The Connick Files

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The Connick Files

Moffatt Notes: The Files on this page were researched and originally transcribed by Stephen Robbins in the 1970s, and whatever research rights exist belong to him. His work has been magnificent. He now lives in Georgia. Being rather busy at this time, he would prefer that queries were sent to me rather than to him.

Background: Joseph Connick was a pre-Loyalist, whose children principally settled in St. David and adjacent areas. Many later went to Eureka, Calif.

1768 Agreement of Joseph Connick with James Boyd
Hardwood Isl. owned by Joseph Connick
1802 Will of Joseph Connick
Land Grants in name of Joseph Connick
Connick Probate Records
In All Saints Anglican Records
In McColl (Methodist) Records
In Charlotte County Marriages
In Black's records of Bingham-Baring lands
Samuel Connick of Cooper, ME
Will Connick of Dunham Rd., St. David
Obit. of Amos Connick in Eureka, Calif.
Connicks in 1851 Census of Charlotte Co. (not yet done)
Connicks buried in St. David Heritage Cemetery (opens in new window)
Connicks buried in St. David Ridge Cemetery (opens new window)

Agreement between James Boyd, Joseph Connick and William Cheney, 1768.
Crown Land Office, NB

Reference: 'As Seen By' by Maxwell Vesey, St. Croix Courier, May 17, 1934, St. Stephen, NB

Know all men by these presents that I James Boyd of Newburyport in the County of Essex, New England, Esqr. do Hereby Covenant and agree with Joseph Connick, Fisherman, and William Cheney, Blacksmith, both of town and county aforesaid, in New England, to go with them and their families to le Aterail or Fish Island, so called, in the Bay of Fundy, or Passamaquoddy in Nova Scotia to carry on Husbandry there for me and for their encouragement I promised them ten acres of land to till which they are to cultivate in the best manner and said Connick and Cheney are yearly, for four years from the Date thereof, to cut and make and House sufficient to winter the stock I shall put on, they having one half of the interest & stock. J. Connick and Cheney are to help J. Boyd to Build house or houses for them and families to live in & barns or hovels for the cattle for his transporting them to said island at the expiration of said four years they are to leave the said Boyd the stock he put on with half the increase and growth of the same for the true performance of which we covenant for ourselves and heirs under the penal sum of one Hundred pounds lawful money & hereunto interchanged & set our hands and seals this fourteenth day of March, 1768.

In presence of Nathaniel Knapp, Charles Coffin, James Boyd

Hardwood Island owned by Joseph Connick

Reference: Ganong Manuscript Collection, Shelf 106, Box 22, pkt. 8, pt.17. at New Brunswick Museum, Archives Section.

Typewritten copy of report on "Islands in Passamaquoddy Bay", from Don'd McDonald, Deputy Surveyor, Charlotte County, to George Sproule, Esquire, Surveyor General of the Province of New Brunswick, dated at St. Andrews, 1st Jan. 1806.

p. 16: "In the Reports of these Islands, such as are claimed occupied, or improved are numbered on a sketch annexted, taken from the general Plan, for a more particular description of their situations, Magnitude, etc." [Sketch is not with this manuscript]

p. 17: "No. 8. commonly called Hardwood Island this island is said to have been Licensed, on minutes in Council to one Connick, who gave it in exchange for lands in Saint David to the Stewart family. It is now claimed by one Sergant Stewart, a brother to the William who is resident on Deer Island. There is a few acres partially cleared on the Island by taking off cord-wood on which he is said to cut about a ton of Hay. The Island is unoccupied."

Original Will (1802) of Joseph Connick,
File #F86 at New Brunswick Museum, Archives Section.
Image of the will

In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Connick of the Parish of St. David County of Charlotte & Province New Brunswick, Yeoman; being Very sick in Body but of Perfect Mind & Memory; Thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the mortallity of My body and knowing that is is appointed for all men once to die do make & Ordain this my Last Will & Testament; That is to say Principally and first of all; I give & Recomend my Soul into the hand of Almighty god who gave it; And my Body I Recomend to the Earth to be Buried in a decent Christian burial at the Discretion of my Executors; Nothing doubting but at the General Resurection I shall receive the same again; by the Mighty Power of God.

And as Touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it has Pleased God to Bless me with in this life; I give Demise and dispose of the same in the Following manner and form.

First I give and bequeth to James Connick my son all my cattle, sheep and stock of Every kind which are now on my Farm lot which I have this day given a deed to the above named James Connick in which it is more fully discribed, Also said James Connick has given me & Susanah Connick my wife, a Bond for our maintenance during our life; Also it is my will & desire after my Disease that Susanah Connick my wife shall dispose of her Cloths & Household Furniture to her Children as she thinks Proppor at her death; Also it is my Will and desire That James Connick shall pay or Case to be paid to Sam'l Connick, Thomas Connick, John Connick, William Connick to Each the sum of Twenty Shillings Lawfull Money of this Province to be paid within two years after my disease.

Also to my daughters Elisabeth Connick, Sesley Connick, Margreett Connick, Rebecca Connick, Sarah Connick & Nancey Connick Each the sum of Twenty Shillings Lawful Money of this Province to be Paid within two years after my Disease.

Likewise it is my Will, asoon as Sarah Connick and Nancey are Married that James Connick Shall Furnish Each of them with a Cow; and I do Hereby Utterly disalow Revoke and disanul all and every other Former Testament Will Legieaces Bequqests and Executors by me in aney Wise before Named Willd and bequethed; Rattifying and Confirming This and no Ohter to be my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seall this Twenty fourth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Two.

Joseph X Connick

Signed Sealed Poublished Pronounced and Decleared by the said Joseph Connick as his Last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his presence & the presence of Each Other have hereunto Subscribed our Names.

Robert Moor
Eben. C. Thayer

Charlotte County Land Grants 1785 - 1831, for Joseph Connick
Provincial Archives of NB, Fredericton, NB

Original Grantee,Title of Grant, Parish, Date, Designat, Acres, Quit rent

Cornack, Joseph, Henry Goldsmith, St. David, 6 Jun 1797, 4&5 K, 180, £2 per 100 acres
Connick, Joseph, Tris. Moore & others, St. Andrews, 23 Feb. 1832, 5, 50, £2 per 100 acres

Connicks in Charlotte County Probate Records Index 1785 - 1885,
Prov. Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton.

Cat. No. RJU/Pch/809 Connick, John [1809] Charlotte Co.
RJU/Pch/835 Connick, Samuel [1835] St. Andrews
RJU/Pch/858 Connick, William [1858] St. David.

Connicks in Records of All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews, NB 1787-1961.
Microfilm, Provincial Archives of NB, Fredericton, NB

William Shackford Connick & Mary Hall, m. 15 Nov. 1802
Thos. McLaughlin & Rebecca Connick, m. 25 Apr. 1799
James Cornick & Hannah Moore, m. 19 Dec. 1796
[ - ] Conick & Sarah Linigan, m. 6 Nov. 1805
Samuel Connick 'of Waweig, St. Andrews, buried in his own field', 10 Oct. 1835, age 61

Connicks in Records of McColl Methodist Church, St. Stephen, NB,
Microfilm, Provincial Archives of NB, Frederiction.

John, son of James Connick, b. 18 May 1806 in St. David; bapt. 9 Sept. 1806
Martain, son of James Connick, b. 24 apr. 1804 in St. David; bapt. 12 Aug. 1804
Maria, dau. of James Connick, b. 7 July 1808, in St. David, bapt. 4 Sept. 1808
Ann, daug of James Connick, b. 13 Aug. 1812 in St. David; bapt. 6 Sept. 1812
Lennard, son of James Connick, b. 2 May 1813 in St. David; bapt. 3 Oct. 1813
Elizabeth, dau. of James Connick, b. 22 Aug. 1826 (no place given); bpat. 9 June 1828.
An infant of James Connick, buried 9 June 1828 in New Methodist Chapel Ground
Martha J. Connick & Luke Stevenson, both of Alexander, Me., married 24 Sept. 1892.

Connicks in Charlotte County marriages, Vol. 1, 1806-1839,
microfilm, Prov. Archives of NB, Fredericton, NB

James Redman & Susannah Connick, both of St. Andrews, m. at St. Stephen 8 Sept. 1823
John Connick & Eliza Bartlett, m. at Warweig, 30 Dec. 1825.
Wm. Hastay of St. Stephen, Farmer & Ann Connick of St. David, spinster, m. 20 Dec. 1827.
Thomas Connick & Eliza Hitchings, both of St. Andrews, m. 29 Aug. 1827
Joseph Connick, Blacksmith & Eliza Brown, both of St. David, m. 17 Dec. 1`823; witness Samuel Connick, John Hitchings
Samuel Connick of St. James & Ann Thomas of St. David, m. 4 Aug. 1829.
George Cornish & Eliza Harvey, both of St. Andrews, m. 23 Jan. 1834
James Connick & Eleanor Steen, both of St. Patrick, m. 14 Oct. 1835
Samuel Commack & Mary Creighton, both of St. Patrick, m. 23 Dec. 1837.

Connicks in "Extracts from papers of Col. John Black, agent for Bingham-Baring Proprietors." Original documents are at Black Mansion, Ellsworth, ME. These extracts were made by staff of Maine State Archives, Augusta, Me. about 1983.

From Theodoore Lincoln's return of Actual Settlers on William Bingham's Lands in Washington County: June 3, 1807, Township No. 6 [Baring] William Connick.

Sam Connick was brother of Nancy; lived up in back of 'Aunt May's' [Aunt May's is the David Howe House, Cooper, Me]. His daughter or granddaughter married Seth Geary (see 1881 Atlas of Washington County, towns of Meddybemps and Baring)

Will Connick of Dunham Road

Ref: Conversation with Ralph Pollard, 1975:
Ralph Pollard says that Joshua Randall Pollard, son of Henry Dearborn Pollard at one time worked for a Will Connick who married a Dunham and lived near Tower Hill (probably on the Dunham Road, which runs from Upper Tower Hill towards Honeydale?

Ralph Pollard says that Connicks from Tower Hill went to Eureka, California., as did many others from Tower Hill and area. Ralph says the Connicks he knew 'never spent a penny', but saved much of their money carefully.

Amos H. Connick died at Eureka California April 6, 1921.
Excerpt from Humboldt County (Calif.) Times of Apr. 7, 1921.

"Amos H. Connick was a native of New Brunswick, having come after crossing the Isthmus of Panama from the the town of Baillie [St. James Parish, Charlotte Co.]. in 1860 with his parents. He remained 36 years with Dolber and Carson Co. He was a cousin of John W. Connick, Alisha Connick, G. M. Connick, William McCann and Mrs. H. H. Veene all of Eureka

Amos Connick was born at Baillie, St. James, NB Feb. 22, 1845 the son of Leonard and Carrie Wilson Connick. His paternal grandparents were James and Hannah (Moore) Connick, who are buried at Cook's Cemetery, Moores Mills, NB (St. David Ridge). His maternal grandparents were James and Sarah Wilson, who are buried at St. Thomas Cemetery, Moores Mills, NB.

Amos Connick's will bequeathed over $80,000. He was office manager for Mr. Carson.

Mr. Carson practically built up the town of Eureka. When he died he was worth $20,000,000. He was a native of Elmsville, NB, Canada.