Parish of St. David Place Names
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St. David MAPS & Place Names
Last Updated 5 Nov 2000

The following place names and settlements are located in St. David Parish. If you see one missing, please drop me a note

Bay Road | Board Road | Central Tower Hill | Clindenin Ridge | Dennis Stream | Digdeguash River | Fanning Division | Foster Lake (settlement called Tower Hill Rd.) | Gallop Stream | Hills Point | Honeydale | Lily Hill | Lower Tower Hill | Moores Mills | Moores Mills Lake | Oak Bay | Oak Haven | Pagans Cove | Roix Road | St. David Ridge | Tower Hill (see Central Tower Hill) | Upper Tower Hill | Valley Park | Waweig River | Wentworth Settlement (see Lower Tower Hill) | William Creek

St. David Parish MAPS
 General Map
online .jpg | quality .pdf
 1785 Grantees Map
cape ann .jpg | penobscot.jpg |
quality .pdf (all St. David)

1785 Lot Number Map
online .jpg | quality .pdf 

ca.1815 Map
online .jpg | quality .pdf
'Official' Crown Grant Map
for St. David (flawed)
 Blueberry Fields Map
of St. David
online .jpg | quality .pdf
 Topographic Map
online .jpg | quality .pdf
contours of
50, 100, 150 metres
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) available free for
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Cooper Township, ME Maps - thanks to Steve Robbins

ALL the maps listed below need ADOBE ACROBAT READER - but provide extreme detail.

Quality general map below - 92k.
Quality land grant map of St. David Parish in 1785 - 153 k. .pdf
Quality land grant map of St. David Parish circa 1815 - 119 k.
Quality lot and block number map of St. David Parish - no names. - 153k. - .pdf
Original (and flawed) Crown Grant Map covering St. David Parish - .pdf