Piskahegan Cemeteries 1800-1902c


The Piskahegan cemeteries are barely remembered by anyone. The terrain has been farmed, lumbered, and is now unfortunately either bulldozed or overgrown. In order to indicate and describe the area, location and  history, the following is quoted Courtesy of Col. Bob DALLISON and “The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project”, nbmhp@unb.ca :

Piskahegan Blockhouse
Piskahegan, near Pomeroy Bridge on Highway #770
In the 1790s, a road with strategic importance was built between Fredericton and St Andrews, passing through Tracey - Piskahegan - Pleasant Ridge - Rolling Dam. In the War of 1812, to protect this important line of communications, a military blockhouse was built at Piskahegan, 32 miles from St Andrews and 43 miles from Fredericton. The blockhouse was constructed at the end of the Pomeroy Bridge, on the east bank of the Magaguadavic River, south of the road, on a little hill with a commanding view of the surrounding area. It was completed on June 18th, 1812. There was a formal inspection of the site conducted on 21 November 21 1814. The properties of early settlers by the names of Daniel Lee, Charles Cox, Mary Ann Pomeroy and Alexander F. Milne bordered the Blockhouse. George Von Gereau lived across the river from it. Local history says that blacksmith David Stewart set up business in the area to service the needs of the blockhouse garrison. The blockhouse stood for several years after 1814


      Resulting from the interest of St. George area residents: Anita (Spinney) GREARSON, Josephine (Gillmor) CORNING, Mary (Frost) THORNE, Sydney VARNER, Hank MERCHANT, and myself, the following listing has been compiled.  This has been done the best we can - from local oral history, and some handwritten notes of many years ago. It is regretted that some facts are lacking ,and are shown as “c”- meaning about!


      There were three locations where burials were completed in those old and difficult years. What few Grave markers & Headstones there were - are no longer evident. All sites were on the East side of the Magaguadavic River and were near the small tributaries - Piskahegan & Kedron. One site was near the Pomeroy Bridge on GILLMOR land, near the location of the old Blockhouse. The next handiest one was about half a mile away and was called the  Kedron or Graveyard Pool” burial ground. The other one was further to the East and was termed the Corning Field, located on the old Jim KINNEY Place, near Mount Pleasant.


      Up to this point in time, a listing of the GILLMOR family members buried near       Pomeroy Bridge and the old Blockhouse site,  has not been possible.


      Those interred at the Kedron/Graveyard Pool site are:

            Daniel LEE Sr., 1754-1818c.  & wife Martha, 1764-1812c.

            Daniel LEE Jr,1794c.-23 Jun 1874 & wife Abigail,1805c.-6 Nov. 1860.

            James  LEE, 1789-1885c. & wife.




















Kedron/Graveyard Pool site -  photo credit: Hank MERCHANT, 2005. Bethel, Charlotte Co., N.B.




The interments at the Corning Field include:


            Albion CORNING,  d. bef. 1900 -  was marked by a red stone.

            Celia Mary CORNING, 1885-1901.

            David CORNING, 21 Dec 1803- aft. June 1901.

            Josiah True CORNING, 1840-10 Feb 1900.

            Nancy Ann CORNING, 31 Oct 1811-21 Dec 1896.

            Phoebe CORNING, 1851-1878.


            Cynthia V. MUNSON, 19 Oct 1865-22 Dec 1867.

            Daniel MUNSON, 21 Dec 1824-7 July 1896.

            Daniel MUNSON, 1862-1868.          

            David J. MUNSON, 19 May 1862-30 Sept 1863.

            David MUNSON, 1862-1896.


            Margaret SPINNEY, 4 May 1869 - June 1874.



Compiled by Calvin Lee CRAIG,

Bonny River, New Brunswick,

Canada. 18 Feb. 2008.






 copywrite Charlene Beney 2008

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