Private Burial Plots, St. George NB
In and around St. George, NB

The private burial plots scattered around St. George, NB as compiled by the late Llewllyn Spinney and his daughter and the late Helen Leland and her daughter Nellie Leland.

Donated by Anita Grearson.

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Updated October 4, 2013


We begin in Letete, NB and follow Highway #772 up through Mascarene, Caithness to St. George, NB.

  1. In Letete on the shore near the Frazier Beach, on the old Hoyt homestead is a marble slab inscribed; Dennis HOIT [Hoyt] died March 6th 1859.
  2. The MACNICHOL burying ground [right side of the road as you leave Letete] Corporal Neil MACNICHOL of the 42 Highlanders Black Watch 1740-1844. Born in Scotland and Fought in the Plains of Abraham at the age of 19. He had 13 children. Gravestone is marked with a scotch thistle.
  3. Farther up the road on the left side, across from Eugene MACNICHOL'S place are the graves of two CATHRO children, Peter CATHRO built the MACNICHOL house about 1850, and called it the Flower of Dundee.

  4. On the same side of the road, about 200 yards north of the CATHRO'S graves [near Joe HUNT'S] was a DICK cemetery. All the old DICK'S who first came here were buried here, beginning with;

    John DICK and his wife Jeanie.

    Alex DICK son of John and Jeanie DICK--Died Aug 1st 1870 Age 84

    Jane DEWAR DICK--His wife

    Elizabeth, wife of John MAHANEY and

    Daughter of Alex and Jane DICK--Died 27th July 1850 Aged 24

    James DICK--Born 1865--Died 1877

    Sarah DICK--Born 1867--Died 1886

    No stones for the following;

    Hugh and Mary Ann [CAMERON] DICK and 2 daughters

    Thad DICK, his wife Edith MATTHEWS--died at the age of 101 years [buried in Deer Island]

    Lillian MAXWELL, oldest daughter of John and Elizabeth [DICK] MAXWELL

    Edward DICK brother of Thad

    Baby Boy of Matthew and Edna {DICK] MITCHELL--died 1918


    Two Baby Boys, sons of Forrest and Carrie [HOOPER] WILLIAMSON were the last ones buried here.

    A little farther up the road, on the left, in George MCVICAR'S field. Property now owned by Jack and Evelyn [HOYT] HARTLEY, a grand-daughter of George.
#1. Catherine M. THOMPSON--Died 29th Aug. 1890 Age 66 [erected by Robert RAY]

#2. [A] Archibald MCDIARMID--Died 9th Aug 1872 Age 59

#2. [B] Jane MCDIARMID--Died 9th Aug 1871 Age 25

#2. [C] Mary Ann-Wife of Archibald MCDIARMID--Died 11 Nov 1853 Age 33

#2. [D] Alice--wife of S.W. DICK, daughter of Archibald and Mary MCDIARMID

#3. [A] Peter G. MCVICAR--Died 14th Oct. 1869 Age 33

#3. [B] Brother George MCVICAR--Died 14th Oct. 1869 Age 39

Both drowned in the Saxby Gale

#3. [C] Catherine MCVICAR--Wife of Peter--Died Apr. 1871 Age 30

#4. Margaret HENDERSON--Died 1st Jan. 1905 Age 94

#5. Anna J. MCVICAR--Died 27th Oct. 1872--Aged 3

#6. Nevin MCVICAR--Died 16th Mar 1871 Age 13

Both children of Angus and Sarah [DRAPER] MCVICAR

#7. [A] Angus MCVICAR 1833--1916

#7. [B] Wife Sarah Wilena DRAPER 1838--1917

#7. [C] Son William D. MCVICAR 1862--1897

#8. [A] George T. MCVICAR--Born 9th Oct. 1876--Died 20th Jan 1945

#8.[B] Wife Alda D. MATTHEWS--Born 24th ? 1881--died 5th Jan 1960

#8. [C] Their Son Tpr. Ronald R.--Born 28th Aug. 1919--Killed 4th Sept 1944

Small stone same lot--Ronald R. MCVICAR 8th P/N B Hussars, Killed in Action in Italy 4th Sept. 1944

Also buried here but no stones;

Nevin MCVICAR Born--1742 in Argyshire, Scotland--Died 1823 in Mascarene, NB

His wife Lydia COUSINS from Penobscot, ME

Nevin MCVICAR--Born 1782--Drowned 1838

His wife Elizabeth LOW--Born 1801

Children of George and Alda MCVICAR

Nevin--died 13th Oct. 1913


Gertrude--Born 1905 [And her baby girl]

Enoch--Died 7th Jan 1957

Mary [MCVICAR] THOMPSON --wife of Ebenezer THOMPSON--[died, leaving a family of small children, Margaret HENDERSON helped bring them up]

Daughter Catherine THOMPSON--Died 29th Aug 1890

#5. On the same side farther along the road at Clarke's Point [now owned by the MACDOUGALLS] are several unmarked graves probably THOMPSONS.

#6. On the same side [Above Lawrence MATTHEWS] is the Baptist cemetery, the old church was torn down. The first ones buried here were Amanda and Josephine CLARKE. One of our early doctors is buried here, Dr. Thomas DICK--1840--1919. See notes on Mascarene Baptist Cemetery for the rest of the people.

#7. Next lot above the cemetery on the same side of the road there are the two graves on the BARRET place, probably MCFARLANES.

#8. Farther up the road, then turn left down a driveway towards the Passamaquoddy [HILLYARD] Beach is the LOW Cemetery. The LOW house was near the beach below the cemetery.

#1. Mabry LEONARD--Age 32--Wife Flora [LOW]--age 74 [They were married 16th Nov. 1878]

#2. Robert LEONARD--Age 4--No dates

#3. Allen STEWART--1854-1925/ wife Jane [ROIX] STEWART 1854-1903

[Allen was the grandfather of Cecil LELAND, Everett, Clyde, Andrew, and Milton STEWART. He was the last one buried there.]

#4. Will GREEN--Died 6th March 1876--Age 72

#5. Rev. James WALKER--born in Edinburgh, Scotland.--Left there in 1823, he was a Baptist Minister.--Died Jan 6th 1878 Age 90 years 10 mos. [Glen Leland related that he fought in the Battle of Trafalgar as a ship's surgeon on one of Nelson's fleet]

Wife Flora [LOW] WALKER--1784-21st July 1867 [She too left Scotland in 1823]

#6. George LOW-1791-1875 Age 84

#7. John W. LOW-died at Boston MA--26th Aug 1901-Age 55

#8. Robert LOW--1810--1868 Age 53/ His Wife Christina 1817--1897 age 82

#10. Nancy [WALKER] STEWART--Died 4th Dec 1894 age 71/ Wife of Stephen STEWART

#9. Further along on the same side of the road in Colin MCVICAR'S field, no stone probably MCVICAR'S.

#10. Continue up the road and turn left on a side road and go down to the CAMERON Beach---CAMERON children buried there. In 1838 Mrs. Peter CAMERON watched 5 people drown and couldn't help them. They were MCVICAR men and Hector LELAND, a CAMERON man got to shore.

#11. Farther along this road at Big Head [mouth of the Magaguadavic River] is the MCDIARMID Field. There is a 30/40 foot square cemetery, only broken stones and mounds. Arch MCDIARMID buried here--Died 5th Mar 1841 Age 82--He came from Perthshire, Scotland about 1800. More of his family is buried here.

#12. Down the same road near MCLEOD'S Bridge is the CURRIE Field. Mrs. CURRIE was a HENDERSON and they are buried here.

#13. Back on the main road across from Alfred DEVEAU'S was the BETSY MA. Cemetery. Betsy GREIRSON married Andrew ROURKE. She was a mid-wife. There were quite a few graves there only marked with tiger lilies. The last one buried there was Betsy ROURKE. She was living with her sister Emma CHRISTIE prior to her death, but died in Saint John, NB. Possibly some other ROURKE'S buried here too.

#14. Next one is in the HENDERSON Field on the right side of the road on land now owned by Randall LEEMAN. George HENDERSON who drowned in the Saxby gale is buried here as well as other HENDERSONS.

#15. In the Hugh DICK field [across from LEEMANS] originally called the LELAND field, all the first LELANDS are buried here, including Nellie LELAND'S great-great grandfather Thomas LELAND. Also his wife Ann McKENZIE and his daughter, Sarah LELAND [who came with her widowed father, from Ireland].*

#16. Farther up the road near LELAND'S Cove on the James LELAND homestead there are two graves in the field below the house.

    #1. James LELAND--Centerville, Calif.

    #2. George LELAND--Phoenix, Arizona

#17. In the John STEWART field there are two graves near the creek, on War Hill [Angus MCVICAR] property. There is a large burial plot. The last one buried there was Jim SEELYE, who drowned 17th Nov 1913. His mother was a STEWART.

#18. Up the road on the left in the WILCOX field there are several graves. Moody DOTEN and his wife Jane [WILCOX] and two children are buried here.

#19. Along the road on the left is the MACKENZIE burial plot. Neil MACKENZIE and his wife Sophia MORRISON came here from Scotland and they and their descendents are buried here;

#1. George MACKENZIE 1795--1883

#2. Sophia MACKENZIE/ wife of Neil/ died 1855 age 84

#3. Joshua MACKENZIE

#4. Audrey [MACKENZIE] CRAIG/daughter of Joshua/ Died in 1934

#5. Hilton CRAIG/ son of Audrey/ Died 1922

#6. Harry CHAMBERS *b. Aug. 8, 1895-died Feb. 14, 1970[the day of the big flood & ice in Bonny River]

#7. Lyman CHAMBERS

#8. George CHAMBERS

#9. Caleb CHAMBERS

#10. Elizabeth [MACKENZIE] CHAMBERS [Caleb and Elizabeth, parents of Harry, Lyman, and George]

There was a Presbyterian Kirk there but it fell down about 1903.

#20. On lot number 40 {near the present home of Thomas and Clare Dick,Eliza's great-great-granddaughter*] is the grave of Eliza DUNHAM who married a GATES, he died and she married a SEELYE. [This was Nellie LELAND'S great grandmother. Eliza's grandfather was Asher DUNHAM who came with the Loyalists in 1783 to Saint John NB and came down here, and his son William married Sarah LANGMAID of Deer Island, NB.]

   [I am directly descendant William H. Dunham b. 1798 Charlotte County.     I had my father go through DNA testing and the results  prove there is no linkage between Asher Dunham and William H. Dunham of Mascarene (St George).    
   Based on my research thus far - I believe that Joseph Dunham is the father of William H. Dunham.   He came from Deer Isle, ME and is the son of Elijah Dunham, also of Deer Isle.
Info suppled by Jeff Dunham
Portland, Oregon]

#21. In the MCLEOD field [now owned by Alan MATHESON] is buried Hugh MCLEOD who was born in 1778 and died 20th Dec. 1851 Age 73. Also there is Katherine [MORRISON] MCLEOD who died 5th Jan 1835 Age 55. The stones are near the river. [The MCLEODS came to this area in 1803.]

#22. In the HELMS field just before the lane going into John MCDOUGALL'S home is the Henry HELMS field. He was a seaman who came from Malta and married a local girl Sarah ?. There are no markers here.

#23. In back of John MACDOUGALL'S house [formerly Fred HENRY'S] and towards the river is the GRIERSON burial plot. [James GRIERSON born in Caithness, Scotland, 1741 and died 10th Dec. 1846. He came from Scotland to the USA then to Canada as a Loyalist with 74th Reg. Of the Argyl Highlanders. His wife Margaret KELLY born 1778 and died at the age of 94. They are great great grandparents of Gerald GREARSON.]

#1. James GRIERSON--Born 1741--Died 10th Dec 1846

#2. Wife Margaret [KELLY] GREIRSON--Born ca. 1778 Died age 94

#3. Clement/ son of Charles and Lavinia BARNES drowned Aug 1851 Age 14

        #4. Emma/ daughter of Clement and Jane GREARSON--Died 15th Jan. 1854/ age 3 years and 8 mos

#5. Clement GRIERSON 1817--1903/ His Wife Jane HENDERSON 1810--1890

#24. Large cemetery in the DUNHAM field [down the lane by William MURRAY'S, near the gravel pit] DUNHAM'S, GATES and CHAMBERS are buried there. William DUNHAM and his wife Sarah [LANGMAID] and their daughter Sarah Elizabeth are buried here as well.

#25. The CHAMBERS family burial plot is on the right side of the road near where Carmen LEBLANC lives.

#26. We continue into St. George and up over Poor House Hill to a private cemetery on the right (just below the Catholic Cemetery). In a gravel pit there is a fenced in lot where the SPINNEYS are buried. Stephen SPINNEY died 1864 and Ellen [HURLEY] SPINNEY, his wife is buried there too but no dates. He was a great grandfather of Llewellyn SPINNEY.

#27. At the end of the Poor House Hill Road you turn right on the Upper Letang Road and go about a mile, you come to the Thorpe Road which used to go to Lower Letang. On the side of this road [on the water side] a short way in is a stone inscribed:

    In memory of Ann, Wife of Windsor HATT/ Born 1797 died 20th Aug 1851

#28. You now go back to St. George to the Chapel Corner and turn up Road #770 towards Bonny River, go across the second bridge [over Linton Stream] turn right onto the property of Dr. Ken WILLIAMSON. You will find a small private cemetery in the southeast corner of the property near the bank off Linton Stream. A small grey stone leaning against a large old spruce tree says;

    Maria/ Wife of James CAMPBELL died 13 July 1874 Age 54

    There is supposed to be two children buried here too, but no stone visible.

#29. Go back to the Chapel Corner and again go up Road #770 about a mile and turn right on the Canal Road, go across the covered bridge and continue up the road for about three miles and you will see a small private cemetery on the right. This is the CAMPBELL burial plot.

    # 1. Big stone-Front of the stone--John Guy CAMPBELL 1897--1971 Dorothy A. 1907-2004

            Back of the stone--Duncan A. 1847--1924/ His wife Mary E. 1861--1922

            Marker--Duncan A. Campbell

            Marker--Mary E. Campbell

Their Children:

            Marker--James 1881-1903

            Marker--Josephine 1885--1899

            Marker--Albert Elias 7th Feb.--April 22nd 1899

        Small stone #1--Father--John Guy Campbell

         Marker--Baby -Ray Campbell- age 3 d. 16 Feb 1906[Information donated by Anita Grearson from St. Marks church records]

        #2 large Stone--Leo Johannewers Nov 8th 1917--Dec 4th 1971

        #3 large Stone--Campbell Pauline E.  R.N. --

                                    May 20, 1927-March 12, 2005

        #3 back stone--A tribute to my charming and handsome friend Leo Joanneewers

                                A reason for living--Chelsey and Cody Campbell 

    Marker-- Harold H. Campbell-1937-1999

    Marker-- Guy F. Campbell-1930-1998

    #4 Stone--Stanley  W. Campbell     Married Feb. 17, 1973     Donna G. (McGee)

                    1938-                                                                    1953-

    Marker--Donald W. Campbell 1930-1989


#30. At. Piskahegan, on the road to Mount Pleasant Mine, you turn off on the Niles Brook Road and about one quarter of a mile, on the north side of the road, is a small cemetery. A marble slab inscribed:

    Margaret SPINNEY--May 4th 1869--age 5 years 1 month/ daughter of H.N. and Mary B. SPINNEY

    Also a red polished stone [dates too dim to read] Albion CORNING, this place is called the Corning field.

#31. The following information was given to us by Alden KINNEY aged 88 years on March 12th 1969. Buried in the old Jim KINNEY place [same place as above]

    Josiah T. CORNING Born 1840--Died 1900

    His Wife/ Phoebe CORNING Born 1851--Died 1878

    Celia Mary CORNING born 1885--Died 1901

    Daniel MUNSON Born Dec. 21st. 1824--Died July 7th 1896

    Nancy Ann CORNING Born Oct 31st, 1811--Died Dec. 21st. 1896

    David J. MUNSON Born May. 19th. 1862--Died Sept 30th 1863

    Cynthia U. MUNSON Born Oct 19th 1865--died Dec. 22nd, 1867

#32. On the old Tracy Road to Pomeroy, 4 miles from the junction of Little Lake Road at Browns Ridge on the left side of the road coming down, in a tiny clearing about 75 feet from the road is a metal marker inscribed as follows:

    Mannie NEARY--infant--died 1889

    Charlotte NEARY--Age 13--died 1890

    Lucy NEARY--Age 9--Died 1890

    John NEARY--Age 5--Died 1890

    Baby Twins NEARY--Died 1894

    George NEARY--Age 7--Died 1890

    Charlotte [ROUSE] NEARY--grandmother--1816--1897

#33. In St. George in back of the Presbyterian Church;

    In Memory of Moses--Son of Moses and Phoebe SHAW

    Died 1805


    By fits of convulsion

    My days were but seven

    Christ died for sinners

    And took me to heaven

#34. At Breadalbane, approximately 3 miles west of St. George on the Lower Road, on the old MCDIARMID place, near Vernon CONNELL'S;

    Ann Marie Daulton/ Daughter of Ephriam and Sarah HANSON/ Died March 16th, 1821--Age 8

#35. At Vernon CONNELL'S farm in Breadalbane, NB. The driveway to his place is about 100 feet past the junction of the Kelly Road and the road coming from St. George to the westwards. In a cemetery near the river bank.

    John MANN/born Breadalbane, Scotland, June 1798--Died Feb 19th 1891--Age 92 years

    Margaret {MCVANE] MANN/ His wife/Born 1801--Died Mar 20th 1877--Age 76 Years

    Their children;

    John MANN/ June 24th 1833--Died March 10th 1888--Age 54

    His Wife/ Rebecca MANN/ Oct 20th 1853--Died Feb 10th 1947--Age 93 Years

    Margaret MANN/ Dec 22nd 1828--May 1897--Age 68 Years

    Elizabeth MANN/ Nov 1834--Died Oct 1859--Age 24 Years

    Grace MANN MARCH 1841--Died Feb. 22 1873--Age 31 Years

    [This information was given to me by Vaugh CONNELL in 1994. A.G.]

#36. Also at Breadalbane, Farther down the road. In a field near the beach, on the property of Mildred BUTLER [formerly Henry SHERRARD and before that ANDERSONS]


    In memory of MARGARET

    Wife of Captain Daniel ANDERSON

    Died 5th May 1860

    Aged 33 years

    Far from the world of toil & strife

    They are present with the Lord

    The ---- ---- of their life


    In memory of Capt. Daniel ANDERSON

    Who died

    Oct 8th 1858

    Aged 35 years

    Weep not for me, my friends most dear

    I am not dead but sleeping here

    I was not yours but God's above

    He loved me best and took me home

S.P. OSGOOD     Stone;

    In memory of Duncan ANDERSON

    Who died

    26 Nov 1852

    aged 36 years

    Beloved in life lamented in death. S.P. OSGOOD and Co.


    In memory of Donald ANDERSON

    Who died Feb 8th 1868

    Aged 79 years

    Also his wife


    Died March 13 1874

    Aged 81 years

    Native of Perthshire, Scotland


    In memory of

    Capt. James SHERRARD

    Died March 8th 1895 Aged 55 years And 3 months

    Also his wife Margaret/Died May 14, 1903--Aged 74 years


    Eddie Hickson

    Son of Capt. J & M SHERRARD

    Died March 3rd 1878--Age 2 year & 5 months


    In Memory of James E. ANDERSON

    Only son of the late Capt. Duncan & Margaret ANDERSON

    Who died Nov. 15th 1878--Aged 21 years & 6 months


    In memory of Grace Carry

    Daughter of Duncan ANDERSON

    Died 6th Aug. 1859--Age 8 years & 9 months


    In memory of James ANDERSON

    Died Nov. 22, 1898

    Ae 78 years

    Asleep in Jesus

    S.P. OSGOOD and Co.


*[Corrections are from Marilyn LELAND BENNETT]

** [Reported by John Gardener]

#37Samuel Craig, 1834 - 1872. (son of Samuel Craig, born 1798 in Ireland) As far as I know he was born in Back Bay and died there. He is buried in an obscure grave site in Back Bay, on the shore of Murphy's Cove. It is a private lot with 3 iron markers with no indication who is buried there. His stone marker is the only other marker there. Area cleaned up a bit last summer by myself and 2 brothers.

Information and picture donated by Steve Craig, April 2004.

#38. In St. George on the lower corner of North Street and Portage Street, gravestone marked HOSSER Born Aug 6, 1890 Died Aug 19 1890.Close to Magaguadavic River.

#39.Theriault Field, Back Bay (behind Phil Martin & Maurice McGee)
Information and pictures donated by Carla Barrett Venne, September 7, 2010


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