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St. David Parish Cemeteries & Churches
Last Updated 9 June 2004

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Christ Church (St. Stephen & St. David Anglican Parish) Marriages to 1841 - .pdf file 180kb
This is an extremely useful database, with index to both brides and grooms, transcribed by Shirley O'Neill.
Oak Bay Cemetery - Download pdf of Oak Bay Cemetery transcriptions, thanks to Jason Gaudet Click here
Oak Bay (Anglican) Cemetery
Upper St. David Ridge 'Heritage' (Anglican) Cemetery
St. David Ridge Cemetery
Lindsay Road Cemetery (Meeting House Corner Cemetery)


The following Churches and Cemeteries are located in St. David. Driving Directions and other cemeteries will be listed as time permits. HELP is always appreciated! - Tom Moffatt

If you wish to transcribe any cemeteries it would also be greatly appreciated!  I will be happy to code it in HTML for you!

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Photographs of Cemeteries
Oak Bay Cemetery
St. David Ridge Cemetery
Oak Bay Church of England Cemetery
Lindsay Road Cemetery (Meeting House Corner Cemetery)

Oak Bay Cemetery

Photographs of Cemetery
1. Take Route 1 east from St. Stephen
Just before the Oak Bay Causeway take the Route 755 exit off to the left.
2. Take Route 755 about 1.8 km., then turn on to Route 755 North, away from the water.
3. Proceed about 1 km. north, until you pass under the 4-lane highway overpass. Just before the transformer station on the left is a gravel road. Take it.
4. Proceed approx. .8 km along the gravel road to reach the well maintained and beautiful Oak Bay Cemetery.
This is a large and still used cemetery, filled with mature oak trees. see map

Oak Bay Anglican Cemetery see map

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Photographs of Cemetery


Eric Cottrell has graciously provided the directions, Thanks Eric!

1. Take Route 1 east.
Just before the Oak Bay Causeway there is a Route 755 exit off to the left.

2. Take Route 755 a short distance and turn left onto Back Road (There is a sign "Ch Back Rd" on the right side of the road before the turn).

3. A very short distance up Back Road there is a warning sign that the road turns to the right. The cemetery is on the left side of the road near the apex of the right turn. There is a house to the left just before the turn and that wooded patch that is after it is the cemetery!

If you see a house numbered 24 on the right then stop, you have just gone by the cemetery. There is a drainage ditch running parallel to the road.

The path into the cemetery is level with the road with a plastic pipe to let the drainage ditch water go under the path. As you walk in (about 15 to 30 feet), look over to your right and you should notice standing gravestones off in the woods. I would recommend jeans and long sleeves for this exercise (and bug repellant!).

There is a path going roughly down the middle of the cemetery but many stones are toward the outer edges. There are stone walls marking three of the boundaries (right, back, left).

Searching can be difficult as there are trees everywhere and really only one "path".

For GPS users the coordinates (WGS84 datum) are: Path at road end is at 45 degrees 13.849 minutes north and 67 degrees 11.699 minutes west.

Sylvester's stone (near the center) is 45 degrees 13.826 minutes north and 67 degrees 11.718 minutes west. Estimated error is 20 to 25 feet. see map

St. David Ridge Heritage (Anglican) Cemetery
Added 15/4/00

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Photographs of Cemetery
See map


Ron Canning (Honeydale Pentecostal Church  506-466-2174) has graciously provided the following directions.

1. Start at the International Bridge in Saint Stephen/Calais.

2. Turn right and proceed along Main Street through town along the Saint Croix river. Take the left at the old train station and go up the hill, King Street. The Old Loyalist Burying Ground will be on your right at the second traffic light.

3. Continue on King Street until you reach the traffic circle just past Kentucky Fried Chicken. The road off the traffic circle to the right goes to St. Andrews. The road straight across the traffic circle goes to Fredericton.

4. Take the Fredericton route. (Route 3). Stay on this highway for about 7 to 10 miles until you come to Moores Mills. It will be on your right. Turn right and proceed through the settlement until you come to a "T" in the road. The tee goes off to the left, and straight ahead on the left corner you will see a cemetery that is fairly new with a few headstones, maybe 30 to 40. This is the Moores Mills Cemetery Extension. The old part is a little bit out the road to your left if you wish to see that one also.

5. In Moores Mills you have to proceed straight ahead at this intersection which will take you towards Saint David Ridge. It becomes a gravel road with a few old homes on it. You will soon come to a road where you will have to go left or right.

6. Go Left!! This is the Upper Saint David's Ridge Road.

7. You will find "Heritage Cemetery" just a short distance away and will be on your left. If you find Moores Mills you shouldn't have any trouble from there, but watch very close on your left when you are proceeding along the Upper Saint David Ridge Road because the cemetery, at least in summer growth , is very hard to find. It has a wrought iron arch gate with the name in black within the "Arch". If you have questions or can name an area you know nearby, let me know. It will get you there eventually. see map

 St. David Ridge Cemetery see map

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Photographs of Cemetery


1 - 5. Follow steps 1 through 5 of the directions for the St. David Heritage Cemetery.

6. Turn RIGHT on the St. David Ridge Road and proceed about 2 km. south.

7. The cemetery is clearly visible on the right (west) side of the St. David Ridge Road, with white posts dividing it from the road.

NOTE: In 'mud season' consider taking the Valley Road, Murphy Road, then turning left (north) onto St. David Ridge Road, and continuing about 1 km. to the cemetery. see map

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