Anglican Church Weddings-St. George, NB-years 1890-1900



St. George and Surrounding Areas

Years 1890-1900

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*Marriages 589-594 were not found on microfilm

Number Groom, Parish Bride, Parish Method Date Witnesses Rector
595 Charles A. Epps, St. George Minnie Southard, St. George License April 8, 1890 F. C. Smith

Lizzie Southard

Ronald E. Smith
596 Elliot Carter, Pennfield Sarah Spear, Pennfield License May 15, 1890 Jas. Anderson

Fanny C. Smith

Ronald E. Smith
597 Levi Goodeill, Pennfield Emily McDonnell, Pennfield License May 29, 1890 Samuel Daley

Fanny Smith

Ronald E. Smith
598 Douglas Spinney, Pennfield Maggie Trynor, Pennfield License Sept. 24, 1890 Honora Trynor

Wm. Wickham

Ronald E. Smith
599 Harry Holdin, Two Harbours, Minnesota Alia Wyanan(?) St.George License Oct. 13, 1890 Hazen McGee

Mary McGee

Ronald E. Smith
600 Daniel Leavitte, St. George Eliza Jane Hoyt, St. George License Dec. 28, 1890 Peter Hoyt

George Moses

Ronald E. Smith
601 Tobias Spinney, St. George Mary Louisa Carman, St. Mary's, York Co. License Sept. 30, 1891 John Brown

Annie Spinney

Ronald E. Smith
602 Albion McLeese, St. George Sadie Hooper, St. George License Oct. 29, 1891 F. C. Smith

Hor? Kavanaugh

Ronald E. Smith
603 James McLeese, St. George Lorena Wilson, St. George   License Oct. 29, 1891  Albion McLeese

Sadie McLeese 

Ronald Smith

604 James McKay, Pennfield Georgie McLeod, Pennfield License Dec. 24, 1891 Scott Morrill

Cassie McKay

Ronald Smith

605 Leverett De Veber Lawson, St. George Alice Matilda Carroll, Dufferin License Oct. 20, 1891 Sophia Barry

Fanny C. Smith

Ronald Smith

606 Thomas W. Meating, St. George Maude M. Garnett, St. George License Feb. 25, 1892 Harry Meating

James Bosus(?)

Ronald Smith

607 Percy Trainor, Pennfield Annie Spear, Pennfield License May 29, 1892 Herbert Proctor

Julia(?) Borthwick

Ronald Smith

608 Guy Havelock Clinch, St. George Margaret Johnson, St. George License June 11, 1892 Charles Johnson

Belle Armstrong

Ronald Smith

609 Enoch Matthews, St. George Josephine Tucker, St. George License June 12, 1892 Isaac Dick

Kate Marsh

Ronald Smith

610 Joshua Hawkins, Pennfield Maggie E. Eldridge, Pennfield License Aug. 20, 1892 Mr. & Mrs. Robinson Ronald Smith

611 John A. Brown, St. George Mary Augusta Daley, Lepreaux License Dec. 11, 1892 William Gage

Bertha McDaley

Ronald Smith

612 Charles Woodbury, St. George Elizabeth Harris, St. George License Dec. 17, 1892 S.L. Mahar

Odessa G. McConnell

Ronald Smith

613 Christopher Parker, Derly(?) Northumberland Co. Emma Rankins, St. Andrews License April 4, 1893 Fanny Smith

Susan Spinney

Ronald Smith

614 Herbert A. Harvey, St. George Georgia E. Phillips, St. George License July 3, 1893 Ernest Harvey

Lizzie Philips

Ronald Smith

615 Horace C. Bowen, Eastport, ME Mary E. Kilcup, Lepreaux License July 14, 1893 No witnesses listed Ronald Smith

616 Michael Cavanaugh, St. George Phoebe Jane Beney, St. George License July 19, 1893 Benjamin Beney

Archibald Beney

Ronald Smith

617 Levi Goodeill, St. George Elizabeth Jack, Pennfield License Aug. 24, 1893 Solomon Goodeill

Grace M. Spear

Ronald Smith

618 Charles A. Spoffard, Tynn, Man. Y. Frances McMann, St. George License Sept. 6, 1893 James Jack

Hill Cawley

Alice D. Mann

Ronald Smith

619 Arthur Hamilton Hill, Dumbarton Nellie McFeters License Jan. 1, 1894 John Campbell

Ada McFeters

Ronald Smith

620 Michael Foley, Pennfield Mary Anne Doyle, City & Co. Of St. John License Mar. 24, 1894 Fanny Smith

Susan J. Spinney

Ronald Smith

621 Henry E. Matheson, St. George Jesse Sullivan, St. George License Nov. 20, 1894 Fanny Smith

Susan Spinney

Ronald Smith

622 James McLean, St. George Catherine Dick (widow), St. George License Nov. 21, 1894 Alexander Parks

Fanny Smith

Ronald Smith

623 John Campbell, St. George Ada McFeters, St. George License Nov. 21, 1894 Albert E. Jackson

Annie Campbell

Ronald Smith

624 Enos Justason, Pennfield Mary Saye, Pennfield License Sept. 23, 1894 No witnesses given Ronald Smith

625 John Hill, St. George Alice Seeley, St. George License Dec. 31, 1894 No witnesses given Ronald Smith

626 Wentworth Quigley, St. George Clara Lasley, St. George License Feb. 12, 1895 Melvin Cook

Pearl Cook

Ronald Smith

627 Wilfred Kinney, St. George Annie N. Cook, St. George License Feb. 20, 1895 James McLeese

Lorena McLeese

Ronald Smith

628 Robert H. Cox, St. George Susan Harmon, St. George License March 16, 1895 Herbert Cox

Letitia Spinney

Ronald Smith

629 George M. Williamson, St. George Annie Gillmor, St. George License March 21, 1895 Charles Johnson Sr.

Julia A. Johnson

Ronald Smith

630 Simon Theriault, St. George Susan White, St. George License March 23, 1895 Irander(?) McGee

Sarah McGee

Ronald Smith

631 John Helms, St. George Charlotte Hickie, St. George License June 19, 1895 Mrs. R. Radly

Mrs. I.M.McLanaghan

And others in the Poor Home

Ronald Smith

632 Charles Cox, St. George Minnie Gillice, St. George License Nov. 13, 1895 No witnesses given Ronald Smith

633 Charles Goodeill, St. George Maggie Ellen Fraser, Pennfield License Nov. 27, 1895 No witnesses given Ronald Smith

634 Scott Edward Morill, St. John Catherine Jane McKay, Pennfield License June 3, 1896 George McKay

Maggie C. Crickard

Ronald Smith

635 Sidney Justason, Pennfield Miss King, Pennfield License August, 1896 No witnesses given Ronald Smith

636 Mathew Hardey, Pennfield Ella Shaw, Lepreaux License Sept. 2, 1896 Fanny C. Smith

Ernest Shaw

Ronald Smith

637 Thomas E. Armstrong, St. George Susan Sivewright(?) O'Brien, St. George License Sept. 15, 1896 David Campbell

Annie Taylor

Ronald Smith


Frederick C. Allen, St. George Sarah Perry(?), St. George License Dec. 24, 1895(omitted in proper place) Law Murray

Sadie Sullivan

Ronald Smith


John B. Hunter, Pennfield Mandi Guthrie, Pennfield License Oct. ? 1896 Maria Jack

Joseph Jack

Ronald Smith


James Rainnie O'Brien, St. George Margaret Ethel Tayte, St. George License Nov. 4, 1896 John O'Brien Jr.

Eulalia O'Brien

Ronald Smith


James E. Mawhinney, Lepreaux Margaret Saye, Pennfield License Jan. 4, 1897 No witnesses listed Ronald Smith


George F. Paul, Pennfield Alberta J. Gillespie, Pennfield License Jan. 19, 1897 Ernby (?) H. Paul

Walter D. Justason

Ronald Smith


Solomon Goodeill, Pennfield Maggie May Steen, St. George License Feb. 20, 1897 Stephen Goodeill

Lillian Teakans(?)

Ronald Smith


Thomas Spinney, Pennfield Ellen Justason, Pennfield License Feb. 22, 1897 Joshua Justason

Fanny C. Smith

Ronald Smith


Stephen Goodeill, Pennfield Lillian Tatton, Pennfield License April 7, 1897 Solomon Goodeill

Maggie Goodeill

Ronald Smith


John McCormick, St. George Mary Austin, St. George License April 7, 1897 Fred. McVicar

Leelin McVicar

Ronald Smith


Joseph Meating, St. George Jesse Borthwick, Pennfield License June 17, 1897 George Craig

Mary Borthwick

And a large congregation in Christ Church, Pennfield

Ronald Smith


Walter D. Justason, Pennfield Nellie M. Jack, Pennfield License June 29, 1897 Edward C. Jack

Mary Jack

Ronald Smith


Frederick W. McVicar, St. George Nettie M. Austin, St. George License Aug. 4, 1897 Delia McVicar

Nellie Leland

Ronald Smith


William J. Johnson, Calais, ME Estella Munay, St. George License Nov. 3, 1897 James Munay

Nellie Munay

Ronald Smith


James I. Cook, St. George Albertina Laslie, St. George License Dec. 22, 1897 J. Suttan Clark

Emma Laslie

Ronald Smith


Harry Fraser, Pennfield Grace Spear, Pennfield License Dec. 28, 1897 Joseph Jack

Walter McDowell

Ronald Smith


William Hill, St.George Millie Bowles, Dumbarton License Mar. 10, 1898 Wm. Chambers

Catherine Chambers

Ronald Smith


James E. Marks, St. George Mary E. Lord, St. George License April 13, 1898 Alexander McKay

Fanny C. Smith

Ronald Smith


Harvey Frye, St. George Gladys Mitchell, St. George License May 9, 1898 Odessa G. McConnell

Douglas Smith

Ronald Smith

  Archie L. Morehouse, Pennfield Mary B. Canaby, Pennfield License June 6, 1900 Mrs. C. E. Maiman Chas. E. Maiman
  Nathaniel Carter, Seeley's Cove, Pennfield Elizabeth Jack, Pennfield License July 11, 1900 (bride's parents residence Pennfield) Chas. E. Maiman
  Leslie Armstrong, Pennfield Florence A. Trynor, Pennfield License Aug. 1, 1900 Raisford(?) Trynor

Carrie Wright

Chas. E. Maiman

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