St. David Ridge Cemetery

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St. David Ridge Cemetery

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NOTES FROM TOM MOFFATT: My wife Anne Johnston's family has continuously owned the farm adjacent to the cemetery, on its north side, since 1797. Naturally there are some family stories related to it. One is that it was not actually begun until 1835, and earlier death dates reflect people moved to the new cemetery at that date.
There was a church associated with the cemetery, on the northerly area of it. Among the unmarked graves in the cemetery are those of three infants of John Henry Johnston and his wife Gertrude Sharman, and these are listed in the records below.
A transcription exists for this cemetery in the collections of the Charlotte County Branch of the NBSGA, which are held at the St. Croix Public Library in St. Stephen. It is reasonably recent, including all the records except for Tyler, Tuddenham, and the unmarked Johnstons.
Among the interesting individuals buried here is Mary T. (Johnston) Spinney - she is the grandmother of Carroll Spinney, who developed and plays 'Big Bird' on Sesame Street. Carroll Spinney & his friend Jim Henson had grown up together playing with puppets.
Interesting items:
Oldest death date - William Vance Clindinin 1831
This cemetery is still active and cared for.

One other item - on the property to the north is the grave of Isaac Cook Sr., (1757- 1828) a rockpile in the centre of a field, about 150 ft. northwest of the Cape Cod house. Go to Isaac Cook page

last name notes Remarks
Clindinin In Memory of Anna Clindinin, died April 28, 1872, aged 66 years. The Clindinin family had long been on land up the Clindinin Road which begins just a hundred metres south of the cemetery, and which proceeds east from the St. David Ridge Road.
Clindinin Moses Clindinin Died July 22, 1832, ae 52
Sylvester his son ae 15 yrs.
Moses Jr. son of David & Anna Clindinin died Sept. 16 1845, ae 9 yrs & 6 mos.
Clindinin Harris Clindinin 1845 - 1903
His wifeMary 1852 - 1922
Clindinin Wm Vance Clindinin Died Apr. 25, 1831, ae 55
W. V. C.
Clindinin Joseph Clindinin 1809 - 1886
His wife Amelia G. 1810 - 1891
Clindinin Children onf Joseph & Mary Clindinin
James P. Died May 22, 1847 aet 14 yrs
Henry A. died Apr. 5, 1848, aet 3 yrs. 8 ms.
Emma E. died Sept. 27, 1842 aet 7 mos
Mary E. died July 5, 1848, aet 7 ms.
Connick Connick - William Connick died Mar 22, 1855, ae. 53 yrs. and his wife Agnes E. died Aug. 24, 1892, ae. 79 yrs.
Annie M. dau of W. & A. E. connick died Feb. 29, 1848, ae 12 yrs.
Connick John Connick, son of James & Hannah Connick, died Oct. 15, 1837, ae 31 yrs. Erected by his brother Joseph Connick arrived 1760, contracted to a fishing station at Indian Island between Campobello and Deer Isl. Later owned the Hardwood Is. just outside Deer Island (not the one in Passamaquoddy Bay) and sold that island to buy land in St. David. A large and bewildering family.
Connick In memory of James Connick born May 5, 1770, died Nov. 17, 1838.
also his wife Hannah, born Feb. 26, 1778, died Feb. 26, 1859
Conrad James E. Conrad 1869 - 1945
His wife Ida May 1866 - 1948
Cook Isaac Cook died Aug. 25, 1887, ae. 86 yrs. 8 mos.
His wife Mary died Dec. 2, 1888, ae. 75 yrs. 10 mo.
Children Isaac L. died May 2, 1846, ae. 2 yrs.
Daniel M. died May 28, 1846, ae. 3 yr 11 mos.
Alexander V. Cook 1859 - 1908
Thos. W. Cook 1840 - 1912
Isaac Cook (Jr.) and his brother Gilbert had split the family land, which was centered on the block to the north of the cemetery. Isaac Jr. took the northern area, near the second house north from the cemetery on the west side. Isaac married Mary Elizabeth Waldron. In the Saxby Gale the roof was blown from their barn
Cook Gilbert Cook, died Apr. 27, 1891, ae 88 yr. 7 dys.
Hannah Died Nov 24, 1888 ae 75 yrs. 7 mos.
Their daughters Jane, died Mary 4, 1847, ae. 2 yrs. 2 mos.
Teressa H. died Oct. 2, 1902, ae. 56 yrs. 8 mos.
Gilbert was the son of Isaac Cook Sr., who had been a continental soldier in the Rev. War, from Medford, MA. Isaac Sr. is buried on the farm to the north. He was liked by Robert Moore, from which he obtained the farm. Gilbert continued to farm the original homestead, and married Hannah Trimble. They had 3 daughters (and adopted Mary J. Slater). The eldest, Caroline, married John V. Johnston and the farm passed to them.
Cook Josephus Cook1837 - 1899
Jennie McKnight, his wife 1836 - 1921
Josephus Cook was a son of Isaac Cook Jr.
Essensa Essensa, William T. 1886 - 1962
His wife, Dorothy, 1904 - 1960
Lewis J. 1927 - 1961
The lands of the Essensa family were about 1 mile south of the cemetery, along the west side of the St. David Ridge Road, at the top of a hill, which locally is called 'Essensa Hill'.
The Essensa name is one of the many coming from the Kamouraska region to the St. John River Valley. This families routes are likely to be in the Hanwell - Kingsclear area of York Co.
Essensa Lewis J. Essensa 1927 - 1961  
Gillis William Gillis, a native of the County Armagh, Ireland, died May 11, 1849 The 'Gillis' place was up the diagonal lane which begins almost opposite the cemetery. In the late 1970s the old Cape Cod-style house burned.
Gillis Gillis
David Gillis 1830 - 1916
Isabell Gillis 1831 - 1904
Hitchings Jane, wife of William Hitchings, died May 18, 1829
ae 41 yrs. 7 mos.
Asa, their son, ae 7 mos.
Hitchings Ernest A., son of Asa & Elizabeth Hitchings, died Sept. 22, 1880, ae. 14 yrs 4 mos.  
Hitchings In memory of Mary C., wife of David Hitchings, died 5 Nov. 1861, aged 54 years.
Also Margaret, their daughter died May 1857, aged 11 yrs.
Hitchings David Hitchings Died Sept. 26, 1874, ae 68 yrs.  
Hutchins Jack Hutchins 1958 - 1980, beloved brother and friend  
Johnston John V. Johnston 1841 - 1911
His wife Caroline A. Cook 1842 - 1912
Mary T. Wife of John W. Spinney 1873 - 1905
John V Johnston owned the lands adjacent to the cemtery on the north. He was the son of Richard Johnston and Elizabeth Mooney of Sorrel Ridge. (The family came from Parish Tamlaght O'Crilley (Townland Drumane, and previously Drumsaragh) in Co. Derry in 1835. The V in the name had no meaning whatsoever. He had been a furniture maker and later a blacksmith.

Mary Theresa Johnston has a famous grandson - Carroll Spinney who created and plays the role of Big Bird on Sesame Street
Johnston Johnston, Alvan L. Johnston 1869 - 1950
His wife Edith A. Smith 1878 - 1925
Alvan was the son of John V. Johnston, also buried in this cemetery, and lived on the same land and farmed it.
Johnston Three unmarked graves of babies, buried behind a chapel at the north end of the cemetery lands (Church now demolished). -
Eldon 1902 - 1904
John Hazen 1904-1905
William Aubrey dates unknown
John Henry Johnston, son of John V. Johnston, married Gertrude Victoria Sharman, daughter of William Towers Sharman and Ruth Allen who lived Robbinston. But Ruth Allen's mother had been Amy Cook, a daughter of Isaac Cook Sr. - and the Sharman side included both Towers and Sharman families of St. David. John H. Johnston farmed on St. David, then gave up the farm to his brother Alvan Leslie Johnston.
Kelso Charles W. Kelso 1834 -1905
Henrietta A. Mitchell 1836-1931
Alexander M. Robinson 1864-1948
His wife Bessie 1878-1960
Sheldon R. Robinson 1948-1948
Knop Mother Maria Knop Mar. 15, 1878 - Jan. 3, 1957  
Knop Knop Ernest A. 1904 - 1991
His wife Frieda 1911 - 1992
Their daughter Sonya P. 1943 - 1954
Ernest Knop emigrated from Germany around 1926. Their daughter Ingrid and husband Bob Tyler still live on St. David Ridge
Knop Sonya  
Lindsay Lindsay, Eldon H. 1892 - 1964
Vida L. 1896 - 1964
The family lived on the '2nd tier' of farms, to the east of St. David Ridge. The Lindsay Rd. leaves St. David Ridge about 1 1/2 km. below the cemetery. The farm still has beautiful open fields.
Lindsay J. Ronald Lindsay Oct. 7, 1930 - Mar. 26, 1991  
McCutcheon McCutcheon Jim McCutcheon and wife plot, both still alive
McGowan Samuel McGowan died Aug. 23, 1871, aged 71 years and his wife Jane died May 23, 1836, aged 27 years.
Also their children Robert, Mary, James, Aged each 22 years.
Also James McGowan died May 31, 1872, aged 68 years.
McKnight McKnight, Clifford A. McNight - Jan. 28 1924 -
Lila Maida, nee Murphy, Nov. 5, 1923 - Feb. 5, 1994
Married Dec. 28 1944
McKnight McKnight
Albert A. McKnight 1871 - 1934
Arthur Marks McKnight Dec. 4 1898 - Feb. 10, 1937
The McKnights farmed down the ridge, in the area just above the junction with the 'Bay Woods Road', which is now called the Back Road. The family still holds this land, and a descendant, Marie McKnight - Whitford and her husband farm in a small way. They also built a new house, the largest on St. David Ridge.
McKnight McKnight, Nicholas Raymond, March 7, 1980  
McKnight McKnight, Thomas McKnight 1842 - 1907
Sarah Marks his wife 1846 - 1934
Wilfred, son of Thomas& Sarah McKnight, died Apr. 29, 1875 ae 2 yrs.
Joseph McKnight died Aug. 6, 1871, ae 92 yrs
His wife Eliza died Sept. 30, 1874, ae 75 yrs.
McLaughlin Abigail S., daughter of Levi & Mary C. McLaughlin, died April 13, 1851, ae 8 yr. 6 mos.  
McMorran Jared Albert McMorran 1952 - 1972 The McMorrans lived up the ridge about 1 km from the cemetery, on the west side, where the road turns. The house by the road was long in disrepair afterwards, and later owners, Brighams built a new house in the late 1970s. The old house was only torn down in 1999
McMorran In loving memory of John Leslie McMorran 1941 - 1962  
Moore Josephus Moore Esq. died Feb. 14, 1855, ae. 57 yrs.
Rebecca Moore Died Apr. 1 1838, ae 34 yrs.
Their daughter Frances Caroline died Nov. 19, 1836, ae. 26 dys.
Moore In memory of Ann H. Moore, died Dec. 16, 1870 aged 66 years & 6 mos.  
Moore Witter D. Moore died April 22, 1829, ae 34 yrs
George Moore, died May1, 1823, ae 23 yrs 6 mos
Nancy Moore died Sept. 20, 1818, ae. 3 yrs
Hannah Moore, died Jan 28, 1821
Moore John Moore died Mar 1 1832, ae 62
Also his wife Hannah died Dec. 4, 1847, ae 73
Natives of New Boston, NH
The Moores of Moores Mills were members of the Cape Ann Association, and played a major role in the development of the community of Upper St. David and Moores Mills.
Moore In memory of Aseneth Moore, died Augl 17, 1881, ae. 76 yrs.  
Morrison Morrison, W. Frankliln 1867 - 1948 - a father  
Murphy James Murphy, died Aug. 12, 1890 ae 65 yrs 27 dys.
His wife Elizabeth C. died Sept. 8, 1893 ae 62 yrs. 6 mos.
Ella A. died Mar. 10, 1906 ae 47 yrs. 8 mos., wife of Franklin A. Milbery, 1857 - 1938
Eva A. died Feb. 5, 1864, ae. 5 yrs. 6 mos. 30 ds.
Mary died June 28, 1865, ae. 1 mo 12 dys.
James Murphy married Elizabeth Cook, daughter of Isaac Cook Jr., and they farmed on what became known as the 'Murphy Road'.
Murphy Melva O. (Murphy) 1899 - 1966  
Orr Erected by Thomas H. Orr In fond memory of His wife Nettie Morrison, died Aug. 20, 1887 ae. 29 yrs.  
Palmer Maria, wife of James Palmer, died Oct. 18, 1850, ae 42 yr. 4 mos.  
Perkins Perkins, Sedgefield 1871 - 1901
Clara 1855 - 1871
Children of John and Parmelia Perkins
Perkins James Perkins died Dec. 24, 1849, aged 75 years
His wife Sarah died Jan. 10 1858, aged 75 years
their son Henry Alfred Died July 11, 1836, aged 17 years
Prange Prange, Otto Richard Franz, Feb. 2 1905 - June 29, 1991
His wife Margarete Elfreda Gertrude (Zielske) July 1 1910 - Dec 1, 1932
Otto Prange and his wife, along withthe Knopps, emigrated from Germany around 1926, and took up land opposite each other on St. David Ridge.
Robinson Robinson, Charles E. May 29, 1911 - March 15, 1990
Ethel C. Apr. 5, 1916 -
Married 3 Apr. 1941
Robinson Robinson - William A. and wife Letitia C.
Alvin E.
Jennie N.
Maudee V.
Slater Sacred to the memory of John Slater, died Aug. 4, 1865, ae. 64 yr.
Also his son John
Smith In Memory of Moses Smith, born 24th June 1799, died Feb. 23, 1848  
Trimble William Trimble died July 28, 1877, ae. 70 yrs.
also his wife Eliza, died Sept. 1, 1887, ae. 78 yrs.
Robert Trimble and wife, with 5 children, had arrived from Ireland in 1819. William was one of them. A sister, Hannah, married Gilbert Cook on the ridge. The original family farm was towards the lower end of the ridge, but I believe William Trimble had land a little south of the cemetery on the east side, in the 'second tier back' of farms. (see old maps, and lanes like Lindsay Road).
Trimble In memory of Robert Trimble, died Apr. 10, 1861, ae 89 yr. also his wife Hannah died Dec. 4, 1860 age 96
also their son John died 18... aged 6 Native of Armagh, Ireland
Trimble In memory of Joseph Trimble died May 13, 1870, ae 72 yr. 9 mos. Native of Armagh, Ireland  
Trimble Sacred to the memory of Wesley Trimble who died Aug. 17, 1874, aged 23 yrs.  
Tuddenham Tuddenham
George Frederick Arthur
June 24, 1908 - Dec. 13, 1998
married Aug. 2, 1939
Mary Adelaide
(St. Thomas)
Mar. 14, 1915 -
George Tuddenham was from England, and built up the farm which is based on the house that is next north of the cemetery, on the EAST side of the road. He married Adelaide St. Thomas, who was brought up on a farm about 1 1/2 km down the ridge, on the west side. The family farm was based principally on blueberries and Christmas trees. A sister of Adelaide, Marguerite, married Elston Johnston, living directly across the road from the Tuddenham farm.
Tyler Tyler
Jonathan Michael
Feb. 3 1977 - Feb.
Wilson John Wilson died Oct 1848 ae 44 yr.
and his wife Ann died Nov 1890 aged 84 yr.
Agnes, daughter of John & Ann Wilson Died Jan. 1877 ae 7 yrs.