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                                                   Provincial Archives New Brunswick

                                              transcribed by Doreen Houston April 2008



St. George Baptist Church Records:

  A.  Church Register begins 1839; early history, minutes to 1904, baptisms, marriages & deaths

  B.  Minutes, baptisms, deaths etc 1863-1868

  C.  Church Records 1904-1928

  D.  Church Records 1928-1946

  E.  Church Records 1948-1959.



Early History of the First Baptist Church in St. George


[NOTE: parts of some pages were dark, and therefore difficult to read]


“The Baptist Church in St. George was formed in 1806 by Rev. Isaac Case.


“The Baptist Church in St. George                                            County Charlotte          The Province of NB

In 1796 the Rev. Edward Manning came to St. George and Preached the gospel with the Holy Ghost Sent down from Heaven.  Soon after his Brother James Manning came also who was of Minister of Christ.  A great Revival of Religion took place & many poor Sinners were converted to God.  The next year Mr. Manning and Mr. Allin visited St. George & the work of God again revived & many more [were converted?] unto God.


“In 1806 Rev. Isaac Case & Rev. McHale from the United States visited St. George.  Elder Case Baptized those who professed faith in Christ and formed them into a Church.  The following were the members of the first Church in this place            Stuart Seely, Robeca Seely, Da___(?) Milliken, Nancy Milliken, Charlotte Milliken, John Oliver, Deborah Oliver, Polly Boldwen, John Headack.


“In 1820 Rev. Duncan Dunbar re-organized the church & laboured with them for the space of two years.  His Ministry was ____(?) Blest in giving instruction to the people of _____(?) In the awakening of souls & in sewing the _____(?) [“of seed” crossed out] of divine truth which sprung(?) of _____(?) Bore fruit in years afterward.


“From the time he left until 1832 the _____(?) Was destitute of a Pastor.  During this _____(?) They were almost wholly destitute of the _____(?)ing of the Gospel.  The Missionary _____(?) Of Rev. Mr. Ainsley(?) _____(?) about the year 1830.  Many were [converted?] & considerable additions were made to the church.


“In the year 1832 the Rev. Samuel Robinson who was formerly a Presbyterian was ordained in(?) August 4th their Pastor by Bretheren Crandal & McCully.  He continued in this office untill the year 1840 when he took his dismission & became the Pastor of the first Baptist church in the City of St. John NB.  While Pastor of the church his labours were greatly blessed in the conversion of souls & in gathering in those who had obtained hopes, but had not publickly professed the Savour.  Although the branch at Bocabek was dismissed and was organized into a separate church, yet when Brother Robinson gave up the charge of the church it numbered upwards of 300 members.


“May 25th 1839  St. George 1st Falls    the conference meeting to be held on the last Saturday in each month in future.”



Formation of The Second Baptist Church in the Parish of St. George


Further on in the minutes:  “The months of December [1844] January & February [1845] passed away nothing Special taking place.  The Pastor Preaching Twice every Lords day at the Lower Falls and once at the Upper Mills and administering the Cemmunion once every Month in both Sections of the Church when the following application for dismissions was made by a number of members living at Mascarine  Letete  & Back Bay to form a Separate Church under the Care of the Rev. James Walker.”


The following is taken from a letter to the Baptist Church of Jesus Christ, St. George; from Baptist members residing at “Mascareen, Back Bay and Letete”; dated at Letete, March 4th 1845; signed “In behalf of the Church” by Joseph Catharine, Clerk; contained the names of 137 members:


“ ... we want to have out Names in one Book and act for ourselves and be organized into a Church by ourselves so We want you to send the Dismission of the Names sent with this Letter ....”



1. Flora Sutherland


68. Richard Cook 2nd


2. Andrew Sutherland


69. John Cook 3rd


3. Catherine Sutherland


70. Richard Cook


4. Elizabeth Rourke


71. Eliza Cook


5. Margaret Rourke


72. William Harris


6. Susan Rourke


73. Matilda Harril


7. Deborah Low


74. James Palmer


8. Jane Low


75. Hepsthibeth Palmer


9. Archibald McDiarmid


76. Betsy Palmer


10. Margaret Henderson


77. Nancy Palmer


11. Duncan Stuart


78. William Hopper


12. Mrs. Duncan Stewart


79. Hannah Hopper


13. Peter Cameron


80. Benjamin Hopper


14. Elizabeth Cameron


81. Catharine Hopper


15. Francis Low


82. HenryCook


16. Elizabeth Low


83. Jane Cook


17. Alexie McCloud


84. Peter Cook


18. Robert Low


85. Hannah Cook


19. Frances Walker


86. John Cook 2nd


20. Jamew Low


87. Ann Cook


21. Richard Randal


88. Thomas Oliver


22. Jarvis Clarck


89. Susan Oliver


23. James McVicar


90. Samuel Craig


24. Mercy McVicar


91. Phebe Craig


25. Mary Ann McVicar


92. James Craig.


26. Jane McVicar


93. James Magee


27. John McVicar 3


94. Rachael Magee


28. John McVicar 1st


95. Betsy Magee


29. John McVicar 2


96. Rachel Magee 2


30. Elizabeth Mathers


97. Nathaniel Harris(?)


31. George Low


98. Peter Lassely


32. Elizabeth Mahoney


99. David Lovett


33. James Mahoney


100. Sarah Lovett


34. Jane Dick 2


101. Christy Lovett


35. John Dick


102. James Robinson


36. Peter Cathro


103. Nancy Kelly


37. Ann Cathro


104. John Wentworth


38. Alexander Cathro


105. Mary Wentworth


39. Sarah Cathro


106. Thomas Tucker


40. George Green


107. Samuel Tucker


41. Malinda Green


108. Martha Tucker


42. Mary McMahon


109. Gilbert Green


43. Edward Green


110. Hannah Green


44. Susan Green


111. Charlotte Holmes


45. Mary Thompson


112. Abigail Holmes


46. Eleanor Thompson


113. Richard Roex


47. Margaret Grearson


114. Elizabeth Holmes


48. Samuel Grearson


115. Hannah Holmes


49. Joanna Grearson


116. Sarah Cilley


50. Clement Grearson


117. Eliza Mathis


51. Jane Grearson


118. Sarah Mathis 2


52. William Larence


119. James Dick


53. Mary Anne(?) Larence


120. Simeon Hilyard


54. George Larence


121. Hannah Hilyard


55. Nancy Larence


122. Thomas Wentworth


56. James Powers


123. Martha Wentworth


57. John McLeace


124. Dennis Hoit


58. Archibald McLeace


125. Elizabaeth Hoit


59. Margaret McLeace


126. Sarah Hoit


60. Mary McLeace


127. Jane Hoit


61. Benjamin French


128. Elizabeth Catharine


62. Jane French


129. John Catharine


63. Daniel Harris


130. Anna Francis


64. Lucy Harris


131. Margaret Mathers


65. Samuel Hopper


132. Susan Dick


66. Sarah Hopper


133. Thomas Dick


67. Abigail Hopper


134. George Dick




135. Eliza Dick




136. James Low




137. Samuel Dick.


Further on in the minutes, it was noted that a meeting took place in the Letete Meeting House on 31st March 1845.  “The following members wished to adhere to the Parent Church for a season”:



1. Neil McNichol


10. 1 Elizabeth Hoytt


2. John McNichol


11. Elizabeth Hoytt Junr


3. James McNichol


12. Mercy McNichol


4. Peter McNichol


13. Sarah Hoytt


5. Ebenezer McNichol


14. Alexie McNichol


6. Mary McNichol


15. Jane Hoytt


7. Jane McNichol


16. Abigail McNichol


8. Jane McNichol


17. Mercy Elizabeth Aale(?)


9. Mercy Jane McNichol




“and the aforesaid Members by virtue of said Resolutions of the Church are hereby dismissed to form an independent Church of the Baptist Faith and order called the Second Baptist Church in the Parish of St. George.”


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