Anglican Weddings-1861-1865



St. George and Surrounding Areas

 YEARS 1861-1865

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(Disclaimer; Transcribed by Charlene Beney, every effort to ensure accuracy but no guarantee due to the readability of the existing records)


Number Groom, Parish Bride, Parish Method Date Witnesses Rector
409 James L. Potter Prentice, Penobscot, ME Lydia Hamilton, St. George License Feb. 10, 1861 Wellington Grierson

Jas. M. Seamans

John McGivern
410 F. Sebastian Jorvitt(?) Mount Vernon, Ill. Caroline M. Wetmore, St. George License Mar. 6, 1861 A. J. Wetmore

Ric. McGee

John McGivern
411 Daniel Lee, St. George Mary E. Logan, St. George License April 10, 1861 John E. Messinett

A. B. Hatheway

John McGivern
412 James Lee, St. George Margaret Carver, St. George License May 2, 1861 Peter ?

Stephenson Bryant

John McGivern
413 Colin Stewart, St. George Arttemelissa Rainor, St. George License June 6, 1861 Otis J. Hanson

Elizabeth Rourke

John McGivern
414 Thomas O'Brien, St. George Margaret Austin, St. George License June 16, 1861 John McGee

J. H. Bradbury

John McGivern
415 David S. Kelly, St. George Melvina Goss, St. George License June 29, 1861 A. B. Hatheway

Margaret Taggert

John McGivern
416 Bela Reynolds Lawrence (merchant)Lepreaux Mary McCallum, St. George License July 6, 1861 John McCallum

S. N. Scott

John McGivern
417 Charles Mitchel, St. George Matilda Gray, St. George License Aug. 13, 1861 Jas. Bolton

A.J. Wetmore

John McGivern
418 Joseph Mealey, Pennfield Sarah E. Cromy (?)

[Crany?], Pennfield

License Aug. 14, 1861 Malcolm Mealey

Rosanna Mealey

John McGivern
419 James Dewar, St. James Margaret Dewar, St. James License Aug. 29, 1861 A. B. Hatheway

Mary A. Taggert

John McGivern
420 Samuel McKay, Pennfield Mary Elizabeth Justason, Pennfield License Oct. 9, 1861 Caleb Justason

Ellen Lockett

John McGivern
421 Archibald Campbell, St. George Sarah K. Wetmore, St. George License Oct. 22, 1861 J. C. Skinner(?)

Josiah Wetmore

John McGivern
422 Samuel Blyther, Lepreaux Elizabeth Smith, Lepreaux License Oct. 26, 1861 Joseph Smith

Well. Smith

John McGivern
423 Albion C. Smith, Lepreaux Marg. Taggert, Lepreaux License Dec. 2, 1861 E.P. Knight

Mary Taggert

John McGivern
424 Robert White, St. George Elizabeth Cone or Coxe, St. George License April 22, 1862 James White

Danl Campbell

John McGivern
425 Aarron Jourdan, Lepreaux Sarah Johnson, Lepreaux License May 18, 1862 John Wright

Levi Goodeill

John McGivern
426 John Fahy, St. George Anne Ashe, St. George License May 3, 1862 Samuel Johnson

Charles Johnson

John McGivern
427 Robert Patenson, St. George Mary Leavitt, St. George License June 6, 1862 Nathaniel Leavitt

Elisha Leavitt

John McGivern
428 Thomas King, Pennfield Catherine Branniff, Pennfield License Oct. 23, 1862 Thomas Dowd

A. B. Hatheway

John McGivern
429 James Murray, St. George Anne Lee, St. George License Oct. 26, 1862 Robt. McGee

Gordon Sparks

John McGivern
430 William George Thomson, St. Patrick's Mary I. Stewart, St. Patrick's License Nov. 13, 1862 John Brown

Jane or James Thomson

John McGivern
431 Louis Cook, St. George Margaret Craig, St. George Pub. Of Banns Jan. 26, 1863 Samuel Craig

Andrew Craig

John McGivern
432 Henry Kimball, Lepreaux Jane Patterson, Lepreaux License April 15, 1863 Charles McGee

Charles McGee Jun.

John McGivern
433 James Moran, St. George Sophia Baldwin, St. George License April 24, 1863 George Baldwin

Thos. J. McGowan

John McGivern
434 Hugh Philips, St. George Margaret Connagher License June 2, 1863 Peter Davis

Eliza Connagher

John McGivern
435 Charles Milliken, St. George Mary White, St. George License June 18, 1863 George Allen

William Kidd

John McGivern
436 William Brown, St. George Catherine F. Owen, St. George License Sept. 10, 1863 John D. Maha[Mahar]

Joseph W. Murray

John McGivern
437 Peter Davis, St. George Sarah Troke, St. George License Sept. 27, 1863 Ken?? Davis

Frances Morin

John McGivern
438 James Pickard, St. George Margaret Considine, St. George License Oct. 24, 1863 George Pickard

Eliza Considine

John McGivern


Stephen Lindsay, St. George Sophia Sunderland, St. George License Nov. 11, 1863 Owen O'Neil

Charles Ashe

John McGivern


George Spear, Pennfield Jane Crosier Steen, Pennfield License Jan. 3, 1863 Alfred Mealy

James Gillespie

John McGivern


James A. Chamberlain, Calais, ME Anna Hanson, Calais, ME License Jan. 20, 1864 Mark Hall

Mandana Gordon

John McGivern


Samuel Anderson, Pennfield Catherine Poole, Pennfield License Apr. 27, 1864 John Carlyle

A? Carlyle

John McGivern


Johnston Barry, Pennfield Elizabeth McDole, Pennfield License May 5, 1864 James Dunbar

Robt. Justason

John McGivern


Alfred Waycott, St. George Mary Sutherland, St. George License June 13, 1864 Edward Lorimer

Isabella Kidd

John McGivern


Solomon Sherrard, St. George Elizabeth Patterson, St. George License June 29, 1864 E. A. Hall

Anthony Parsons

John McGivern


David Roix, St. George Catherine Leland, St. George License Oct. 20, 1864 James Roix

Isaac Justison

John McGivern


Robert Dixon, Lepreaux Jane Shaw, Lepreaux License Nov. 15, 1864 Robert Sparks

Mary Smith

John McGivern


David Armstrong, Pennfield Nancy McDole, Pennfield License Nov. 30, 1864 John Dunbar

Thos. Armstrong

John McGivern


James McGregor, St. George Christianna Matheson, St. George License Nov. 17, 1864 Hugh Matheson

Thorot Goss

John McGivern


John Millar, Pennfield Margaret Boyd, (widow)Pennfield License Jan. 1, 1865 James Gillespie

Simon Boyd

John McGivern


Joseph W. Murray, St. George Bridget F. Dwyer, St. George License Jan. 1, 1865 John Clayburne

Hugh ?

John McGivern


John Gillespie, St. George Sarah J. Johnson, Pennfield License Feb. 19, 1865 Geo. Knight

Wm. Johnson

John McGivern


Robert Armstrong, Pennfield Elizabeth Johnson, Pennfield License April 8, 1865 John Armstrong

Jas. Boyd

John McGivern


Daniel Kilby Nutter, St. George Hannah Margaret Davis, St. George License June 29, 1865 Edward Seeley

Chas Johnson

John McGivern


Joseph Bullock, St. George Catherine Spinney, St. George License July 5, 1865 Chas. Bullock

Martha Bullock

John McGivern


Terrence Sullivan, St. George Christianna Jane Roix, St. George License Aug. 16, 1865 Marg. Sophia Rourke

Cath. Rourke

John McGivern


David McAdam, Pennfield Alice Cranny, Pennfield License Nov. 16, 1865 Hugh Cranny

John McAdam

John McGivern


Francis Mushbrown(?) Lepreaux Sophia Campbell. Lepreaux License Nov. 16, 1865 Archibald Campbell

Thos. Wetmore

John McGivern


Robert Boyd, Pennfield Georgianna McFarlane, Pennfield License Nov. 26, 1865 A. Sparks

Bessie(?) Sparks

John McGivern


Sarjeant Rourke, St. Patrick Abigail Rourke, St. Patrick License Dec. 7, 1865 John Boyd

Elizabeth Rourke

John McGivern

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