1797 to 1804 State of the Settlement

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Cape Ann Association

State of the Settlement

At some time between 1797 and 1804 (possibly closer to the first date), an appraisal was made of the success of the settlement of St. David, more particularly the Cape Ann grant lands.

SOURCE: I believe this document is from the NB Provincial Archives, but my copy came through Philip Christie of Lynnfield, Charlotte Co., and I believe he obtained it from Roger Nason.

DETAILS: The document gives some details, lot by lot, of the improvements made. In some cases it does give the extent of those improvements.

List arranged alphabetically by name
List arranged sequentially by Lot number
Descriptive Section of Report (and extra settlers)

One item of note is that five new lots of land were made available within the Cape Ann Grant, the lot numbers A, B, C, D, & E in Block Letter B. See the map for location, but essentially these are on the western edge of St. David, near Moores Lake and Moores Mills.

Description - from the Report:

In addition the report had a general description of conditions, and the success of some named farmers in the lands SOUTH of the original Cape Ann Grant, in what had been the Admiralty Mast & Spar reserve. Those comments are below:

"These are all the improvements on what is called the Cap Ann Grant.

The vacant and unsettled parts of the said grant is partly of a very poor quality not very capable of cultivation and dificult to improve.

The general description of the grant from the best intelligence is that the Blocks Letters A.F.R.K.G.P.Y.H.Q.Z in Fannings Division is of the above description Poor.

That the Bock Lettered F.O.X.E.N.W.D.M.V.C.L.T. and part of S in the said Fannings Division is good.

That the Block lettered Z.Y.W.T.G.H.P.M and part of S in Wentworth Division is Poor and that the rest of the said Wentworth Division is of a good quality.

There are besides the above stated settlements other large settlements in this District in the Reserved Lands numbered two by the Surveyor General of Woods between the Cap Cann Grant and the rear of the Mill priledge granted to Colin Campbell, William Gallop and Ths. Wyer Esq. and the other Lots granted on that side of Oak Bay; to wit a Lot whereon 40 or 50 acres is cleared lately by William Vance Esq. for several hundred Dollars.

A lot occupied by a John Humphrey whereon he has cleared about 40 acres;

A Lot occupied and improved to the same extent by a James Smith.

A Lot occupied and equally improved by a Samuel Thomas.

A Lot occupied and improved to the extent of about 40 acres by Andrew Clindinin.

A lot improved to the extent of 10 acres and occupied by David Clindinin.

A lot newly settled on by David Keizer

Another lot sold by William Vance Esq. for several more hundred Dollars to a John Berry on which there is 75 or 80 acres cleared.

The above settlement, as well as those in grant have in general comfortable framed dwelling houses, large barns and well stocked.