLaughlin Moores Mills 27 s 115th 1/8/1916  742593    
Graham Dick
Moores Mills  20 s 115th, signed up Musquash 1/9/1916  742759
Fred. McKnight St. David   s 115th, signed up Musquash 1/9/1916  796588    
Tracy R. Scott Honeydale 19 s 115th 2/7/1916      
Samuel Scott Honeydale 21 s 115th 2/7/1916  742177
Jesse A. Beach Honeydale   m 115th 2/7/1916  742803    
George Scott Honeydale  27 m 115th 2/7/1916  742804   Image  Image
John Hazen Dick Moores Mills 18 s 115th 2/16/1916  742758   Image  Image
Harry Bunton McLaughlin Honeydale 18 s 115th, mother objects 2/17/1916  ---------    
Charles Alva McLaughlin Honeydale 21 m 115th 2/25/1916  742813
Howard Garfield Scott Honeydale 33 m 115th 2/25/1916  742779    
Herbert Nelson Omar Oak Bay 28 s 115th 3/4/1916  742984    
Harmon Ames Honeydale 27 m 115th 3/21/1916  743064  Image  Image
William Ansel Scott Honeydale 39 m 115th 3/25/1916  74393?
(last digit missing from NAC online file
Nelson Chatwyan Deacon Tower Hill 38 m 66th Regt. 5/1/1916      
Eugene H. Wilson Oak Bay 19 s #9 Signals 6/9/1917  2100237
(check first with NAC)
Percy Bradford Doten Oak Bay
(from Attestations)
28 s Forestry 7/16/1917  2303865   Image  Image
Peter Bertram Devlin Oak Bay 28 s Forestry 7/14/1917  2304233   Image  Image
Frederick H. Graham Moores Mills 18 s R.S.C. 8/8/1917  2498176    
John Pomeroy / Pomroy  St. David Ridge 24 s Can. Engineers 9/17/1917  2503544