St. David Parish family histories

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St. David Parish Genealogies

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David Woodcock Genealogy - thanks to Clarence Woodock

Hitchings Family - from Karen Smith Howell

Zebedee Linnekin of Oak Bay - Privateer Loyalist

Mark Scott and Samuel Scott of Tower Hill
Johnstons originally of Sorrel Ridge - some move to St. David - eg. John V. Johnston x Caroline Cook
MEMORIAL OF THE LOYALIST FAMILIES OF WILLIAM MOORE, JOSIAH HITCHINGS AND ROBERT LIVINGSTONE, who Settled in Saint David, New Brunswick, about the year 1785 and Incidentally of Other Families - Compiled by John Elliott Moore Published by: Journal Office, Lewiston, ME 1898 -
MOFFATT'S NOTES -The above has wonderfully detailed material on these families. For their grants, see the maps of 1785 and the crown grant maps.
NOTE: ISAAC COOK and wife SUSANNA DUSTEN get a mention on page 39 but the mention of a daughter RHODA is apparently in error - It should be MARY instead. A view of the house they built is available on the site. The author had the tale of the 'attack' somewhat garbled as well - it was actually the attack on Trenton (Dec. 26, 1776) that Isaac Cook took part in. click here
The Ebenezer Smith Files - Ebenezer Smith arrived in St. David before 1800. Interesting material from Steve Robbins.
The Brown Files - 30 pages of documents on a fascinating family with connections beyond St. David
to Machias, Cooper, etc.. Principally based on James and Green Brown.Thanks to Steve Robbins.
Green Brown Files - descendants - related to St. David and to Meddybemps/Cooper. rtf file | .pdf file - 38 pages - thanks to Steve Robbins
Henry Pollard - Arrived in St. David 1821 -Thanks to Steve Robbins
Calvin Sharman - Arrived in St. David from US before 1800 - Thanks to Steve Robbins
SHARMAN Family Bible image - .pdf one page (Adobe Acrobat)
The Connick Files - Major set of early documents related to Joseph Connick, Thanks to Steve Robbins. Really Good Stuff!!!
Sarah SPRAGUE Genealogy, Oak Bay area, submitted by Warren Hasty 15 May 2000
SPRAGUE Family Databaseoff-site link 24 May 2000
The ARNIE KRAUSE Databases
Krause Genealogy Database
Arnie Krause runs a huge 75,000 name database, which includes quite a number of St. David Parish families. He has done a wonderful job of putting together much information - not complete, mind you, but very impressive. In many cases the subsequent generations can be followed.
Below are some of the early St. David settlers this author has noted:
Peter Christie - an original Cape Ann Association settler
Jessie Christie - son of the above
Sylvester Cottrell - Early settler in St. David
Josiah Hitchings - an original Cape Ann Association settler
Alfred Maxwell - Moores Mills area
Daniel McAllister - Another of the New Boston Cape Ann Association settlers
William Moore - A complex and distinguished family. Includes four important sons, and all their connections
James Perkins - Upper St. David Ridge
Samuel Thomas - Original Cape Ann Association settler, arrived as a teenager
Jacob Young - An important Oak Bay family
No doubt, there are more St. David families in the Krause Database. I notice Thompson among them.