L'Etete Cemetery, St. George, NB
January 18, 2010

Ward Dick Obituary

Viola Tucker Obituary

Joseph Presley Leslie

Purcell Edison Tucker

Roberta Muriel Dick

John (Jack) Arthur Stuart Reid

Bernard Tucker

Effie Emma (Worcester) Matthews

Lot:1:1. TUCKER-Bernard H-1932-1979/Pauline F. 1937-
Lot:1:2. Bernard

Lot:2:1. TUCKER-Purcell E.-Feb 7, 1905-Jan 11, 1992---His Wife---Annie B. INGALLS-Dec 13           1904-Apr 18, 1993

Lot:3:1.  MATTHEWS-Stewart L.-1908-1984---His Wife---Kathleen TUCKER-1910

Lot:4:1.  DICK/Husband/Harold Leslie-June 1900-July 1979--Son of Frank and Levenia
             Wife--Inez Bernice--May 1902-June 1984--Daughter of Gordon and Elizabeth TUCKER

             Parents of Richard Gary- Aug 1934    Franklin Gordon Jan 1937-   Judith Dawn TAPLIN July 1938-Nov 1991
Lot:4:2.  Harold
Lot:4:3.  Inez
Lot:4:4.  Judith Dawn TAPLIN
(This lot was surrounded by a white fence which has been removed)


Lot:5:1.  HAGGERTY  1904 Robert J 1970---His Wife--- 1907  Doris H
             Their daughter--1948  Roberta J  1952 (Masonic Emblem)
Lot:5:2.  Robert T--1904-1970

Lot:6:1.  MATTHEWS--Roland-1894-1966--His Wife--Effie E--1896-1987
Lot:6:2.  Roland

Lot:7:1.  MURPHY--Joseph-1852-1930--His Wife--Dorcus MURPHY-1858-1939

             HARRIS W Harry-1881-1969--His Wife--Myrtle MURPHY-1877-1970
Lot:7:2.  Myrtle
Lot:7:3.  Harry

Lot:8:1.  LESLIE--1899 Joseph P 1980--His Wife--1905  Amelia B  1947
Lot:8:2.  Amelia
Lot:8:3.  Joseph

Lot:9:1.  WILLIAMSON--Ernest F--Sept. 18 1867-Sept 30 1950--His Wife--Myra--Jan 19 1872-Mar 2 1959
Lot:9:2.  1895 Forrest E 1990--His Wife--1900 Carrie L 1981--Their sons-Fraser & Edward WILLIAMSON

Lot:10:1. SMALL--1906  John J  1994--His Wife--1915 June E MARTIN 1994
Lot:10:2. Sgt John J SMALL--1908-1994--RCDN Reg-C.A.
Lot:10:3. Mom

Lot:11:1. In Memory of William J TUCKER--Died June 20 1909-Aged 68 yrs.
              Frances HOLMES--His Wife--1850-1931

Lt. Side
              In Memory Of Stephen HOLMES-Died Mar 11 1888-Age 77 yrs--Elizabeth his wife--Died Sept 23 1905-Age 86
Rt. Side
              In Memory of Theresa May TUCKER-Died Mar 17 1912-Aged 17 years

Lot:12:1. TUCKER-Gordon H-1869-1959/ Elizabeth (NESBITT)-1874-1950
Lot:12:2. White wooden cross-Gordon H
Lot:12:3. White wooden cross-Elizabeth V
Lot:12:4. (Leaning against back of above stone) In memory of (?albt) TUCKER-Drowned in L'Etete Passage-July 3 1883

Lot:13:1. MATTHEWS-Lewis-1854-1900/His wife Mary E-1869-1933/Their dau Edith S-1893-1915/ Their son Carroll-1900-1956/Stillman I 1894-1976/Myrtle-1908-1993

Lot:14:1. HOOPER/ 1883 Peter E 1970/ His wife- 1887 Lulu 1972/ Their daughter- 1907 Esther I 1929

Lot:15:1. MATTHEWS/ Nevin W 1889-1967/ His wife Verna M 1898-   /Hilbert P 1932-1942
Lot:15:2. Nevin W 1889-1967
Lot:15:3. MATTHEWS-Warren 1900-1918
Lot:15:4. Warren S MATTHEWS    1900-1918
Lot:15:5. Hilbert P 1932-1942

Lot:16:1. TUCKER-Almira TUCKER died Feb. 25 1921-aged 47 years/ Lizzie M died April 22 1915-aged 16 yrs 7 mos
Lot:16:1. Lizzie M

Lot:17:1. TUCKER/ Victor Alexander-born May 24 1900--died Aug 5 1908/ Mildred-born June 28 1902--died Sept 5 1902
Lot:17:2. Murray B TUCKER-Oct 8 1905-July 22 1944

Lot:18:1. Walis MATTHEWS-born Sept 1 1853-died April 29 1910-aged 57 years/His wife Selvesta J-born Apr 9 1859-died April 7 1935

Lot:19:1. Thomas E TUCKER-Nov 13 1868-Apr 13 1936

Lot:20:1. Elizabeth R RATTRAY-1945-1947/Daughter of Alex and Eileen
Lot:20:2. Addison G MATTHEWS-1859-1932/His wife Emma J-1863-1944/Their child Zelma 1899-1911

Lot:21:1. Mary E TUCKER    Apr 12 1878-May 25 1954

Lot:22:1. WENTWORTH Wilson R-1865-1932/ His wife Laura P-1869-1922
Lot:22:2. A COOK
Lot:22:3. Willie
Lot:22:4. Wilson
Lot:22:5. S Holmes
Lot:22:6. Laura

Lot:23:1. McMAHON Nevin W 1863-1938    Elila M 1868-1943    Thadd W 1901-1918

Lot:24:1. TUCKER-Wesley A 1899-1968/ His wife Myrtle M 1909-1996

Lot:25:1. McNICHOL-Vernon S 1892-1963    Hilda B 1896-
Lot:25:2. Vernon

Lot:26:1. In loving memory Hazen SIMPSON 1902-1930/ Hazen Jr. age 3 weeks/ Lillian Joyce age 17 mos

Lot:27:1. John C. MATTHEWS 1895-1959 Served overseas with 44th Battalion 1918-1919/ Mae V his wife 1899-1976

Lot:28:1. LELAND

Rt. Side
              Andrew W born Feb 28 1892/Died Nov 14 1907/ Maggie W born Dec 25 1897 died Mar 30 1910/John E born Jan 20 1901 died Mar 23 1917
               Bessie C daughter of Charles and Jeanetta LELAND born May 14 1882-died May 29 1899/ William M Jan 30 1888    Feb 23 1961
Lt. Side
               Charles R born Feb 7 1864    died May 19 1917/ Jeanetta born Mar 23 1893 died Feb 14 1924
Lot:28:2. Jennie
Lot:28:3. Mother
Lot:28:4. Father

Lot:29:1. Peter McMAHON 1839-1913/ His wife Catherine Tower 1848-1901/ H Gertrude 1884-1934/ Andrew J 1872-1948/ Alice M 1869-1947

Lot:30:1. Richard Peek KEY son of John B & Eliza A. KEY of Tavistock, England-b. July 14, 1867-d. Sept 10-aged 9 wks 2 dys (broken)

Lot:31:2. M.W.

Lot:32:1. Infant Daughter of James & Eliza McLEAN
Lot:32:2. Little Ethel
Lot:32:3. In Memory of Archibald McLEAN-died 1843-aged 8 weeks
Lot:32:4. A. McL
Lot:32:5. In Memory Of John McLEAN who was drowned March 4 1848 Aged 14 years
Lot:32:6. J. McL
Lot:32:7. Ann McLEAN died Sept 7 1884 Aged 83 Years

Lot:33:1. Joseph McGEE-1830-1902
Lot:33:2. In memory of Mary wife of Joseph McGEE-died Dec 15 1884-Aged 52 years &8 mos

Lot:34:1. In Memory of William McLEAN-died Apr 16th 1860-Aged 60 years
Lot:34:2. W. McL.
Lot:34:3.  In Memory of William died Oct 13th 1867-aged 31 years

Lot:35:1. In memory of Neil McNICHOL-died 7th Feb 1844-Aged 104 years-Of the 42nd Highlanders/ Also William died-11th Jan 1827-Aged 20 years/ Sarah died 5th April 1830-Aged 21 years/ and Martha died 10th July 1831-Aged 18 years [Children of the above]

Lot:36:1. HOOPER-Aaron E 1861-1909/ Emily his wife 1870-1957/ Weltha C 1895-1906/ Enid E 1905-1907

Lot:37:1. CHUBB-George CHUBB 1840-1930/ his wife Alice A 1845-1934

Lot:38:1. In Memory of Gilbert son of E & T MATHEWS-drowned in L'Etete Passage July 3 1837-Aged 11 years

Lot:39:1. Enoch MATHEWS died Oct 16 1887-AE 84 years/ His wife Sarah died Dec 19 1878-AE 68 years/ MATHEWS

Lt. Side
                Luther died Aug 26 1887-AE 59 years/ Gilbert died Oct 11 1887-AE 50 years/ William J died 1868-AE 21 years/Children of  Enoch & Sarah MATHEWS
Lot:39:2. G.M.

Lot:40:1. Joseph M MATTHEWS-1858-1895

Lot:41:1. In memory of Genestia Olive PEARSON/ Her mother Josephine Elestria born Apr 21 1852-died May 22 1892/ Her brother George Lymond PEARSON

Lot:42:1. Alexander McKENZIE born Jany 18 1863-died Mch 17, 1916

Lot:43:1. Dennis J. HOYT-Aged 71-died Oct 31 1896/ His wife Anne McLEAN-1862-1914

Lt. Side
                John HOYT-aged 17-died in Havana June 27 1867

Lot:44:1. Judson MATTHEWS born Mar 2 1863-died Sept 24 1906/ His wife Malinda A-1866-1935/ MATTHEWS

Rt. Side
                Cora M-1887-1958
Lot:44:2. Judson
Lot:44:3. Melinda
Lot:44:4. Cora

Lot:45:1. TUCKER-Edward 1893-1974/ His wife Lena 1897-1986
Lot:45:2. Phyllis E LEAVITT 1920-1952
Lot:45:3. Elizabeth LEAVITT 1871-1959
Lot:45:4. W J LEAVITT 1867-1957
Lot:45:5. Murray LEAVITT 1899-1904

Lot:46:1. MacNICHOL-Medford C 1886-1961/ His wife Grace B 1895-1966
Lot:46:2. STEWART E Clayton 1910-       /His wife Freeda J 1913-1962
Lot:46:3. Medford
Lot:46:4. Freeda

Lot:47:1. MacNICHOL In loving Memory of Elgin MacNICHOL 1859-1929/ His wife Amanda J 1859-1922

                Mason W 1884-1892/ Cornelius A 1894-1908

Lot:48:1. John McNICHOL son of John and Jane McNICHOL died June 20 1865 AE 35 years (Elogy)
Lot:48:2. J McN

Lot:49:1. MATTHEWS-Myrtle P-1876-1910/ Dau Ada-1897-1912
Lot:49:2. Myrtle
Lot:49:3. Ada M
Lot:49:4. (Metal plaque) Allan F MATTHEWS-1926-1937

Lot:50:1. Eliza McLEAN wife of James McLEAN- b. Oct 1 1840-d. Nov 2 1892

                Lieut/ Stella McLEAN-b. Mar 6 1872-d. Sept 25 1892

Lot:51:1. SIMPSON-Melvin L SIMPSON 1876-1946/ His wives-Edith M 1876-1899/Lillian M
                1880-1918/ Infant Children died 1916

Lot:52:1. In Memory of Ada M MATTHEWS died Jan 14 1896-AE 16 Yrs 3 Mos/ Only daughter of Enoch and Lizzie J MATTHEWS

Lt. Side
                Lizzie J MATTHEWS born Jan 3 1845 died July 19 1929
Rt. Side
                Enoch MATTHEWS born Apr 12 1835 died Apr 2 1911

Lot:53:1. Eunice L MATTHEWS 1924-1930

Lot:54:1. DICK In Memory of Samuel DICK born Oct 13 1832 died Mar 10 1903
                His Wife Augusta A born Nov 2 1834 Died Oct 5 1920
Lot:54:2. In Memory Of Isaac DICK born Sept 21 1860 died June 22 1939
                Lilla G DICK 18-- 1945

                Thomas W born Oct 10 1858 died Jan 19 1931
Lot:54:3. DICK
                James H Dick died at Calgary Alberta Nov 21 1926-Aged 20 yrs 8 mos 23 dys
                Baby Girl-June 24 1916-July 4 1916
Lot:54:4. DICK In Memory of Frank L DICK July 1862-June 1942
                His Wife Vernie Caroline Dec 1873-Nov 1959
                Vivian Cornelia DICK Aug 13 1902-April 13 1974
Lot:54:5. Vernie C
Lot:54:6. Father
Lot:54:7. Dr. Marion A Dick/ Gardiner, Maine-1896/Served with the CDN Army Medical Corps 1917-1923 Saint John, NB/ NB Military Hosp Fredericton & D.S.C.R. Hosp West Saint John/ Married to Dr. J. Francis SMITH/Waterloo Iowa-1896/ Philadelphia PA-1949/ Buried in West Saint John Episcopal Cemetery/ Enlisted in Royal Canadian Regiment August 1914/ Served in the trenches in France until 1918 as Lieutenant/Lost his sight from gas in 1918/ He was decorated by King George VI after World War II for service as Head of the CDN Branch of the British War Relief Fund in Philadelphia .
Obits for L'Etete Community Cemetery
Ward Gilbert DICK

Viola Tucker

Joseph P. Leslie

Purcell Edison Tucker

Roberta Muriel Dick

John (Jack) Arthur Stuart Reid

Bernard Tucker

Effie Emma (Worcester) Matthews

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