St. George, NB Anglican Weddings-1938-1946

Vital Statistics for the Anglican Parish of St. George, NB
The records contained herein are for the Anglican Parish of St. George as recorded by the presiding Clergy during the years 1901 to the mid 1950's. The original registers of BAPTISMS, MARRIAGES, and BURIALS have been forwarded to the Diocesan Office in Fredericton and subsequently to the New Brunswick Archives.
The marriage records were transcribed by Calvin Craig. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.
Converted to html by Charlene Beney.

*-means Marriage at Christ Church

#-means Parental Consent

+-means Marriage at Baptist Church

ALL OTHER- Marriages were at St. Marks

1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946



Date Groom Bride Witnesses Rector
5 Jan 1938 Burton Horace Armstrong-Pennfield Beatrice Louise Justason-Pennfield Vincent C. Justason

Raye C. Justason

11 June 1938 Lewis John Feeney-St. George Helen Margaret Waite-Beaver Hbr John Waite

Kathleen Barry

B.T. Keith*, #
17 June 1938 Arnold Milton Cooke- Back Bay Lois Eileen Seamans-St. George Rufus Seamans

Ethel H. Morrison

B.T. Keith #
25 June 1938 William Creasy Henry- St. George Iva Millicent Cook-St. George (Utopia) Charles E. Henry

Alberta Henry

B.T. Keith
1 Oct 1938 Bernard Taylor Spear-Seeleys Cove Josephine R. Harlow-Pocologan Dorothy P. Spear

Lester B. Harlow

B.T. Keith *
28 Dec 1938 Douglas Alexander Maxwell-St. George Doris Elizabeth Boyd-St. George Leonard F. Barry

Alice Boyd

B.T. Keith


24 June 1939 Harold Percy Lingley-Saint John Josephine Gibson Campbell-Saint John Earle M. Lingley

Alma Watt

B.T. Keith
24 June 1939 Hollis Knight Justason-Pennfield Leora Violet Hunter-Pennfield Mildred Justason

Carlton Justason

B.T. Keith *
16 June 1939 Roy Hollis Jackson- St. George Pearl Rubin-St. George Thomas Matheson

Ruth Matheson

B.T. Keith
31 August 1939 Frank Alison Dodds-St. George Vera Frances McKay-Pennfield Arthur McKay

Audrey Dodds

B.T. Keith *
25 Oct 1939 Gordon Winston Powell-Pennfield Helen Dorothy Sellars-Pennfield Gordon Sellars

Vera Sellars

B.T. Keith
27 Oct 1939 Leonard Parlee Wilcox-Pennfield Eileen Doris O'Brien-St. George Gerald W. McKay

Hazel E. McKay

B.T. Keith
27 Oct 1939 Donald Norton Meating-St. George Jennie Louise Clinch-St. George M.L. Kennedy

Evelyn Kennedy

B.T. Keith *
23 Dec 1939 James Wallace Andrews-L'Etete Clara Blanche Leavitt-Back Bay Raymond Cumming

Roma Andrews

B.T. Keith


6 Jan 1940 Joseph Clinch-St. George Hazel Irene Eldridge-Beaver Hbr Albert Brown

Nellie Brown

B.T. Keith
13 Jan 1940 Merle Thomas Meating-St. George Alice Agnes McAdam-St. George Roy H. Jackson

Pearl Jackson

B.T. Keith
29 Jan 1940 Kenneth Alexander Fraser-St. George Eunice Thelma Justason-Pennfield Whitman Seamans

Annie G. Fraser

B.T. Keith
1 Mar 1940 Howard Leroy Justason-Pennfield Rhoda Mae McLanaghan-St. George Audrey Dodds

Stanley Hatt

B.T. Keith
6 July 1940 Andrew Lyall Healey-Hampton Abbie Grace Lee-Elmcroft Chester Craig

Mrs. Chester Craig

B.T. Keith*
3 Aug 1940 Robert Francis Allen-St. George Dorothy Pearl Spear-Seeleys Cove Gordon Spear

Lala O'Brien

B.T. Keith *
21 Aug 1940 Percy Holden Jordan-Bonny River Eunice May Goodridge-Bonny River Alden Goodrich

Mrs. Hazen G. Frost

B.T. Keith
26 Aug 1940 Rufus Stanley Seamans-St. George Barbara Alice Howe-St. Stephen Beulah Weatherby

Raymond Greenlaw


B.T. Keith


5 Feb 1941 Cyrus Alvin Hawkes-Oak Bay Marjorie Edith Baldwin-St. George R. E. Hawkes

Helen P. Adams

B.T. Keith
16 Apr 1941 Donald Matheson McKillop-St. George Pearl Elsie Woodbury-St. George Bessie A. Spinney

F. D. Spinney

B.T. Keith*
26 June 1941 Lawrence Carlton Thomas-Brockway Phyllis Jean Seamans-St. George J. E. Thomas

Eloise Spear

B.T. Keith #
8 Oct 1941 Kenneth Olmstead Beckett-Pennfield (RCAF) Doris Josephine Maxwell-St. George E. W. Maxwell

May Davidson

Henry R. Colin
25 Oct 1941 Earle Kitchener McNabb-St. Andrews Julia Helena Caldwell-Pomeroy Ridge Paul McNabb

Marie McNabb

B.T. Keith
29 Oct 1941 Hugh Ludgate Meating-St. George Wilda Kathleen O'Brien-Beaver Hbr Fred H. Goodeill

Audrey O'Brien

B.T. Keith *
27 Nov 1941 Paul Dunbar Craig-St. George Greta Helena Tatton-St. George Edgar Mooney

Dorothea Spinney

B.T. Keith
4 Dec 1941 Fernie G. Adshade-Pennfield Anna Katherine Johnson-Pennfield Ernest A. Shaw

Clara V. Shaw

B.T. Keith
5 Dec 1941 Donald Earle McLeod-Pennfield (RCAF) Esther Mabel Whiteford-Nicola, BC W. H. Forest, PO

Jean M. Forest

Henry R. Colin


24 Jan 1942 John Christian Jewel-Pennfield (RCAF) Irene Muriel Guest-Pennfield (Granton) John MacKinnon

Knox McC Strachan

B.T. Keith
4 Apr 1942 Randulf Cever Foss-Ltl. Norway, Toronto Edel Lusie Silvertsen-Blacks Hbr Dawson? Auring?

Elizabeth Donning

B.T. Keith
4 Apr 1942 John Melvin Saunders-Blacks Hbr Kathleen Agnes Doyle-Blacks Hbr Hazen Martin

Marjorie K. Saunders

B.T. Keith
14 May 1942 Robert Angus Holt-Chamcook Eulalia Bacon O'Brien-St. George W.A. McCabe

Lawea Edith McCabe

B.T. Keith
9 July 1942 Everett Campton Christie-Utopia, St. George Laura Winifred Hatt-Utopia, St. George Arthur Christie

Hilda Christie

B.T. Keith
16 July 1942 Lawrence Gordon J. Gough-Pennfield Audrey Rogers Bishop-Vancouver, BC J. S. Laidlaw

G. P. Souhelp

B.T. Keith
8 Aug 1942 Carroll Elmer Justason-Pennfield Muriel Edith Woodbury-St. George Ross Murray

Lois Justason

B.T. Keith *
31 Aug 1942 Joseph Frederick O'Neill-Pennfield Doreen Rosalie Cutter-St. Thomas, ON Sgt. Y. R. M. Wood

Mrs. C. Cutter

B.T. Keith
1 Sept 1942 Maurice Rubin-St. George Helen Adelia Baldwin- St. George Thomas S. Matheson

Pearl Jackson

B.T. Keith
13 Oct 1942 Windsor Morrin Justason-Pennfield Marjorie May Bell-Pennfield Carroll E. Justason

Muriel E. Justason

B.T. Keith
3 Nov 1942 Brian Pomeroy Furneaux-Moncton Helen Jane Gillmor, widow-St. George Darre?? Illwek??

Dan H. Gillmor

B.T. Keith
12 Nov 1942 Clarence Gordon Hazlett-Saint John Madeline Doris Travis-New River Beach Robert H. Travis

Hilda Travers

B.T. Keith
23 Dec 1942 Herbert Lewis Ancrum-Pennfield (RCAF) Kathleen Nutter Armstrong-Pennfield Rhoda Mae Justason

Howard Justason

B.T. Keith


21 Jan 1943 William McLaren-Pennfield Elizabeth May Smith-St. George L. Whitehall (RCAF)

Celina Kitty

B.T. Keith
21 Jan 1943 Marshall Wellesley Stewart-St. George Frances Garnet McLean-Blacks Hbr E. D. Mooney

Mary Stewart

B.T. Keith
15 Feb 1943 Joseph Vantassel, widower-St. George Ina Caroline Patterson-L'Etang Lottie McGarrigle

Richard McGarrigle

B.T. Keith
21 April 1943 Carl Austin Elder-St. George and Chatsworth Elsie Marie Graham-New Toronto Florence Southard

Doris R. Keith


B.T. Keith
29 April 1943 Douglas Stewart Cox-St. George & Springhill NS Elsie Charlotte Mont-Springhill, NS Doris R. Keith

K. B. Weeks

B.T. Keith
4 May 1943 Norman Majill Pryce- Utopia & Toronto Florence Audrey McGill-Richvale, ON D. Minor

Albert Minor

B.T. Keith
27 July 1943 Everett Gordon Dillabough-Meniedville, ON Eva Marie McMurter-Trenton, ON Nelson W. Barker

Jel. Gaurloig?

Hubert Doody
3 July 1943 Robert Barin Graham-Pennfield (RAF) Sheila M. Gregroy Allen-Vancouver, BC R. M. Wryrt

Hawley Askew

Rfro. Durrant C
7 Aug 1943 Eldon Lewin Cooper-Utopia Ethel Alice Taylor-Hampstead, NB Audrey Taylor

Raymond Pettie

Hubert Doody
3 Nov 1943 Alfred W. L. Stevens-Pennfield (RAF) Geraldine Eliz. Seamans-St. George Cleo Elliot

Arnold C. Wright

Hubert Doody
4 Nov 1943 Lester Morton Baldwin-St. George Katherine Euphemia Murray-St. George Cyril J. Simmons

Mary Baldwin

Hubert Doody


4 Mar 1944 Donald Radvers Dann-Pennfield (RCAF) Martha Winifred Tucker-Blacks Harbour Alexander Dunsmeir

Murray Tucker

Hubert Doody
10 Mar 1944 John Alan Palmer-Utopia Rhoda Jean Campbell-St. George C. A. Trites, Capt.

Wm. N. Campbell

Hubert Doody
16 Mar 1944 William Edward Dow-Pennfield (RCAF) Frances Bernice MacDowell-Blacks Harbour Albert T. Ward

Margaret Hennesey

Hubert Doody
10 April 1944 John Decamborne Paynter-Pennfield (RAF) Almeda Blair Campbell-Blacks Hbr W. J. Campbell

Eros Manf. Turo, FO

Hubert Doody
3 April 1944 George Edward Manning-Dorval (RAF) Que Randi Sivertsen-Blacks Hbr H. Tonning

Peder Sivertsen

Hubert Doody
8 May 1944 Erice Manford Pierce-Pennfield (RCAF) Florence Emmaline Campbell-Blacks Hbr John D. Paynter

W. J. Campbell

Hubert Doody
8 July 1944 Philip George Corning-Utopia Evelyn Katherine McGarrigle-Milltown, NB Ernest M. Corning

Jessie Corning

N. Edw. Aitken, H
13 July 1944 Manford Wetmore Merritt-Utopia Wyona Fay Jones-Burtts Crn. NB J. Kelter

J. R. Fougere

N. Edw. Aitken, H
25 Nov 1944 George Walter Sparks-Kent, England Helen Catherine Gillmor-St. George Peter McK. Black

Ruth Dilleseaud??

Hubert Doody
25 Nov 1944 Albert Duncan Matheson-St. George Vera Viola Sellars-Pennfield Harry Sellars Hubert Doody
30 Nov 1944 John Griswold Dewar-Fredericton Edith Norma G. Bennet-Fredericton Thomas McCarthy

Phyllis McCarthy

Hubert Doody


11 June 1945 Donald Geo Douthwright-Utopia Mary Allison Craig-St. George Annie G. Fraser

Eldridge Craig

Hubert Doody
28 June 1945 John Ross A. Allen-St. George Lydie Mildred Campbell-St. George P.? Allen

Eleanor Chaffey

Hubert Doody
15 November 1945 H. S. Whitford-St. George Dorothy Baldwin-St. George Lester M. Baldwin

Mary L. M. Baldwin

Jos. McAlden


28 March 1946 Edward George Clinch-East Riverside, NB Laurie Annie Renshaw-East Riverside, NB Nellie Irene Brown

Albert L. Brown

Geo. Readman
19 June 1946 George Stephen Johnson-Malton, Ont Audrey Mae Gillespie-Pennfield Harold B. Gillespie

Mary P. Boone

Geo. Readman
3 Aug 1946 Colin Michael Raeburn-Central Greenwich Helen Mae Leavitt-Blacks Hbr Manuel G. Raeburn

Marjorie S. Raeburn

Geo. Readman
30 Nov 1946 Gerald Hunter Turnbull-Ottawa Jessie Bernice Maxwell-St. George Barbara Ann Maxwell

Douglas C. Maxwell

Geo. Readman
14 Dec 1946 John Edward Armstrong-Pennfield Sylvia Constance Handeland-Blacks Hbr Russell Hooper

Dorothy Armstrong

Geo. Readman

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