John McMillan original grantee of Oak Bay lot 89

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1784 - Penobscot Bay Association Grants Around Oak Bay
in St. David Parish

The case of Lot 89

Note: Although the Provincial Grant Map lists John McIntosh as the original grantee of Oak Bay lot 89, the following document persuades me that John McMillan is the correct grantee.

Provincial Archives, Fredericton, NB

Zebedee Linekin of the parish of St. David in the County of Charlotte Esquire, maketh and saith that he came to Saint Andrews with the early settlers from Penobscot in the year 1783 and in the year following 1784 removed to his farm lot No. eighty six on Oak Point Bay where he has ever since resided. That he was well acquainted with John McMillan who also came to Saint Andrews about the same time with himself, and was supposed to have drawn the farm lot number eighty nine on Oak Point Bay, but by reason of some dispute with John Jones the surveyor, as this deponent then understood, the said McMillan was not returned for the said lot or to be included in the general grant but that towards the close of that year 1784, he this Deponen,t had in possession of Dougal Thompson the owner of lot number ninety on Oak Points Bay, a grant under the Great Seal of the Province of Nova Scotia to said McMillan of the land lots number eighty nine which grants this Deponent read over with attention and is certain as to the fact: the said Thompson at that time also informed this Deponent that he had brought the said grant from Halifax and had been obliged to advance money for the fees because the said McMillan had not furnished him with sufficient for the purpose -- the said McMillan in the year 1795 (?) came and cleared some land, on which he raised a crop - afterwards being in debt he left the British side and settled on the American side - he is now dead, having been drowned several years since.

This deponent was informed by said McMillan a number of times that he had sold the said lot number eighty nine to John McIntosh and has always understood the same from said McIntosh who for seventeen or eighteen years past has allowed this deponent the privilege of the hay on that lot - and for which priviledge this Deponent has made payments to said McIntosh seasonally when requested. This Deponent further saith that it has been generally understood in the neighborhood for twenty years past that said McIntosh was the proprietor of the said lot number eighty nine by virtue of his purchase from McMillan; and that he this depondent has frequently heard the said Dougal Thompson eighton or nineteen years since, and afterwards, express his intention of purchasing the said lot of said McIntosh if they could agree on therms.

Zebedee Linnekin (signature)

Sworn at St. Andre'w in the
said County of Charlotte first
day of December A.D. 1807