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What's New On-line in St. David Parish


16 Aug 2011

Changed address for Arnie Krause's database on Genealogies page
Added Bill Acheson's article "New Boston to New Brunswick: Anonymous Loyalists in New Hampshire
" to the Cape Ann Association Page

17 Aug 2009
Changed email to
5 Aug 2006
Add .pdf of 1812 Land sale in Mast and Spar Reserve - here
28 July 2006
Christ Church Anglican Records 1811-1861, including marriages, baptisms and burials - here
20 Sep 2002
Old Oak Bay (Anglican) Cemetery - thanks to Marilyn Strout, many, many photos added - here
mid1840s lists of students in 3 St. David Schools - great resource - here
1901 Census for St. David - missing section added - now entirely complete for heads of households. Also connections to National Archives of Canada pages for St. David Census
26 Aug 2002
1901 Census for St. David - Index of Heads of Households by Page Number | Alphabetically
6 May 2002
1843 Tax List for St. David - Last half of list added, making it complete - here
17 March 2002
1871 Census - Index on this site, with original O'Neill/Houle Index and Transcription Link - here
10 March 2002
1831 Tax List for St. David Parish - 300+ names here
1844 Tax List for St. David Parish - 339 names here
13 Aug 2001
1843 Coroner's Inquest into Death of John Barber - from PANB RS509 here
12 Aug 2001
1851 Index to Heads of Households from St. David Census here
Background on post-Loyalist immigration here
Late American Immigrants to St. David 1790 - 1840, arranged by years here
Irish Immigrants to St. David 1810 - 1850, arranged by year here
10 Aug 2001
1843 Tax Assessment List for St. David Parish - but only A to M here
5 Aug 2001
Zebedee Linnekin of Oak Bay - Privateer Loyalist here
1 Aug 2001
Original List of 1785 Cape Ann Settlers here
13 Jan 2001
Mark Scott and Samuel Scott of Tower Hill (note, Mark Scott is father of Leonard) here
30 Dec 2000
Topographic Map of St. David Parish - both .jpg and quality .pdf here
Description of St. David Parish in 1803 here
Descendants of Green Brown here
26 Dec 2000
Leonard Scott's Poems of growing up in St. David in the 1820s. WONDERFUL! here
Ebenezer Smith arrived in St. David before 1800. Interesting material from Steve Robbins - here
24 Dec 2000
The Brown Files - Superb files from Steve Robbins - here
8 Dec 2000
The Connick Files - Excellent - here
Maps tidied up and a couple of bad links corrected
1 Dec 2000
Steve Robbins Photographs here
Maps updated for Cape Ann Grant (includes names) here and for Oak Bay Grants here
World War 1 Volunteers of St. David Parish here
24 Nov. 2000
Full St. David Original Grantee Map - first ever! here
Calvin Sharman Family Bible here
Reworking of Map Page to accept expanded numbers of newly generated maps
22 Nov. 2000
Calvin Sharman genealogy here
Henry Pollard genealogy here
21 Nov. 2000
Vroom Articles on Cape Ann Association here
History Blueberry Growing in the Region here
18 Nov 2000
Geology affecting settlement in St. David Parish here
History of St. David Parish here
Duncan McColl history here
Provisional Grantee List of 1790 here
Penobscot Association Grants on Oak Bay here
17 Nov. 2000
Full list of 1785 grantees alphabetically here
Full list of 1785 grantees by lot number here
List of absentee land owners of 1788 in 4 lists here
Update Genealogy links
Add photo of overlook of Oak Bay here
12 Nov. 2000
.PDF version of Parish map added here
Genealogies - links to various points in the Krause Database for many families here
Changed search engine to here
11 Nov. 2000
St. David Parish Volunteers in US Civil War 1861-65 here
1823 Tax List for St. David - alphabetical listing here
1823 Tax List for St. David - SIZE of assessment here
Cape Ann original list 1785 here
Penobscot Assoc. Grants in Oak Bay area 1784 here
10 Nov. 2000
Photos added to Cemeteries, and to 'Parish Tour' here
Electors of St. David for 1867 list added here
1805 Parish of St. David Officers added here
8 Nov 2000
Navigation bar added to tops of all pages
Transcription and notes of St. David Ridge Cemetery here
Photos of cemeteries added here
Photo-tour of St. David Parish added here
5 Nov 2000
Created new St. David base map via Adobe Illustrator. JPG version in place. Will use in future for other purposes on site
4 Nov 2000
Tom Moffatt new coordinator.
Graphics reworked to load faster
Changes in style
08 Sep 2000 
Population Schedules (Census Page) for 1824-1941
15 Jul 2000 
Driving directions to Oak Bay Church of England Cemetery - courtesy of Eric Cottrell (GPS & All!)
24 May 2000
Sarah Sprague Genealogy
12 May 2000        
We moved to our own space on RootsWeb Server
Added a description of Parishes with links
Added Lovell's 1871 Directory of St. David residents
Guide to Genealogy in Charlotte County
Added a What's New Page
15 Apr 2000         
Directions to Upper St. David Ridge Cemetery
Off-site link to Land Purchases in St. David 1812-1813
Off-site link to WHIRTY Family Genealogy
1 Mar 2000
Lookup links for 1851 Census
20 Jan 2000
Added a listing for Honeydale Pentecostal Church
24 Dec 1999:      
Parish Map Added   -courtesy of Arnie Krause
Village Listings
12 Dec 1999
Oak Bay Church of England Cemetery transcription
2 Dec 1999
Upper St. David Ridge Cemetery transcription
1 Nov 1999
Created these pages!
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