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Items in the list below have been collected to aid Queens County researchers. It is hoped you will find what you need on it. Some of these items are cross referenced to two or more topics.
Please read the first section - Begin Here - I am sure at least some of your questions may be answered there.
Begin Here - Searching In New Brunswick - Have a Question?
  • How to start  searching the Internet for New Brunswick Records |
  • Files to help people find data in NB |
  • Tips From A Genealogist |
  • Frequently Asked Question |
  • Help Put Data Online  | add something from your data to the Message Boards, or donate to your favourite site. A few clues might be a great help to someone else, plus might put you in contact with others researching your line(s).
  • Family Relationship Chart  | see Northumberland County GenWeb site
Biographies & Families
  • Beginnings | A collection of first settlers of given surnames in NB, pre-Loyalist; Loyalist; and post Loyalist settlers
  • NB GenLinks | check out the Surname; All Family Sites; and Family Database Surname Index sections
  • Malcolm's Place | Barnett, Belyea and Dixon (of Hampstead and Petersville Parishes)
  • The McKinneys Of Summer Hill And Their Neighbors (Contains many cemetery records for the area) Dave McKinney
  • Queens County Families: Brown, Crawford & Cole (of Hampstead, Wickham & Johnston Parishes); Dykeman & Hawkhurst (of Queens Co & Saint John, NB) Jeff Thompson
  • E. Stone Wiggins | A Queen's County native (b. 4 Dec 1839), and his efforts at storm prediction. by John D. Reid, Ottawa. (See Mr. Reid's Home Page for more weather related articles.) Mr. Wiggins is perhaps more widely known, to genealogists, as the author of "Queens County History"
  • Families | Base Gagetown Community Histroy Association family files.
Cemeteries & Memorials
Census Records
Church Records
Historical & Genealogical Societies
  • New Brunswick Genealogical Society (NBGS) |
  • The Queens County Historical Association |
  • Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes |
  • Base Gagetown Community History Association | their official site - contains a page for all the communities within what is now Base Gagetown Military Base, with links to much information about the area and the people who once lived there.
  • Base Gagetown Community History Association | their data site, and ever growing collection of materials pretaining to the areas now within Base Gagetown, such items as: Maps, School records, Church records, newspaper clippings, and individual and family histories and biographies - etc.
History of Queens County
Land Records
Maps & Localities - Queens County
Places to Go - Links
    This site has turned over the primary responsibility of collecting and gathering links for New Brunswick sources, to the capable hands of Todd Gilbert and his site, NB GenLinks. (Most links now found on this site will be those found within the site itself, or on one of my other four sites, and occasionally on the other GenWeb sites.)  When using NB GenLinks, be sure to check out the various topic files, as well as the new County files. (Gradually he will be picking up individual topics from numerous sites to make it easier for surfers to find what they are looking for. This approach has freed me to concentrate on gathering additional data and help files.)
  • New Brunswick Publications | A bibliography of NB related books useful for Family History
  • Newspaper Clippings | births, marriages & deaths - many relating to Queens County residents, ca. 1940s to present
  • Cusack, Ruby M.is a genealogy buff living in Saint John, who has a genealogy column, in "The Good Life", in the Evening Times-Globe.Send your genealogical queries to her at: 47 Jean Street, Saint John, N.B. E2J 1J8. Or E-mail her at rmcusack@nbnet.nb.ca (please put Yesteryear Families in the subject line). Visit her Web site at personal.nbnet.nb.ca/rmcusack/ to view archival columns.
  • Vital Statistics From New Brunswick Newspapers is a series of books published by  Daniel F. Johnson, of Saint John. They cover the province from the first newspaper published here in 1784 to well into the 1880 (to date), and are still continuing. He has added a search feature, well worth looking into. See the excellent write up about this project by the Carleton County GenWeb Co-ordinator O. Whitehouse.
  • Provincial Archives of New Brunswick | For County guides & various collections (due to updates this list may not be complete)
    • PANB - For online searches of NB County Registry of Births to 1901 |
    • PANB - For online searches of NB Registry of Marriages 1882-1901 | and beyond
    • PANB - Irish Famine Migration To New Brunswick |
    • PANB - Guide to Family Histories at the Provincial Archives |
    • PANB - Guide To Biographies at the Provincial Archives |
    • PANB - Hutchinson name directory for 1865-1866
    • PANB - Hutchinson name directory for 1867 - 1868
    • PANB - Lovell name directory for 1871
  • Phone Links to New Brunswick NB-Tel's Power Pages Web Site phone listings  (updated ever twelve hours)
Probate Records - Wills
  • An introduction to Probate Records |
  • Probate Records - An Index for Queens County |
  • Misc. Wills for Queens County Residents - will be entered on the Queens County Message Board - under the Wills Clasification. Please add any you might have copies of.
Professional Help
Some have asked for recommendations to Professional Researchers. These link tells where a list may be located for NB. I do not recommend anyone in particular. Check with one or more from the list and see who most closely meets your need. (Some items to check for are: expected cost involved, time it will take to do your research, and what type of report can you expect to receive from them - i.e. photocopies, fully documented, etc. For best results, please be sure you list the sources you have already used for NB.)
Queries and Misc. Data
Please take note of (and read at least once BEFORE you make your first post) the brief instructions for this Board, under "Links and Announcements" found near the top of the Message Board. There is also few help links on the footer banner of the page as well. 
The few rules and tips are intended to help you make an entry that will ensure the best results. One of the prime directives is to write your message in a way that people will stop and read it. This usually involves using names of people or places in the subject line (Not "Help needed", "Looking for great grandpa", etc.) The use of upper and lower case letters is the way most people are used to reading. They often ignore entries that are not written in this manner.
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