St. David Parish Coordinator - Tom Moffatt

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My name is Tom Moffatt. I think I bring an unusual blend of assistance to the St. David Parish page. The family of my wife Anne Johnston has lived in the same house on Upper St. David Ridge since 1800. I have pursued her ancestors, and a variety of Cape Ann, later American and Irish families ruthlessly'.

"I think it is an asset that I am a former editor of the St. Croix Courier, and in that role assisted with the creation of Journey Through Time, in 1991. It was great fun. Besides that, I know well many of the resources on both sides of the border, and who knows what...Same goes for the Provincial Archives.

We live year-round on Upper St. David. I am presently a communications specialist for the Atlantic Salmon Federation at their international headquarters in Chamcook, an organization deservedly well known.