Anglican Church Weddings-St. George, NB-1874-1888



St. George and Surrounding Areas

Years 1874-1888

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(Disclaimer; Transcribed by Charlene Beney, every effort to ensure accuracy but no guarantee due to the readability of the existing records)


Number Groom, Parish Bride, Parish Method Date Witnesses Rector
520 Robert Murray, St. George Mary Baldwin, St. George Licence Jan. 15, 1874 E.R. O'Brien

Hattie Baldwin

Ronald E. Smith
521 Simon Boyd, Pennfield Elizabeth McDiarmid, St. George License June 14, 1874 Hugh Gillespie

Sophia McDiarmid

Ronald E. Smith
522 Wm. Henry Beney, St. George Sarah Sunderland, St. George License June 26, 1874 *In presence of witnesses

*no names given

Ronald E. Smith
523 Francis Brown, St. George Alice Spear, Pennfield License June 29, 1874 In presence of Christ Church, Pennfield congregation Ronald E. Smith
524 Thomas Storr(?)Saint Andrews Anna Isabel Holt, St. Patrick License July 16, 1874 James Holt

Sophia M. Holt

Ronald E. Smith
525 Thomas Colmer, St. George Harriet Sophia Baldwin, St. George License Aug. 22, 1874 John Duffin(?)

Anne Coates & congregation of St. Mark's Church

Ronald E. Smith
526 John Dewar, St. George Eliza Gallagher, St. George License Aug. 22, 1874 Malcolm Mealey

Maria Pearce

Ronald E. Smith
527 Charles McGee, St. George Helen Margaret Wetmore, St. George License Oct. 15, 1874 Thos. Dick

M. D.

Julia Ganong

Ronald E. Smith
528 William Gallagher, St. George Mary Bell, St. George License Nov. 23, 1874 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Morin Ronald E. Smith
529 Howard Chaffey, West Isles Maggie Justason, Pennfield License Dec. 2, 1874 Isaac Justason

Ellen Justason

Ronald E. Smith
530 Thomas Dick    M. D., St. George Adelia A. Gillmor, St. George License Jan. 30, 1875 Daniel Gillmor

Joanna Hill

Ronald E. Smith
531 John M. T(?)aill(?), St. George Charlotte E. Wetmore, St. George License May 18, 1875 William Robbie

Jane McGee

Ronald E. Smith
532 Robert I. Austin, St. George Katie Hatt, St. George License Aug. 6, 1875 Samuel Austin

Lizzie Justason

Ronald E. Smith
533 Alexander Hartford, St. Andrews Georgianna Carson, St. Patrick's License Sept. 29, 1875 Wilson Carson

Hannah Carson

Ronald E. Smith
534 Samuel Austin, St. George Isabella Henderson, St. George License Oct. 7, 1875 James Watt

Mary McLeod

Ronald E. Smith
535 Samuel Robert Thomson, QC, St. John, Barrister-at-Law Catherine Macdonell, Matapedia, Restigouche,co. of Bonaventure, P. of Quebec Married at Matapedia Feb. 24, 1876 Justice Duff of Supreme Court

Thomas Gilbert Esq. Of St. John

Ronald E. Smith
536 Dyce Rupert Caslip, Halifax, Nova Scotia Ella Aymar Milliken, St. George License March 21, 1876 W.W. Shaw

Chas. F. Clinch

Congregation of St. Mark's church

Ronald E. Smith
537 William Stuart, Lancaster, Saint John Jessie Kidd, St. George License July 17, 1876 S. Johnson

Jessie Johnson

Ronald E. Smith
538 Thomas Gilbert, St. John Marion Jean Ferguson, St. John License, married at Bathurst, Gloucester, NB Sept. 14, 1876 Judge Duff

Mrs. Fraser of Chatham, NB

Ronald E. Smith
539 William Gamble, St. George Mary Jane Brown, West Isles License Nov. 15, 1876 G. Theikans

M. L. Smith

Ronald E. Smith
540 George Gillespie, Pennfield Susan Justason, Pennfield License Dec. 7, 1876 Hugh Gillespie

George Spear

Ronald E. Smith
541 Alexander Roach, St. Patrick Maria Wilson, St. Patrick License Dec. 27, 1876 No witnesses listed Ronald E. Smith
542 James White, St. George Susan Wilson, St. George License Dec. 28, 1876 Benjamin Shaw

Jane Bown

Ronald E. Smith
543 Frederic M. Young, St. George Jane O'Brien, St. George License Feb. 7, 1877 James O'Brien

John Young

Ronald E. Smith
544 William Michael, St. George Isabella Kelman, St. George License Feb. 20, 1877 Mrs. K. Smith

Charles Moore

Ronald E. Smith
545 Frederick R. Fowler, Westfield, Kings co. Elizabeth Anderson, St. George License April 18, 1877 John Anderson

Jennie McLeod

Ronald E. Smith
546 James Keating, St. George Ida May Dow, St. George License Aug. 7, 1877 Robert Dow

Laura Dow

Ronald E. Smith
547 George R. Guy, St. George Mary Lee, St. George License Nov. 13, 1877 William Price

Angus McDowell

Ronald E. Smith
548 John Rourke, St. George Maria L. Fisher, St. George License Dec. 3, 1877 M. L. Smith

Lizzie McDowell

Chas. Moore

Ronald E. Smith
549 Archibald Harris, St. George Ellen Crickard, St. George License Dec. 4, 1877 Mr. &Mrs. Shaw Ronald E. Smith
550 Andrew Gamble, St. George Laura Dow, St. George License Dec. 24, 1877 John Robbie

Nate Gamble

Ronald E. Smith
551 Ezra Justison [Justason], Pennfield Margaret Nodding, Pennfield License Mar. 25, 1878 M. S. Smith

Charles Moore

Ronald E. Smith
552 George McLean, St. George Amy Lee, St. George License Oct. 30. 1878 James Pirie

Lizzie Taylor

Ronald E. Smith
553 Frederick Parks, St. George Hannah Brown, St. George License Dec. 20, 1878 M. S. Smith

Annie Garnett

Ronald E. Smith
554 Lewis Dilturan(?), St. George Annie McFeters, St. George License  April 24, 1879  John McFeters

John Matheson 

Ronald E. Smith 


Alexander Milne, St. George Alice Wetmore, St. George License May 15, 1879 James Hatt

Mary Wetmore

Ronald E. Smith 


Woddard D. Cross, Pennfield Christina Ellen Say, Pennfield License Dec. 3, 1879 John H. Say

Edward Say

Ronald E. Smith 


Charles F. McLaughlan, St. David Mary Ann Roach, St. James License Dec. 9, 1879 Agnes Roach

M.S. Smith

Ronald E. Smith 


Archibald Beaney, St. George Elizabeth Ann Wallace, St. George License Feb. 15, 1880 John McGin

Robinson Maxwell

Ronald E. Smith 


Hugh Gillespie, Pennfield Ellen Gage, Pennfield License Mar. 28, 1880 James Gillespie

Ellen & Marg. Gillespie

Ronald E. Smith 


Fred W. S. Holt, Hampoen(?) ME Mary Ludgate, St. George License Mar. 19, 1880 Charles Ludgate

? Randall

Ronald E. Smith 


George Bates, Pennfield Martha Best, Pennfield License June 16, 1880 Mrs. R. E. Smith

Carrie Seeley

Ronald E. Smith 


James Sinker(?), St. George Sarah Copley, St. George License Oct. 30, 1880 George Hall

Lang(?) Oliver

Ronald E. Smith 


A. Judson Seelye, St. George Annie Milliken, St. George License Oct. 14, 1880 W.W. Shaw

Howard D. Wallace

Ronald E. Smith 


James Hoy, Chicago, ILL Willimena Francis Drake, St. George License May 3(?), 1880 Russel(?) Green

Maria Brown

Ronald E. Smith 


John Henry Brown, St. George Martha Spinney, St. George License July 23, 1880 James Brown

Mary Brown

Ronald E. Smith 


George Lathaur(?), St. George Mary Wetmore, St. George License July 24, 1880 *no witnesses listed Ronald E. Smith 


John Thorp, St. George Elizabeth Parks (widow), St. George License Sept. 19, 1881 S. A. Thomas

Ida Justason

Ronald E. Smith 


George Justason, Pennfield Ida May Call, Pennfield License Sept. 19, 1881 S. A. Thomas

John Thorp

Ronald E. Smith 


Lionee Buck, Newcastle, Northumberland Co. Isabell Whelpley, St. George License Oct. 19, 1882 Walter Buck

Edith Whelpley

Ronald E. Smith 


Howard D. Wallace, St. George Ida A. Meating, St. George License Nov. 9, 1882 Nicholas & Jane Meating Ronald E. Smith 


John W. Sellars, Lepreaux Emma Bennett, St. George License Sept. 23, 1883 William H. Dribble(?)

Maude Smith

Ronald E. Smith 


James Thissel Emery, West Bay, Michigan Minnie Chandler Hibbard, St. George License Jan. 21, 1884 Geo. F. Hibbard

Frank G. Hibbard

Ronald E. Smith 


Wiley Hatfield White, Sussex, Kings Co. Maggie L. Gillespie, Pennfield License April 27, 1884 James Gillespie

T. C. Smith

Ronald E. Smith 


Thomas Carter, Pennfield Susie Casey, Pennfield License Nov. 19, 1884 George Carter

Mathilda McAdam

Ronald E. Smith 


James McKay, St. George Ellen Gillespie, Pennfield License March 18, 1885 James Gillespie

John A. Crickard

Ronald E. Smith 


Gustave Kagler, St. George Christiana Deau(?), St. George License Nov. 11, 1885 Fanny C. Smith

Everett N. McNabb

Ronald E. Smith 


Robert E. Munson, St. George Mary Howard, St. George License Dec. 10, 1885 Fanny C. Smith

Susan Andrews

Ronald E. Smith 


Herbert Cox, St. George Sarah License(?), St. George License June 27, 1886 F.C.Smith

Emma Seelye

Ronald E. Smith 


Frank G. Hibbard, St. George Frances A. Gillmor, St. George License June 8, 1886 George Hibbard

Susan Stevens

Ronald E. Smith 


James Woodbury, St. George Mary Livingstone, St. George License Sept. 22, 1886 Sylvaneus L. Mahar

Fanny C. Smith

Ronald E. Smith 


Charles M. Gillespie, Pennfield Maggie I. Hanson, Pennfield License Oct. 28, 1886 George Gillespie

James McKay

Ronald E. Smith 


William H. Akerly, Pennfield Maggie Boyd, Pennfield License June 27, 1887 Simon Boyd

Isaac J. Justason

Ronald E. Smith 


George Adams, Pennfield Alice Crickard, Pennfield License Nov. 16, 1887 John Crickard

John T. Adams

Ronald E. Smith 


Frederic M. Cawley, St. George Josephine Parks, St. George License Dec. 15, 1887 Robert Wetmore

Minnie S. Parks

Ronald E. Smith 


Allan C. Grant, St. David Bessie Morin, St. David License Jan. 17, 1888 Sophia Barry

Fanny Smith

Ronald E. Smith 


Samuel T. Murray, St. George Kati Campbell, Kingston, Kings Co. License Feb. 1, 1888 Robert & Jennie Murray Ronald E. Smith 


Anthony Tayte, St. George Anne Armstrong, St. George License June 13, 1888 Wm. Chaffey

Bell Armstrong &


Ronald E. Smith 


Thomas Stewart, Presbyterian Minister, Sussex parish, Kings Co. Florence Russell Wetmore, St. George License July 10, 1888 John Stewart  M. D.

Susan Wetmore

Ronald E. Smith 

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