History of Queens County, New Brunswick
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New Brunswick - Canada

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Queens County New Brunswick
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                        Queens County is encircled by Sunbury, Kent, Westmorland, Kings and Charlotte Counties. The shire town is Gagetown, situated on the Saint John River, which flows across the county cutting it into close to two equal parts lengthwise, although the east end fans out, so contains a much larger land mass.

                    A large chunk of its land on the west side of the Saint John River, has been taken over by the federal government for a military base, Base Gagetown. (see newspaper items) There are no cities in Queens County, and most of its lands are rural. There are a few town and villages, and a brief description of these will be added as they can be gathered. (Help appreciated.)

                    There is a very active Historical Society in Queens County, at Gagetown, and they have been responsible for cataloging many of the cemeteries, especially those east of the Saint John River. Their cemetery findings (as well as other collections) are in the Queens County Museum Archival Collection, now located at our Court House Museum.  A set was also prepared for the Provincial Archives.

                       A newer organization was formed in recent years, which directs its efforts towards collecting all possible history and genealogy of the families that once inhabited the area expropriated by the federal government to allow the formation of Base Gagetown. See Base Gagetown Community History Association and Base Gagetown Community History Association

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