Name Parish Died Interred Location Rector
John Higgins St. George March 12, 1831 March 15, 1831 St. Mark's Cemetery, St. George Samuel Thomson
Elizabeth Higgins(relict of the late John Higgins) St. George March 17, 1831 March 19, 1831 St. Mark's Cemetery, St. George Samuel Thomson
William Buck Cripps Woodlands,


April 8, 1831 April 11, 1831 Pennfield Samuel Thomson
Walter Kain(accidental discharge of a loaded musket)     March ? 1833 St. Mark's Cemetery, St. George Samuel Thomson
Alexander Forbes Mylne Upper Falls, St. George May 2, 1833 May 5, 1833   Samuel


Robert Charles(infant)son of Thomas and Helen Carman     July 24, 1833   Samuel Thomson

Spencer(Capt. Of the ship Janis John)     July 26, 1833   Samuel Thomson
John(infant) son of Nelson and Margaret Dowdall Upper Falls, St. George   July 26, 1833   Samuel Thomson
Amy Clinch alias Wetmore     August 9, 1833   Samuel Thomson
Margaret Speers wife of John Speers Sen.     Sunday, May 31, 1835 Pennfield Churchyard Samuel Thomson
Thomas Graham(late Sarjeant of the Enniskillen Dragoon)

  December 22, 1835 December 24, 1835 Churchyard Samuel Thomson
Hon. James Allanshaw St. Andrews Saturday, March 2, at about ½ past 11 o'clock p.m. 1844 Wednesday, March 6, 1844 Digdeguash, Parish of St. Patrick Samuel Thomson
Robert Thomson, son of Rev. Samuel Thomson, died of scarlet fever(aged 4 years and 2 months)   Friday, July 12, 1844     Samuel Thomson
George John Thomson(6 years-brother of Robt. Thomson   Saturday, July 27, 1844     Samuel Thomson
Ann Douglas wife of Berwick Douglas   4 o'clock a.m. March 28, 1846 March 30, 1846   Samuel Thomson
Widow McIlvoy Old Woman's Oven, St. Patrick Aug 20.,1847 Sept. 1, 1847   Samuel Thomson
Rendal Campbell(infant)     August 23, 1847   Samuel Thomson
----Millan(son of William Millan)(abt. 19 years) Pennfield   Sept. 21, 1847   Samuel Thomson
Colonel Hugh Mackay   Friday a.m. Jan. 28, 1848 Sunday, Jan. 30, 1848   Samuel Thomson
Mrs. Dickson wife of William Dickson Pennfield   Saturday, Jan. 22. 1848   Samuel Thomson
Lieut-Colonel Hugh Flaherty Vinegar Hill, St. George Tuesday a.m. Feb. 1, 1848 Feb. 3., 1848   Samuel Thomson
Angus McVicar(aged 87 years) L'Etang, St. George Sat. Feb. 5., 1848 Feb.,7, 1848 In his own field Samuel Thomson
Jane Spear Pennfield Feb. 14, 1848 Feb. 16, 1848   Samuel Thomson
----Harvey(20 years) Pennfield   April 11, 1848 Christ

Church, Pennfield

Samuel Thomson
Mrs. Forpey(?) St. George   April 16, 1848   Samuel Thomson
James McCarrol(abt.30 years) St.George   April 21, 1848 Christ

Church, Pennfield

Samuel Thomson
John Mowat (abt. 48 years)(consumption) St. George June 13, 1848 June 16, 1848   Samuel Thomson

Mathewson(3&1/2)Daughter of Hugh Mathewson

Upper Falls, St. George   June 15, 1848   Samuel Thomson
Robert Crozier St. George Friday, June 23, 1848 Sunday, June 25, 1848 St. Mark's Burying ground Samuel Thomson
  James Pratt, Srn.(abt. 90 yrs.) Upper Falls, St. George  Tuesday, June 27,1848  Thursday, June 29, 1848  The burying ground near the Baptist Meeting House at Upper Falls  Samuel Thomson 
Benjamin Milliken(consumption) Lower Falls, St. George August 27, 1848 August 29, 1848 Church burying ground of St. George Samuel Thomson
---Thompson-daughter of Stephen Thompson Digdeguash, St. Patrick   Sept., 11, 1848 Buried in yard attached to church in St. George Samuel Thomson
James Morrison(abt. 86 yrs.) Pennfield Oct. 1, 1848 Tuesday, Oct. 3, 1848 Pennfield Church burying ground Samuel Thomson
Eliza Holland Pennfield   Nov. 4, 1849 Christ Church burying ground(Pennfield) Samuel Thomson
George Boyd(12 years) St. George   January 9, 1850 St. Mark's Burying ground(St. George) Samuel Thomson

St. George Church Records

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