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 A Tour of St. David - From the Sea to the Ridges
St. David Parish embraces Oak Bay, with its clamflats and islands in its southern sections. From there it rises quickly towards to ridges, St. David Ridge and Tower Hill, on which blueberries are grown, woodlots continue to be harvested, and where a few livestock farms continue operations. Click here to go to the tour page



 Full List of Historic Photographs
Steve Robbins Collection -
Moores Mills, Pollards, Some Houses in northern St. David Parish, etc.
Cemeteries of St. David Parish - photographs - 2000
Each cemetery has its own special features. In this case Oak Bay Anglican is like a lost ruin while the present Oak Bay Cemetery has a sweep of eye like no other here. St. David Ridge Cemetery is well kept, and the St. David Heritage Cemetery 2 km further north is very obviously a cemetery brought back from abandonment.
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St. David Heritage Cemetery

Moores Mills Cemetery

Oak Bay Anglican Cemetery

Oak Bay Cemetery

St. David Ridge Cemetery

Moores Mills Cemetery Annex