ANGLICAN CHURCH BAPTISMS (St. George, NB and surrounding areas)
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Number Date Child's Christian Name and Age Parent's Christian Names Parent's Surnames Location Rector
643 March 20 Samuel Charles Johnson b. October 9, 1865 John and Sarah GILLESPIE St. George J. McGivern
644 April 5 Clara b. Feb. 25, 1866 James and Anne MURRAY St. George J. McGivern
645 April 10 Carrie Augusta b. July 24, 1862 David and Louisa WETMORE St. George J. McGivern
646 April 11 William Brownlow b. Dec. 30, 1865 Aaron and Margaret HANNINGTON St. George J. McGivern
647 June 1 Nancy b. Feb. 18, 1866 Johnson and Elizabeth BARRY Pennfield J. McGivern
648 June 10 Charles James b. Dec. 20, 1865 John and Margaret McGEE St. George J. McGivern
649 June 14 Mini Jane adult aged 17 yrs   WILSON St. George J. McGivern (baptised by me and confirmed by the Bishop of Fredericton
650 July 7 Prescott Reynolds (infant) b. Aug. 8, 1866 Beyler and Mary LAWRENCE New River, Lepreaux J. McGivern
651 July 17 James Glass? b. Jan. 3, 1860 Acheson and Elizabeth CARSON St. Patrick J. McGivern
652 July 22 Almira b. Dec 8. 1865 David and Nancy ARMSTRONG Pennfield J. McGivern
653 Aug 5 Charles Wetmore b. Aug. 1, 1865 Archibald and Sarah CAMPBELL St. George J. McGivern
654 Aug 5 Isabella b. April 2, 1866 Edmond and Sarah BILLINGS St. George J. McGivern
655 August 15 James Thomas 8 weeks James and Catherine WATSON St. George J. McGivern
656 Sept Alice ?ymor b. Mar 24, 1865 Hugh and Esther BROWN St. George J. McGivern
657 Sept 17 Amelia Maddlin b. 186? Angus and Sophia ? (page torn)   J. McGivern
658 Sept 23 Augustus Waverly b. Nov. 10, 1865 Joseph and Bridget MURRAY St. George J. McGivern
658(two # same) Dec 13 Dominicus Millican aged 41 years Benjamin and [not recorded] MILLIKEN St. George J. McGivern
659 Oct. 4, 1866 David Henry b. Feb. 15, 1866 Hugh and Margaret PHILLIPS St. George J. McGivern
660 Oct 11 Alfred b. July 6, 1865 Robert and Catherine SUTHERLAND St. George J. McGivern
661 Oct 14 Elizabeth b. Mar. 19, 1865 Robert and Margaret TAYTE St. George J. McGivern
662 Oct 14 Mini Augusta b. April 19, 1865 Robert and Margaret TAYTE St. George J. McGivern
664(skips #663-records are in very poor order now) Nov. 4 ? Simeon 2 years George and Josephine CAMERON St. George J. McGivern
665 Nov 8 Emily June 4, 1866 James and Jane McDOLE Pennfield J. McGivern
666 Nov 8 James Sidney b. Feb. 9, 186? John Henry and Elizabeth TATTAN Pennfield J. McGivern
667 Nov 27 John Daniel b. July 16, 186? Colon and Lavinia FERNAL Lepreaux J. McGivern

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