Meeting House Corner Cemetery
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Meeting House Corner Cemetery

St. David Ridge

A Methodist Chapel was built under the direction of Duncan McColl around 1798 approx. 100 metres up the Lindsay Road from the St. David Ridge Road, on the north side of that road. A small cemetery existed here.

Now, only three stones can be found, all fallen over.

To find the cemetery, move up the Lindsay Road until you are opposite the large garage behind the first house. Then go into the woods about 70 feet.

Two stones appear for one person:

1. Broken stone, Jane Vance, age 33

2. Here lies the body of Jane Vance, departed this life March 29, 1800, aged 33 years. This is the second wife of William Vance. He later settled in Milltown, then Upper Mills, and began Baring, ME.

3. Mrs. Sarah How died Dec 12 1800, age 69 years