Second Falls United Baptist Cemetery
Magaguadavic River 7 miles north of St. George)

Updated July 22, 2015

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Anderson--- Mary Anderson 1845---- 1927
                      ---  Hugh Anderson 1850---- 1926
        Appleby---Elizabeth Goss Appleby 1856-1883

       Armstrong--- Geo. Albert-son of  H’w & Lucy Armstrong died November 14,1851-aged five weeks

Baker---In memory of Sarah N. wife of Prince Baker died Aug. 6th, 1857  Aged 44 years
                  ---Also Sarah N. died Aug. 15th, 1830 Aged 8 mo.
                  ---Also Mary C. died Aug. 15th, 1840 Aged 6 mo.
                  ---Their children

Bogle---Emily G. wife of George Bogle March 9th, 1887 Gone but not forgotten Age 24*

Bogle---Ina D. daughter of George and Emily Bogle B:22 Dec.1886* D: April 30th, 1893 Gone to heaven

Bowden---Annette Arsenault  1902----1976  wife of Arnold   --1906-1998[Feb. 10]

Bowden---1840 Edward Bowden 1913
                     ---His wife
                     ---1845 Mary E. Craig 1922
                     ---Her sister
                     ---1849 Adelia Craig 1922
                     ---wife of  James Bowden
        Bowden---Letitia ,wife of James Bowden-Oct. 4th, 1865-34 years
        Rankin---James Rankine-June 7th,1854-31 years
                    ---James, June 10, 1851

Bowden--- Richard Carl*, 1913-1919

Bowden---William 1868-1964
                     ---wife-Bessie A. Young-1870-1959

Brockway---Abigail S.,Age 16 months, D:20 Sept. 1836
        Brockway---Ira*, age 11 days, D.28 April 1822
        Brockway---Lovina*, Age 6 months, D:17 Sept.,1844
                         ---children of Artemus and Hannah Goss Brockway(info from Joan McLeod)
Brockway---Lavinia, dau of Rueben and Lavinia Brockway
Brockway---In memory of George W. died 9th Nov. 1862-Aged 14 years & 7 months
                         ---Also Augusta died 11th. Dec.1848-Aged 7 mos.
                         ---Children of Silas and Julia Brockway
Brockway---In memory of David S. son of William and Jane Brockway died 15th Oct. 1851
                        ---Aged 8 mos

        Brockway---Sacred to the memory of Lavinia, wife of Rueben Brockway who died Mar. 3, 1864-Aged 20 years
        Brockway, Rueben--Oct. 29, 1774-March 11, 1865 (info donated by Joan McLeod)

Buchanan---In memory of Merlin Vail Buchanan 1908-1956 Our loved one sleeps here

                         ---Phyllis Hortence Buchanan- 1912-2012

        Campbell---Daniel--died 7 Sept. 1908

                       ---Jessie---died 24 Sept. 1908

Campbell---In memory of Donald Campbell a native of Pershire, Scotland died Nov. 13th,1864-Aged 66 years
                        ---Ann Campbell wife of Donald Campbell died Nov. 4th, 1884-Aged 78 years
                        ---Duncan-died 1854-Aged 26 years
                        ---John-died 1853
                        ---Peter-died Dec. 28, 1877-Aged 28 years
                        ---William-died May 13, 1872-Aged 22 years This monument is laying on its back on the ground.

Campbell---Duncan father
                        ---Janet mother
                        ---children---Duncan Age 17
                                        ---John Age 60
                                        ---Peter Age 38
                                        ---Daniel Age 68
                                        ---Janet Age 63

Campbell---In Memorial Catherine Campbell wife of James Harmon died May 28, 1867-Aged 36 years, 6 months

        Campbell---Duncan, May 2nd, 1847-Aged 51 years
                        ---son Duncan, Aug. 18th, 1850-12 years

Cox---------David drowned Dec. 24th, 1869-11 years, 8 months

Crafts-----Sarah wife of Marcus Crafts died June 4, 1865-died at Baring Maine-Aged 19 years, 11 months, 21 days

Craig---Calvin Lee--Apr. 21, 1936-
        Craig---Barbara Jean (Linton)--Nov. 9, 1936-

Craig---Charles S.* 1892-1981
        Craig---Edith M. 1892-1936 wife of Charles S. 1892-1981

Craig---Norman 1925-1980
         Craig--- Elizabeth 1931-2002[June 26]

Craig---Chester*, 1912-1992
        Craig---Freda* (Lee), Mrs. Chester, 1914-

Craig---Jeremiah Craig Born Jan. 10, 1840 Died May 29, 1925
                 ---His wife Marjorie 1856-1952
Craig---Clarence Craig      1886-1976
                 ---His wife Velma      1886-1954

Craig---George Edwin*, 1836-1909
         Craig---James Albert*, 1836-1908

Craig---Jemima* (Ash), Mrs. John S., 1812-1878
        Craig---John* S., 1802-1866

        Craig---John*, 84th. Regt., Royal Highland Emigrants, Pvt.,  1833
        Craig---Sarah*(Smith), Mrs. John,  1826

Craig---Osgood  1857-1928
                 ---wife Hester 1866-1928
Craig---Florence E. 1893-1919 wife of Harry Craig
Craig---Hazel daughter of Charles and Edith Craig
Craig---Willard son of Charles and Edith Craig

Cundy---William died March 7, 1835-Aged 51 years

Davis---Anna d. Thomas & Elizabeth April 15, 1846-1 year, 10 months

Davis---Elizabeth wife of Thomas Nov. 2, 1847-38 years

Davis---Charles* V. "Charlie", 1910-2000[Sept 14]
        Davis---Edith* E. (Bowden), Mrs. Charles V., 1910- 2000[14 Sept]

Davis---Isaac June 24, 1863-Aged 49 years
                  ---His Daughter, Eliza died June 8th, 1869-Aged 18 years

Davis---Josiah March 24, 1846-66 yr.

Davis---Maria Davis Nov. 2, 1849-Aged 3 months
                 ---Hugh Davis died Dec. 30, 1851-Aged 1 day
                 ---Children of Alfred and Elizabeth Davis
                 ---Twas babes like us
                 ---Whom Thou didst bless
                 ---Dear Lord and honoured much
                 ---Forbid Thou not
                 --- Were His kind words
                 ---My Kingdom is of such.

Davis---Phebe wife of Josiah Nov. 25, 1860-25 years

Frost---Mother Rebecca Frost Born May, 1853 Died Jan., 1935

Frost---John 1890-1974
                ---His wife Jessie E. 1896-1997[Jan]

Garnett---‘Abide in Me’ John Garnett 1850-1900
                     ---His wife Rebecca  1853-1919

        Gillmor---Annie*, 1854-1954

        Gillmor---Minerva*, 1845-1936

        Gillmor---Rebecca*, 1849-1940

Gillmor-In memory of Arthur Hill Gillmor who departed this life May 3rd, 1821

Gillmor---Arthur Hill Gillmor 1812-1879
                    ---Johanna     1813-1903
                   ---Hampden     1835-1925
                   ---Edward      1839-1916
                   ---Henry      1843-1924
                   ---Tobias      1851-1852
                   ---William       1868-1928

Gillmor---1852 Alfred M 1923
                    ---1862 Adelia 1930
                    ---1889 Ethel T. 1904
                    ---1887 Ethel M. 1936 wife of
                    ---1881 John Gray 1947

Gillmor---Erected by Frederick in memory of his brother Wellington Gillmor who departed this life                                  February 25th, 1874-Aged 40 years

Gillmor---Sidney A. 1857-1933
                    ---Hettie Ann

Gillmor---Minnie Fullmore wife of I.E. Gillmor-1867-1941
                    ---Irwin Gillmor-1867-1950

Gillmor---In memory of Daniel Gillmor died May 30, 1866 in the 67th year of his age

Gillmor---In memory of Eliza who died June 12, 1834-Aged 12 years
                    ---Mandana died Oct. 14, 1838-Aged 6 years, 9 months
                    ---Philander ___25, 1838-Aged 2 years, 4 months
                    ---Corlenia died Aug. 1, 1842-Aged 6 weeks
                    ---Children of Daniel and Pamelia Gillmor

Gillmor---Arthur Stillman Gillmor  Dec. 9, 1889-Nov. 2, 1977
                    ---Sarah Maude Beach  Sept. 28, 1888-Jan. 29,1964

Goss---Hollis A. Goss 1893-1974
                 ---Sarah H. Maxwell 1899-1979

Goss---Mary Ann wife of Peter Goss  Nov.19, 1844 -Age 41 Years
                ---‘She died rejoicing in the Lord’.   This monument is embedded into the ground.

Goss---Nancy, wife of Peter Goss died June 4, 1820-Aged 25 Years
                ---‘She died rejoicing in the Lord’

Goss---Hugh* B., 1862-1941
        Goss---Laura*(McCann), Mrs. Hugh B., 1860-1918

        Goss---Thorot Goss 1823-1906

        Goss---Jane Goss 1827-1923

Johnson---Agnes Stewart wife of Robert Johnson died 1901-Age 63 years

        Johnson---Erected by Frederick in memory of his beloved sister Almeda Gellmor wife of Malcolm Johnson died Aug.               ---10, 1879-Age 31 years, 9 months

Kinney---Daniel*, 1886-1939
        Kinney---Kathleen* (Frost). 1887-1978
        Kinney---Kenneth*, 1918-1919

Kinney---James* W., 1858-19--
        Kinney---Hortense*, Mrs. James W., 1858-1935

Kinney---J. Wellington*--1879-1928

Lane---In memory of Jeremiah Lane died Sept. 20, 1836-Age 31
                ---Also his son John Lane died Aug. 5, 1851-Age 21

Lee---Arthur F. Lee 1894-1982
              ---Helen B. Justason 1909-1996[Nov 3]

Lee---In memory of Ella Lee 1873-1941
              ---Hampden Lee 1861-1948
              ---We shall meet beyond the river

Lee---God is Love
              ---Hannah wife of George Lee Died Oct. 28, 1884-Aged 25 years, 6 months

Lee---In memory of Susan Lee Died June 26, 1878-Age 36 years
              ---Churchill died April 21, 1884-Age 19 years
              ---Lizzie died April 20, 1872-Age 2 years, 6 months
              ---Mary died May 20, 1878-Age 8 years, 10 months

Lisherness---Elizabeth wife of John Lisherness died June 8, 1848-52 years

        Lord  W. John-b.?-d. 1878

MacKay---Ronald Leeman, Donald Chester
                      ---Born and died 1932-Twin sons of Stewart and Lois Mackay

Matheson---Daniel Matheson Born Feb. 2, 1832  Died March 21, 1906
        Sullivan---Hugh Sullivan 1892-1918

Matheson---In memory of Capt. Hugh Matheson died Jan. 25, 1879 -aged 76 years native of Glasgow, Scotland

Matheson---Isabella Matheson wife of Capt. Hugh Matheson died July 11, 1890-aged 86 years

Matheson---In memory of George Matheson died June 10, 1893-aged 69 years
Matheson Plot---mystery stone

Matheson---Harry M. July 30, 1895-Oct. 6, 1923

Matheson---Henry E. 1872-1951
                         ---Jessie 1872-1952

McCaw----Maggie wife of Daniel McCaw Died April 28, 1876-Age 35 years

McFeeters---In memory of Elisha McFeeters died Oct. 22, 1878-Age 51 years

McGowan---In memory of Mary E. wife of John McGowan who died 18th  March, 1860-Age 25 years
                         ---This monument is tilted back.
McKay------1843 Thomas 1920
                         ---1848 Pricilla  1935
                         ---1877 Mary     1932
                         ---1865 George  1939
                         ---1912 Kenneth 1939
                         ---1838 Eurick 1917
        ---1871 Gillmor, Nancy 1932

McLellan---1836 Mark 1905
                        ---1847 wife, Mary Ann 1901

McLellan---1880 William D. age 21 died 18 March 1904

                        ---        Maude died aged 68
                        ---1882 P. Waverly 1907
                        ---1878 Thirza B. 1912

MacLeod---Donald R. 1898-1977
                      ---Blanche, wife 1895-
                      ---Ernest W. 1933-1934
                      ---Angus 1938-
                      ---Donald R. McLeod Private V.G. of Canada-24 Jan. 1977-Age 78

Murdock---In memory of Stewart Murdock Aug. 25, 1910-Age 67 years
                       ---His wife Alice 1837-1926

        Murdoch---“Remember Me”
                       ---In loving memory of her beloved husband George Murdoch died Sept. 12th, 1871

Nichols---Robert Nichols Died Jan. 21, 1858-Aged 35 years & 2 months
                    ---His wife Elizabeth Nichols Died July 7, 1911-Aged 85 yrs. & 7 mos.
                    --- “We shall sleep but not forever
                    ---There will be a glorious dawn
                    ---We shall meet to part no never
                    ---On the resurrection morn.”

Nichols---David Nichols 1846-1922

        Pratt---In memory of James Pratt who died June 19th, 1844-Aged 81 years
                ---Also, Ann, his wife who died March 14th, 1826-Aged 55 years

Pratt---Mary A. (White) wife of David B. White died Feb.1, 1868-Age 33 years
                ---Andrew died May 22, 1855-Aged 28 years
                ---Children of Joseph Pratt

Pratt---Rhoda wife of James Pratt died March 15, 1834-Age 38 years (J. R. Milligan, Stone Supplier)

Purdy---Annie wife of Chester Purdy Died Sept. 12, 1910-Age 21 years

Purdy---Oliver died Jan.3,1912-Age 66 years

Purdy---Amanda Malinda wife of Oliver Purdy died May 10, 1893-Age 45 years

Purdy---Cora May Purdy died 17 years

Purdy---Rosy Ellen Purdy-Age 14 years

Rankin---J.Edward 1870-1939
                    ---His wife Luella Bowden 1870-1930

        Rankin---James*, Age 31, D:7 June 1854

Sherwood---Elizabeth wife of Joseph Sherwood died March 30, 1872 in 67th year of her age.
                        Mother, thou art gone to rest
                        We will not weep for thee
                        For thou art whare oft on earth
                        Thy spirit longed to be

Stewart---In memory of David Stewart, a native of County Down, Ireland who died may 5, 1829-Age 60 years
                    ---Also his wife Margaret Died July 14, 1837-Aged 68 years (S.P. Osgood and Co.)

        Stewart---David Stewart Died July 26, 1876-Age 71 years
                     Thow He slay me yet will I trust Him

Stuart---In memory of Nancy wife of David Stuart who died Feb. 2d, 18- This monument is embedded into the ground.


Taylor---(iron marker with small marble inset)
                   ---W.E. Faulkner, R.D. 1884

        Watters---Elizabeth died Nov. 27, 1880-Age 32 years

Watson---William 1881-1920
                     ---His wife Caroline 1879-1964
                     ---Son David 1914-1926

White---Father Hugh 1829-1916
                  ---Mother Henereta 1834-1920
                  ---Uncle Eurick McKay 1838-1917
                  ---Eternal rest grant unto them

        White---Andrew*, Age 28 Yrs., D: 22 May 1855

         White Mary A [Mrs. David]-ae 33-d. 1 Feb 1868

White-Thomas son of Thomas and Isabella White a native of County Down, Ireland died June 22, 1854-Aged 15 years

Williamson---Alexander Mar. 16, 1884-Age 74 years
                          ---Sarah A. March 4, 1880-Age 24 years
                          ---Nancy, wife of Alex. 1820-1901
                          ---Lavina B. wife of George M. Sept. 19, 1892-Age 28 years

Williamson---Charles K. June 11, 1890-Age 7 mon.
                          ---George M. April 4, 1852-Nov. 1, 1927
                          ---Estella V. 1888-1903

Williamson---Annie Gillmor 1854-1954

Williamson---Lucy Rockwell 1868-1946
                          ---James Ceaton 1867-1951

Williamson---Ralph* Ceaton, 1900-1985

Williamson---Warner Clinton-1899-1944
                          ---Veteran U.S. Army World War l
                          ---At Rest in Forestport, N.Y.

Wise---Samuel 1874-1933
                ---His wife Edith M. Wise 1872-1959

Young---George F. son of Abagail Young died May 21, 1854 at 13 years

Young---Thoret J. son of Abram and Abagail Young died May 9, 1853-Age 5 years, 2 months


Unmarked graves that were shown on a cemetery map drawn up by Norman Gillmor are listed here.

 Allen W.E.

 Armstrong George

 Ash James

 Bowden Adelia

 Bowden Edward

Brown Baby

Buchanan Edward

Burbank William

Condle William

Craig John

Dean Mary

Dick Baby

Gillmor Eldorado

Gillmor Kinsman

Goss John*

Holt Lewis

Lane John*

MacKay Erick

McLean Sr. Bert

McLean Jr. Bert

McLean Elizabeth

McLean Ham

McLean Joseph

McLean Sr. Robert

McVicar Baby

Reynolds Wilson

Sherwood Annie

Sherwood Baby [Josephine/mother]

Sherwood Baby [Mary/mother]

Sherwood Isaac

Sherwood Josephine

Sherwood Manfred

Sherwood Mary

Sherwood Warren

Sherwood William

Sullivan T.A.

Taylor Alexander

White Johnny

Williams George

Transcribed by Charlene Beney
*Addendum--6 August 1996--The following changes have been noted since the 1984 Listing; some are minor, some are due to better visibility of various stones, and many are from commemorative stones, new inscriptions, and new stones for burials which have occurred since that time. Reviewed and compiled by: Calvin Lee Craig-Bonny River, NB. Certified Genealogist (Canada)

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OBITUARY--Saint Croix Courier----
Residing at Bonny River the greater part of his life, Mr. Lee was employed as a lumberman here, and for a short time with the Fraser Brace Company at Frobisher Bay.
 He was a member  of the Second Falls United Baptist Church and held membership in the St. George Masonic Lodge no. 12, F and AM.
 Surviving are his wife, the former Helen Justason, five sons; Arthur E. of Saint John; Lawrence C. of Bonny River; Sheldon A. MLA for Charlotte Centre; Gary A. of Fredericton and Robert J. of Saint John; four daughters, ( Josephine ) Mrs. Alfred C. Barker of Bethel; ( Betty ) Mrs. Joseph Sampson of Bradley, Maine; ( Jeanette ) Mrs. Wilson Dobbins of Saint John; and ( Sharon ) Mrs. Brian Hoyt of Quispamsis.  All were home to attend their fathers' funeral.
 Also surviving are twenty-two grandchildren; three great-grandchildren and one nephew.
 The Masonic service was held at the St. George Funeral Home on Sunday evening, conducted by the W. M. Robert E. Justason and P.M. John F. Fowler, chaplain of the order.
 The funeral was held from the Funeral Home to the United Baptist Church at Second Falls where the service was conducted by the minister, Rev. John Bunting and Rev. Daniel Dryer, minister of the German Street United Baptist Church of Saint John.
 During the service two solos were sung, " God will take care of you ", by Rev. M. Bunting and " How Great Thou Art" by Richard Small.  Mrs. Harold Weir was the organist.
 The pallbearers were Charles V. Davis, H. Allison Craig, Alfred W. Bowden, Allen R. McKay, Henry A. Hatt and James Oliver.  Interment was in the cemetery, adjoining the church.
 Among the many attending the funeral were 13 members of the New Brunswick Legislature; Douglas Young of Tracadie; Gerald C. Lavette and Helidore Cote of Madawaska; Bill Melenfant of Memramcook; John McKay of Miramichi; Frank Branch of Nepisiquit; Edouard Daigle of Grand Falls; Alan Graham of Kent County; Frank Kane of Chatham; Reg. MacDonald of Bay Du Vin; Paul Kenny of Bathurst; Alfred Roussell of Restigouche; and Jack Stevens, president of the New Brunswick Liberal Party.  Many beautiful floral tributes were received and numerous donations were made to the various memorial funds.

MRS. S M GILLMOR DIES IN HOSPITAL—Dated February 5, 1964—Second Falls—The death of Sarah Maud Gillmor, wife of Arthur S Gillmor Sr., Second Falls, Charlotte County, occurred at the Charlotte County Hospital after a brief illness.  Born in Hunter’s Home, Queen’s County, Sept. 24, 1888, a daughter of the late Joseph Beach and Mathilda (Kierstead) Beach, she attended the local schools and was a graduate of Provincial Normal School in Fredericton.  She taught at Coles Island, Jeffrey’s Corner and Bonny River.  She married Arthur Gillmor in 1926.  A member of the United Baptist Church, Second Falls, and Ladies Sewing Circle in which she took an active part.
 Besides her husband, she is survived by one son, Arthur Hill Gillmor, Bonny River; one daughter, Mrs. Donald Corning (Josephine) of Elmsville; five grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Ernest Burgoyne (Rena) of Plaster Rock, Mrs. Earl Green (Jenny), Greenfield, Carleton County; three brothers, Stanley of Plaster Rock, Otty and Roland Beach of Coles Island; several nieces and nephews.
 Funeral service was conducted by Rev. C A Hicks from the residence in Bonny River; two favorite hymns were sung by Second Falls United Baptist Church Choir, “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere” and “Unto the Hills”.
 Interment was in Second Falls Cemetery.
 Pallbearers were Charles Craig, Berton Craig, Hollis Goss, George Matheson, Arthur Lee and Roy Hall.
 Among the many floral tributes received were those from Christ Church, Elmsville; CPR Station Staff sections 1, 2, 3 Cantilever Lodge 184, BM of WE; Memorial donations to United Baptist Women’s Missions Union; the British and Foreign Bible Society from Pocologan; Memorial Hymn Books for the Second Falls United Baptist Church.
 Those attending from out of town were relatives and friends from Coles Island, Plaster Rock, Greenfield, Elmsville, St. Stephen, Pennfield, St. George and surrounding district.

WILLIAM BOWDEN DIES AT AGE 96—Dated 1964—The death of William Bowden, the oldest resident of Bonny River, occurred Sunday, January 12, at his home after several months illness.  He was born at Bonny River, Dec. 3, 1868, the son of the late Edward and Mary (Craig) Bowden.
 In his younger years Mr. Bowden worked in New Hampshire and then in Boston Elevated Railway for some years.  In 1908 he joined the staff of E G Murphy & Co. of St. George, NB (now the St. George Pulp & Paper Co.) and was scaler and then manager of the Wood’s Operations for many years and was a familiar figure in the communities along the Magaguadavic River.
 He was married in 1906 to Bessie A. Young of Oak Bay, NB, who predeceased him in 1959.
 He leaves to mourn two sons, Arnold A of Montreal, and Alfred W of St. Stephen, one daughter, Mrs. Charles (Edith) Davis at home, also three grandchildren and several cousins.  One son Richard predeceased him at the age of six.
 The largely attended funeral was held Wednesday, January 15th, at two o’clock with prayers at his home followed by service in the Second Falls Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. C A Hicks.  H Eugene Wilson sang “ Softly now the Light of Day” and “The Valley of Peace” accompanied by Mrs. N A Gillmor.
 Pallbearers were Lawrence Craig, Charles Craig, Allison Craig, Norman Gillmor, Irwin Golden, and Llewllyn Spinney.
 There were many beautiful floral tributes as well as Gideon Bibles, Bible Society Memorials and donations for hymn books in the church.
 Interment in the family lot in the Second Falls cemetery.
"Donated by Jill Justason"

FORMER TEACHER PASSES AT HOME—Dated September 21, 1959—Bonny River—The community of Bonny River was grieved by the death of Mrs. Bessie Almira (Young) Bowden, which occurred at her home here after three months illness.
 Mrs. Bowden was born June 2, 1870 at Oak Bay, the eldest child of the late George M and Annie (McAllister) Young.  She attended school at Oak Bay and later graduated from the then Provincial Normal School in Fredericton.  After teaching in Sackville, Milltown, St. Stephen and other schools, she entered Mount Allison Ladies College, Sackville, from where she graduated in 1905.  She was the first teacher of household science in New Brunswick public schools, teaching first at Kingston Consolidated.
 Mrs. Bowden was a member of the United Church of Canada and a charter member of the IODE in St. Stephen.  In 1906 she married William Bowden of Bonny River.
 Besides her husband, Mrs. Bowden is survived by two sons, Arnold A of Montreal and Alfred W of St. Stephen, and one daughter, Mrs. Charles Davis (Edith) of Bonny River.  Another son, Richard, died a number of years ago.  Also surviving are three grandchildren; a brother, Rev. H S Young of Toronto and several nephews and nieces.
 The funeral, largely attended, was held last Wednesday afternoon after prayers at the home, in the United Baptist Church at Second Falls, conducted by the pastor, Rev. C A Hicks.  Two hymns were sung by H Eugene Wilson, Rock of Ages and The Valley of Peace.
 Pallbearers were Charles Craig, Milton McVicar, and H Allison Craig of Bonny River, William Young of Oak Bay, Llewelyn Spinney and Angus Grant of St. George.
 Burial was in the family lot in the cemetery adjoining the church.
 Relatives and friends attended the funeral from Montreal, Fredericton, St. Stephen, St. Andrews, St. George, Oak Bay, Pennfield, Rollingdam, Calais, ME, and other points in the county.
 The large number of floral tributes received included those from Eastern Pulpwood Co. employees, Calais; officers and members of Granite Chapter No. 15, OES, St. George; past matrons of the Chapter and Mr. and Mrs. R D Caldwell Stewart, St. George.
"Donated by Jill Justason"

06/28/2002 CRAIG, ELIZABETH HARDING (BETH) - 71, of 14 Cassandra Court, Valley, Col. Co., passed away suddenly June 26, 2002 in Colchester Regional Hospital, Truro. Born in Traynor, Sask., she was a daughter of the late William and Elizabeth (Harding) Howard. She was a graduate from the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College and taught for many years in different schools in New Brunswick. She is survived by a son Kevin and wife Bernadette of Valley, Col. Co., grandsons, Raynor Craig and Rhowen Craig; brothers, John Howard of North Yorke, Ontario, David Howard of Cardston, Alberta; sisters, Kathleen Follas of Auckland, New Zealand, Ngaire Nelson of Saint John, N.B., Lorna Seeley of St. Martin’s, N.B. She was predeceased by her husband Norman Charles Craig; brother Patrick. Cremation has taken place. No flowers by request. A memorial service will be held on Saturday at 2 p.m. in St. George United Baptist Church, St. George, New Brunswick. Rev. Micah Vierling will officiate with burial in Second Falls Cemetery, Second Falls, St. George, N.B. A reception will follow the burial in St. George United Baptist Church, Church Hall. Donations in memory may be made to Canadian Cancer Society or to the Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke Fund. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Mattatall Funeral Home, Truro.

Telegraph Journal-Tues. Sept. 16th , 1974


 GOSS-At the Fundy Hospital, Black’s Harbour, Sept. 14, 1974, Hollis A. Goss of Bonney River;  survived by his wife, one daughter, three sons, one sister, 11 grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.

Resting at the St. George Funeral Home where service will be held Monday at 2:30 p.m.  Interment in the Bonney River Cemetery.

Donated by Heather Waddingham


Saint Croix Courier-March 12, 1980


BONNY RIVER- Many relatives and friends were saddened to learn of the death of Charles Norman Craig, which occurred in the Charlotte County Hospital, St. Stephen, February 23, 1980, following a brief illness.

Mr. Craig was fifty-four years of age, and was the son of Charles Craig, Bonny River and the late Mrs. Edith (Smith) Craig, and had lived his complete life time in this community.

He was a member of the United Baptist Church of St. George; of the St. George Masonic Lodge no. 12, Free and Accepted Masons, and was a Past Patron of Granite Chapter no. 15, Order of Eastern Star.

At the time of his death he had been employed with the National Harbours Board, Saint John.

Surviving are his wife, the former (Beth) Elizabeth Howard, formerly of Rothesay; one brother Kevin W., his father, three brothers, Maurice O of Lake George, York County; Lewis E. of Windsor, N. S.,; and G. Berton of Bonny River;  three sisters, (Hester) Mrs. Roy J. Hall Sr. and (Doris) Mrs. Lester D. Hall both of Bonny River; and (Helen) Mrs. Henry A. Hatt of L'Etang, several nieces, nephews and cousins.

The funeral was held from the St. George Funeral Home at St. George to the United Baptist Church, which was filled to capacity with relatives and friends, testifying to the esteem in which Norm was held by his family and friends.  The service was conducted by the minister, Rev. J. Norman Baird.  The hymns, "Lord I'm Coming Home", and "In the Garden" were sung by the choir of the church.  Mrs. Charles V. Davis was the organist.

The pallbearers were Sheldon Lee, Charles V. Davis, Dennis Hanley, Gerald Bradley, Alison Craig, and Vance Holt.

Interment was in the Bonny River Cemetery.

The Memorial Services of the Masonic Order and the Eastern Star were held at the Funeral Home on the evening prior to the day of the funeral, with W. M. Earle L. Nickerson and John F. Fowler, Chaplain conducting the Eastern Star service assisted by W. P. Willard Anthony, and chaplain, Mrs. Stanley Johnson.

Beautiful floral tributes were received, and a number of Memorial donations made to Churches, the Boy Scout Association;  and the Bible Society.

Attending the funeral from outside areas were those from Nova Scotia, Saint John, Fredericton, Hampton, St. Stephen, Harvey Station, St. Andrews and local communtities.



©Charlene Beney 2001