Ebenezer Smith Files

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File of Ebenezer Smith and others

Thanks to Steve Robbins of Toccoa Falls, Ga. Web prep by Tom Moffatt

1790s? Ebenezer Smith was in St. David, N.B. by about this time He is
listed as having made improvements on Lot no. 3, Block letter R, in the
Wentworth Division. Part of this lot was "improved by Ebenezer Smith,
say 10 acres" ["State of the Settlement" (about 1797-1803?), a document at
N.B. Provincial Archives, giving an assessment of the improvements to
the St. David grants].

1797, May 1. Robert Hitchings "of Saint Stephen in the County of
Charlotte and Province of New Brunswick", Millwright, sells for the sum
of Fifty Pounds paid by Ebenezer Smith "of the Parish, County and
Province aforesaid, yeoman", two farm lots in the Wentworth Division in
the Parish of Saint David: Lot 3 in Block letter R (100 acres more or
less); and Lot 1 in Block letter S "containing one hundred acres more or
less with the appurtenances, which said lots I [Robert Hitchings]
purchased from Robert Livingston" on 1 January 1789. Witness: H. B.
Brown, Registrar. [Charlotte County, N.B., Registrar of Deeds, Deed
#783 in New Record Book B, p. 486-487].

1801. Ebenezer Smith's wife was Mary ( ), who was
born about 1778, an American who came to Canada in 1801. Perhaps this
was the time of their marriage. [New Brunswick. Provincial Archives.
New Brunswick Census of 1851, Charlotte County : vol. 1. Fredericton :
Provincial Archives, 1974. (Mary is listed in St. David in the
household of her daughter and son-in-law Robert Cochran)].

1836, Oct. 12. Ebenezer Smith was a witness at the marriage of his son
Stephen S. Smith of St. David to Lydia Scott of Calais, Me. Another
witness was Nathaniel Didite. [Charlotte County Marriages, vol. 1,
1806-1839. Microfilm reel #A-137, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick,
Fredericton, N.B.].

1846, July 17. Ebenezer Smith made his will. He was "of the Parish of
Saint David ... Farmer, being of sound mind though somewhat weak in
body." He gives to his son-in-law Robert Cochran "all my real estate
situate in the said parish of Saint David, the same being the Western
half of lot number one in Block letter S, and the western half of lot
number three in Block letter R in Wentworths Division ... containing one
hundred Acres more or less together with all the buildings", etc. Even
though Ebenezer's wife Mary is still living, he also bequeaths to Robert
Cochran "all my personal property, consisting of household furniture,
farm stock, implements of husbandry and all other personal property of
whatever nature..." Witnesses: James Brown, Susan Dunham, Charles D.

1851. Ebenezer Smith must have died before this date. The 1851 census
lists Mary Smith, age 73, mother-in-law, in the household of Robert
Cochran, but Ebenezer Smith is not listed. [1851 Census, as cited

1864, July 21. Ebenezer Smith's will was received and registered.
[Charlotte County Records, Book 11, p. 200-201. At Registrar of Deeds
of Charlotte County, N.B., St. Andrews, N.B.].


Additional Pollard information

Joshua Randall Pollard's wife was Victoria Smith. She was daughter of
William Smith and Mary Black of St. David, N.B. She was born about 1841
and lived to be 92. [Information from Ralph Pollard of St. Stephen;
Kathleen (Pollard) Richardson of St. Stephen; and 1851 Census].

Mary (Pollard) Waldron died 19 August 1860, age 29, and is buried at
"Upper St. David Ridge Cemetery". [Letter from Kathleen (Pollard)
Richardson to Steve Robbins, 7 Sept. 1977].

Below is an extract of a deed (summarized by L. Austin Gray of Wesley,
Me.) of property from Rhoda Pollard to Joshua R. Pollard [Charlotte
County Register of Deeds, Book 14, p. 516-517], Deed no. 415]:

Rhode Pollard of St. David N.B. Charlotte County, Westbrook Waldron
and his wife Mary P., farmer, Huldah H. Pollard of St. David, single
woman, James Gray and Ann Eliza, wife of Wesley, County of Washington,
State of Maine, and Granville C. Gray, wife Harriet M. of Wesley,
William Frost and wife Jane L. of Alexander, Maine. In consideration of
200 pounds. Land in St. David, owned and occupied by Henry Dearborn
Pollard. Begin at west side of highway running northerly, southerly
alongside dividing line between Lot #32 in W block Lettered Land Lots
No. 124 in Block between O in Wentworth Div. of Cape Ann Association
Grants, where dividing line between Block L and O intersect highway,
then westerly along lots #45 rods northerly to highway to stake on
southerly side of the Tower Hill Road at the second pitch of the Tower
Hill. 30 acres more or less. Signed 1860 and 1864 and 1867. Witnesses
include: Robert Cochran and Stephen S. Smith.

[Note: This extract's description of bounds seems very confusing,
when I compare it to the cadastral map of St. David. Perhaps a full
transcription of this deed is warranted. -- Steve Robbins]