LEE SETTLEMENT CEMETERY (abandoned and overgrown)

LEE SETTLEMENT CEMETERY (abandoned and overgrown)

Located on the Eastern side of the Magaguadavic River about 12 miles North of St. George.
Lee Settlement was also known as Elmcroft.
Compiled by Calvin Lee CRAIG, Certified Genealogist (Canada)

This Listing is the result of work, research, and personal knowledge of the following persons who have lived, worked, or travelled extensively in the area.
The writer is a grandson of Edward Fremont LEE who was one of the last persons buried there.

  Freda Eloise (Lee) CRAIG, Bayswater, NB
Anita (Spinney) GREARSON, St. George, NB
Abbie Grace (Lee) HEALEY, Hampton, NB
Ken & Vonda HEALEY, Hampton, NB
Beatrice Gladys (Beney) LEAVITT, Black's Harbour, NB
Isaac Edward STEWART, Bethel, NB -a special "Thank You" to those above for their care, interest, historic notes, and assistance.

ASH, James and wife
ASH, Samuel and wife
BENEY, Archibald Colin Campbell (Archibald Sr.)-b. Jan. 24, 1852-d. April 3, 1937
BENEY, George Alexander,-b. March 12, 1863 d. 3 Oct. 1942
BENEY, Lena Marion (Dtr. Of Sam & Lena BENEY)-Jan. 26, 1933-February 13, 1933
BENEY, Irene Elizabeth-December 3, 1923-January 29, 1924
BENEY, Irene Moss (Dtr. Of William and Sarah BENEY), b.14 July 1889, d. 1 Mar. 1909
BENEY, Mary Elizabeth(Dtr. Of William and Sarah BENEY) b. 1 Oct. 1884, d. 11 July 1907
BENEY, Thomas and Wife Sophia(MYLNE)-( 79 Yrs. 10 Mos., died 22 May 1898) TOMBSTONE
BENEY, William Henry b. 6 May, 1850, d. 12 April 1928,
and Wife Sarah Alice (SUNDERLAND) b. 27 Aug. 1846, d. 11 Sept. 1917
BENEY, William Henry Jr.,( b. 18 Dec. 1878, d. 29 June 1888)-Drowned in Magaguadavic River
BOYD, William (Billy)
CAMPBELL, Catherine, 1831-1867
COX, Charles
COX, Herbert and Wife
COX, Silas and Wife
ESSENSA, Charles Jr.
ESSENSA, Isabella
ESSENSA, Rubin.,(b.1870, d.29 June, 1888)-Drowned in Magaguadavic River trying to save William Beney Jr.
HARMON, Duncan-1828-1883
HARMON, James-c.1826
LEE, Charles and Wife
LEE, Daniel b. 23 Dec. 1844, d. 29 Dec. 1928, and Wife Abigail Olivia (Garnett), b. 25 May 1852, d.2 Mar. 1940
LEE, Edward Fremont (son"")--TOMBSTONE. (b.5 Nov. 1869, d.4 Aug. 1948) Note: Wife Sarah Jennie ("Jane") (Wynn) buried Second Falls Cemetery, due to inaccessibility and overgrowth of L.S.Cemetery
LEE, Edith., 4 yrs
LEE, George and Wife
LEE, James (brother of Thomas) and Wife
LEE, John and Wife
LEE, John R., 18 yrs- 10, March, 1904
LEE, Joseph and Wife Susan
LEE, Lillian, age 8,- ?- d. June 1904
LEE, Louis, age 1 yr. 5 mos.-b.16 Oct.1902 d.16 March, 1904 (son of Fred and Adelaide LEE)
LEE, Norma Jane, (b. 1918-1942)
LEE, Madeline, died 1936, aged 6 months, daughter of Thomas and Gladys Lee (buried near Josephine and Thomas Lee) Info donated by Hank Merchant
LEE, Mary-infant daughter of Roland and Nellie LEE
LEE, Thomas 1851-1944 and Wives Josephine (Kelly) Cathcart (1884-1927)/Ella May (Lavinia) Hannicton (1867-died before 1901)/Augusta (Gussie) Cavalouch (....-died 1890)/Elizabeth (Unknown) Irish (1863-1881)Info donated by Hank Merchant
LEE, .............,infant Dtr. of Tommy and Gladys LEE
MacLEAN, .............,infant Dtr, of Wilbur and Florence MacLEAN
MURDOCK, .............,Wife of Stewart MURDOCK
STEWART, Annie Mae, d...1936 Dtr. of Herman and Stella STEWART
STEWART, Clarence, 8 years Son of Herman and Stella STEWART
STEWART, Florence, Dtr. of Herman and Stella STEWART
SUNDERLAND, ..........&...........two girls
WILKINSON, W.? John and Wife Louise-TOMBSTONE
WINTERS, Martha  Died 1957 Daughter-Red and Evelyn Winters(buried near Josephine and Thomas Lee) Info donated by Hank Merchant

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