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 Issue 3 of 6 The Winds of Change: 1906 - 1925

Vitals for the years 1918-1925 for the parish of St. George

[Written with permission of Saint Croix Courier and transcribed by Charlene Beney]


Feb. 7, 1918

Died;  SPEAR, Joseph -24 years


St. George, Feb.2--A telegram from Ottawa one night brought the sad news to Mr. and Mrs. John B. Spear and family.  Joseph Spear, twenty four years of age gave his life 'somewhere in France' on the 21st.  He was a young man of fine promise, the second son of the bereaved parents.  Joe joined a New Brunswick battalion, enlisting in St. John, while in the employ of the N.B. Telephone Company, going overseas with that battalion.  Never a very robust boy, he was a member of the regiment band, volunteering for service in France where he had been for some time with a battalion to which he was transferred.

    He was a member of the citizens' band, St. George, and was employed by the N.B. Telephone Company, going from here to Petitcodiac, being  promoted by the company to the main office, St. John, where he enlisted.  Joe was a favorite with all, and many friends throughout the province will hear of his early death with deep regret.  Besides his parents he leaves two brothers and three sisters to mourn the loss of a loving son and affectionate brother.

February 14, 1918

Born;  McLAIN;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, St. Stephen, Jan. 22, to Mr. and Mrs. Hazen McLain of  St. George, a daughter, Murial Adelaide.

February 28, 1918

Died;  GILLMOR, Daniel:  At Montreal, Friday a.m. Senator Gillmor.

Death's Call Came Very Suddenly to Senator Gillmor in Montreal

    A very sorrowful message, and one that had not in any way been expected came from Montreal on Friday morning, announcing that Senator Gillmore had passed away.

    Deceased was sixty nine years of age.  Interment will take place at St. George, N.B.

    Senator Gillmor was of Irish descent, and a son of the late Hon. Senator A.H. Gillmor, and his wife Hanna Dawes Gillmor.  He was born in St. George in Charlotte county on July 1, 1849 and received his education there.  He entered mercantile life at an early age and was for many years a member of the firm of O'Brien and Gillmor, of St. George, N.B.  Besides owning a large amount of property at St. George, he also acquired a leading interest in the extensive granite quarries of that place.  Many years ago he came to Montreal and became a member of the firm of Chase and Sanborn, retaining this connection to the present time.  He retained his summer home at St. George and spent part of every year in New Brunswick.

May 30, 1918

Born;  GREARSON:  At St. George, May 27th, to Mr. and Mrs. Chipman Grearson, a son.

June 27, 1918

Born;  GRANT:  At St. George, June 20th to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grant, a daughter.

July 4, 1918

Born;  DeWOLFE:  At St. George, to Rev. and Mrs. Herbert DeWolfe, a son.

August 22, 1918

Died;  FINNEGAN:  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, Aug. 20th George M. Finnegan of St. George aged 62 years.

August 29, 1918

Born;  O'NEILL:  At St. George to Mr. and Mrs. E.J. O'Neill, a son.

October 3, 1918

Born;  CAMPBELL:  At St. George, Sept. 30th, to Mr. and Mrs. T.  Alexander Campbell, a daughter Lois Margaret.

November 28, 1918

Born;  McGRATTAN:  At St. George, Nov. 15, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis McGrattan. (paper gives no details)

December 26, 1918

Born;  ANDERSON:  At St. George, Dec. 16, to Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson, a son.


July 17, 1919

Died;  KINNEY:  At Second Falls, July 13, Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. David, aged 1 year.

October 23, 1919

Died;  BOWDEN:  At Second Falls, St. George, Oct. 14, Richard Carl Young, child of Mr. and Mrs. William, aged 6 years.

November 27, 1919

Born:  CAMPBELL:  At St. George, Nov. 28 to Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexander, a son. (I checked the date and it is as recorded in the Courier)


May 6, 1920

Born:  LEE:  At St. George, April 19, to Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin S. Lee, a son.

Oct. 21, 1920

Died:  BILLINGS:  At Chipman Memorial, Oct. 20, Mrs. Urania of Caithness, aged 63 years.

Oct. 28, 1920

Born:  ORR:  At Chipman Memorial, Oct. 18, to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Orr of Bonny River, a daughter, Marjorie Lascelles.


February 10, 1921

Deaths:  MEALEY;  At St. George, January 27, Alfred M., aged 88 years.

February 24, 1921

 Deaths:  McADAM;  At St. George, Feb. 12, Harry L., aged 24 years, eldest son of the late David A. McAdam.

July 8, 1921

Deaths:  SAYRE;  At Elmsville, Mrs. A. M. Sayre of  St. George on July 26, 1921.


March 23, 1922

Deaths:  CRAWLEY;  At St. Stephen, March 20, James Crawley, formerly of  St. George.

May 11, 1922

Deaths:  FALOON;  At St. George, May 5, Teresa wife of Frank, aged 32 years.

August 24, 1922

Deaths:  CRAIG;  at Caithness, St. George, Hilton Rufus Craig, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Craig, aged 2 months.

November 23, 1922

Births:  WILLIAMSON;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, Nov. 16, to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Williamson of Bonny River, a son.

            GOSS;  At Bonny River, Nov. 17, to Mr. and Mrs. Hollis A. Goss, a son.


June 7, 1923

Births:  GOSS;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, May 30, to Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Goss of St. George, a daughter, Mary.

June 28, 1923

Births:  TOY;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, June 19, to Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Toy, of St. George, a son.

July 5, 1923

Births:  GILLMOR;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, June 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Gillmor of St. George, a daughter.

Deaths;  MATHESON:  At St. Stephen, June 28, Hugh Matheson of Bonny River, aged 35 years.

August 2, 1923

Deaths;  GILLMOR;  At his home in Second Falls, N.B. July 20, Alonzo W. Gillmor, after a long and painful illness, during which he was tenderly cared for by his sister and daughter.

August 23, 1923

Births;  McKAY;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, August 12, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKay, of St. George, a son.

Sept. 27, 1923

Births:  JOHNSON;  At St. George, Sept. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Johnson, a daughter.

November 15, 1923

Births;  FOSTER;  At Bonny River, Nov. 7th, to Mr. and Mrs. Miles A. Foster, a son, Kenneth Albert.


June 5, 1924

Births:  STEWART:  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, May 21st, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stewart of St. George, a daughter.

July 10, 1924

Births:  PATTERSON;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, July 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Patterson of St. George, a son.

July 24, 1924

Births;  THORNE;  At the Canal, St. George, July 16, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Thorne, a son Emery Foster.

August 28, 1924

Births:  CADY :  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, St. Stephen, Aug. 21, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Cady of St. George, a son, Everett James Gray.

September 11, 1924

Deaths:  CADY :  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, St. Stephen, Aug. 28, Everett Gray Cady of St. George, aged 7 days.


April 9, 1925

Births:  SEELEY;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, March 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Seeley of St. George, a daughter.

September 10, 1925

Births:  MEATING;  At Chipman Memorial Hospital, August 29th to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Meating, St. George, a daughter.

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