Roll of Honour (Training Casualties) - No. 31 (Later No.7) Operational Training Unit, Debert, NS

No.31 Operational Training Unit
June 3, 1941-July 1, 1944
No.7 Operational Training Unit
July 1, 1944-July 20, 1945
Debert, Nova Scotia

Training Casualties

Abbreviations Used Stands For Total Number Killed
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force Five (5)
RAF Royal Air Force Seven (7)
RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Twenty-Nine (29)
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force Sixty-Eight (68)
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force One (1)

October 23rd BOYD, John Fisher (Pilot) RCAF J/5290 Pilot Officer
"                    " KIRSCH, Abie (WAG) RCAF R/77426 Sergeant
"                    " MORRIS, Albert James RAFVR GB937761 Leading Aircraftman
"                    " WAINWRIGHT, Alan Ewart Gilbert (OB) RCAF J/7806 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: The crew of Hudson AN895 were engaged in a final night training exercise when their aircraft crashed and burned when the pilot attempted a forced landing at D'Abord La Ploufle, near Cartierville, Quebec.

October 23rd HORNSEY, Norman Leonard RAF GB570784 Sergeant
"                    " LUARD, Richard Aubrey (OB) RCAF J/7801 Pilot Officer
"                    " KELLEY, Robert Frederick (WAG) RCAF R/83547 Sergeant
"                    " O'HANLEY, Charles Beeching (Pilot) RCAF J/5296 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM896 was on the final long-distance exercise prior to being ferried across the Atlantic when it flew into the ground and disintegrated at Great Village, NS.

October 25th GILL, Douglas Roy (WAG) RCAF R/87580 Sergeant
"                   " NOWOSAD, August (OB) RCAF J/7649 Pilot Officer
"                   " SHELLSHEAR, Thomas Douglas RCAF J/5500 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM886 was on a cross-country training flight when they crashed at the lower end of Big Tupper Lake, Altamount, Franklin County, New York.

October 30th MARSH, Ernest Walter RAF GB627700 Aircraftman, Class 1
December 14th BIRD, Maurice Edward RAFVR GB114172 Pilot Officer
"                        " BLYTH, Kenneth Whinray RAFVR GB136159 Pilot Officer
"                        " PICKLES, Amos RAFVR GB114173 Pilot Officer
"                        " ROURKE, Clyde Burton RCAF R/90074 Sergeant

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson BW382  failed to return from a local flying exercise.

March 21st MILLER, Percy William Edward RAF GB641485 Leading Aircraftman
May 9th MONTGOMERY, Alexander Restoul (WAG) RCAF J/10018 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson FH269 went missing off Gander, NFLD.

May 30th HOFFMAN, Albert (Pilot) RCAF J/9477 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: P/O Hoffman was killed in Hudson AM737 while attempting a single-engine landing. He had to go around again to avoid an aircraft on the runway, the Hudson went out of control and crashed into some woods at the aerodrome boundary at Debert. The other members of the crew were as follows: Sgt. William Divers EARL (GB1076620) (Obs.) and Sgt. Arthur Charles NORRIS (AUS411046) (WAG).

June 7th CREIGHTON, John Traquair (Pilot) RCAF J/9368 Pilot Officer
"           " KING, Neil Danskine (Wop/AG) RAAF AUS411147 Sergeant
"            " LENNON, Dermot Henry (Obs.) RAFVR GB1138701 Sergeant

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: The crew of Hudson AM721 were engaged in a photography exercise when their aircraft struck high ground and disintegrated whilst flying in bad weather at Folly Lake, NS.

June 10th ADAMS, George RAFVR GB1500291 Aircraftman, Class 1
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: AC1 Adams drowned in Folly Lake, NS.
July 22nd PLATSON, Paul (Wop/AG) RCAF J/11600 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: P/O Platson was the only casualty when Hudson AM766 crashed into some trees during a radio practice at Wentworth, NS. The other crew members who survived the crash were as follows: P/O Sydney Herbert Brown, RAAF (Pilot) (AUS411118); P/O Bertram Somerville Walker, RAAF (AUS412864) (Obs.) and Sgt. Richard Grand Hopkinson, RCAF (R/100205) (Wop/AG).

August 10th BURSILL, John Alan (Pilot) RAAF AUS411119 Pilot Officer
"                 " COOKE, Arnold William (WAG) RCAF R/108285 Sergeant
"                 " HOBSON, John Kenneth "Jack" (OB) RCAF J/11647 Pilot Officer
"                 " ROGERS, Paul "Amos" (Staff OB) RCAF J/15115 Pilot Officer
"                 " VINCENT, Howard James "Jim" (WAG) RCAF R/98849 Sergeant

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson BW401 was on a cross-country navigation exercise when the weather conditions deteriorated unexpectedly at base. The aircrew acknowledged an r/t message diverting the aircraft to Charlottetown, PEI. The Hudson struck high ground (Dalhousie Mountain, Near Scotsburn, Pictou County, NS) while in level flight and completely disintegrated.

Sept 13th CLARKE, Raymond Albert (Pilot) RAFVR GB122068 Pilot Officer
"              " HACKETT, James Alfred (Wop/AG) RCAF J/12097 Pilot Officer
"              " JOHNSON, James McLean (OB) RCAF R/115270 Sergeant
"              " LAGIMODIERE, Donald Roderick (Wop/AG) RCAF R/101688 Sergeant

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM765 took off on a night cross-country exercise and went down in the sea. 

October 11th RYAN, James Fisher RAF GB518866 Sergeant
November 13th BARBER, John (WAG) RCAF R/121518 Sergeant
"                       " LaFRANCE, Hubert Elias Joseph (AG) RCAF R/117314 Sergeant
"                       " STRATTON, Charles William RAFVR GB1387137 Sergeant
"                       " WILLIS, Harold Frederick RNZAF NZ415809 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: The crew of Hudson AM892 were returning from a cross-country training exercise and their aircraft was seen to pass over the aerodrome. The aircraft crashed six miles north-east of the aerodrome.

January 27th BENNETT, Donald Malcolm RAFVR GB132403 Pilot Officer
"                  " LEADLY, Henry Roy (WAG) RCAF R/102352 Sergeant
"                   " MARK, Edward (WAG) RCAF R/99990 Flight Sergeant
"                   " NASH, Edwin James Harold (Pilot) RAFVR GB103942 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: The crew of Hudson AM890 were returning from a navigation exercise and were approaching to land when the aircraft swung through 180 degrees to the left and spun into the ground two miles south-west of the aerodrome at Debert.

January 31st WILSON, David Leslie Thompson RCAF J/13633 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Death by natural causes while in the Camp Hill Hospital at Halifax, NS.
April 8th ELLIOTT, Percy William RAAF AUS425289 Sergeant
"           " HYLAND, Thomas Vincent (Pilot) RCAF R/128953 Sergeant

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Sgt. Hyland and Sgt. Elliott were engaged in a navigation exercise and were killed when Hudson FK408 crashed near Sydney, NS. 

April 19th BURNS, Philip Maxwell RAAF AUS421242 Sergeant
"             " GIILLIS, John Archibald (WAG) RCAF R/104470 Sergeant
"             " HOWARD-BANGS, Jeffrey RAF GB49980 Pilot Officer
"             " LONGSTAFF, Arnold RAF GB645930 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM773 was lost during a patrol.
May 15th CARTER, Henry Hamilton (WAG) RCAF R/160385 Sergeant
"             " DIXEY, Eric Rowland (Pilot) RAFVR GB1339314 Sergeant
"             " HORSLEY, Reginald Carl (WAG) RCAF R/165007 Sergeant
"             " McDOWELL, William Lloyd (Nav.) RCAF R/153587 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson FK468 failed to return from a navigation exercise.
June 5th HADDOW, Alexander Broom (WAG) RCAF J/25949 Pilot Officer
"           " MAYHEW, Vernon Earle (Nav.) RCAF J/24001 Pilot Officer
"           " McCARRY, James Joseph (Nav.) RCAF J/23689 Pilot Officer
"           " SUMMERWILL, John Leslie (Nav.) RCAF J/24806 Pilot Officer
"           " URSEL, Clifford Bernard (WAG) RCAF J/24803 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson FK409 failed to return from a navigational exercise.
July 20th HUNN, Raymond Thomas RAF GB39528 Squadron Leader
"            " PAPWORTH, Walter Geoffrey Macauley RAFVR GB151210 Pilot Officer
July 26th LEGROULX, Claude Oscar (WAG) RCAF R/169406 Sergeant
"            " L'HEUREUX, Joseph Maurice Claude (WAG) RCAF R/171487 Sergeant
"             " MacLEOD, Allan Allister (WAG) RCAF R/54058 Warrant Officer, Class 1
"            " MUSK, Gordon Wilfred John RAFVR GB1425245 Aircraftman, Class 1
"            " PARR, Ronald James RAFVR GB151497 Pilot Officer
"            " SMITH, Edward RAFVR GB152064 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson FK539 were engaged in a cross-country exercise when their aircraft crashed and burned atop a 1,000 foot mountain peak near Mabou Mines, Cape Breton, NS
August 9th HENEAGE, James Frederick RAFVR GB1135359 Aircraftman, Class 1
August 21st MARSHALL, Leslie RAFVR GB1493604 Sergeant
August 28th CRUMMEY, Cyril Burton (AG) RAFVR GB798658 Sergeant
"                 " IMPEY, Frank Eric RAFVR GB15101 Pilot Officer
"                 " OAKLEY, Stanley John RAFVR GB1577167 Sergeant
"                 " STEVENS, John Bede Polding RAAF AUS412742 Sergeant
Sept. 22nd CREIGHTON, John (WAG) RCAF R/85570 Flight Sergeant
"                " LAMBERT, Bryan Waldo (Nav.) RAFVR GB1388658 Sergeant
"                " McHARDY, Stanley Swanston (WAG) RCAF R/120022 Flight Sergeant
"                " POYNTZ, Stewart Wogan (Pilot) RAFVR GB1518262 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM755 crashed just after take-off one mile west of the aerodrome at Debert.
October 30th FRASER, Harold Seymour Thomas (Wop/AG) RCAF R/76056 Sergeant
"                   " HORTON, Arthur John (Wop/AG) RCAF R/124761 Sergeant
"                   " PATTISON, Eric (Nav.) RAFVR GB1558917 Sergeant
"                   " YOUNG, Alan Wilmot (Pilot) RCAF R/159283 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM773 was lost during a patrol.

January 6th GORDON, John Alastair (Pilot) RCAF GB152700 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM764 crashed near Dodderidge, Nova Scotia whilst carrying out descent through cloud procedure. Also aboard the aircraft were the following personnel: Sgt. Douglas JEFFREY, RAAF (AUS427483) (Nav.B); Sgt. Brian Christian Jensen GERTIE, RNZAF (NZ422683) (WAG) and Sgt. James Alfred EASTON, RNZAF (NZ417154) (WAG).
January 29th BATES, Michael Joseph (WAG) RCAF R/183305 Sergeant
"                   " BODELL, Edwin John (WAG) RCAF R/151197 Sergeant
"                  " CLARK, William RAFVR GB1564312 Sergeant
"                   " HARRISON, William RAFVR GB1339314 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AF547 failed to return from a training exercise.
Feb. 21st BRYANT, James Roy (WAG) RCAF R/67217 Flight Sergeant
"             " FITZNER, Carl Patrick (WAG) RCAF R/183177 Sergeant
"             " JONAS, Geoffrey Allan (Pilot) RAFVR GB1523237 Sergeant
"             " ROBISON, Donald (Nav.B) RAFVR GB1457997 Sergeant
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson AM729 failed to return from a training flight.
April 2nd HORTON, Ian McLane (Pilot) RCAF J/35567 Flying Officer
"            " KEEGAN, Charles Clement (WAG) RCAF R/185401 Flight Sergeant
"            " RENAUD, Joseph Alaric Roland (AG) RCAF R/141551 Flight Sergeant
"            " ROBERTSON, Ian (Nav.B) RCAF J/38435 Pilot Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Hudson FK541 crashed in the sea during a night training exercise.
April 15th CLOUTIER, Albert Edward (AG) RCAF R/184360 Sergeant
"             " GIBSON, Joseph Wilson (Pilot) RCAF J/36962 Pilot Officer
"             " MacDONALD, Ian Alistair (Pilot) RCAF J/37607 Pilot Officer
"             " REYNOLD, Douglas Glen (Nav. B) RCAF J/38692 Flying Officer
"             " STEWART, George Albert (Wop/AG) RCAF R/191672 Sergeant
"             " WARWICK, Murray Alfred (Nav. B) RCAF J/38207 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: The crew of Hudson AM902 had just dropped some depth charges when the aircraft was seen to plunge into the sea in Minas Basin, NS.

No.7 Operational Training Unit

Nov. 30th BENNETT, Kenneth Brian (Nav.) RCAF J/47955 Flying Officer
"             " BREADNER, Donald Lloyd (Pilot) RCAF J/43299 Pilot Officer

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: F/O Bennett and P/O Breadner were killed when Mosquito KB278 struck a hill three miles north of Westchester, NS.

Feb. 20th CLARK, William Reed (Aero Engine Mechine) RCAF R/90589 Leading Aircraftman
"             " CORBETT, Vaughan Bowerman, DFC (Pilot) RCAF C/299 Group Captain
"             " FISHER, John Allan (Meteorologist) RCAF 10194 Sergeant
"             " WARRELL, William Cochrane (Air Frame Mechine) RCAF R/117358 Leading Aircraftman

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Bolingbroke 9179 crashed shortly after take-off, two miles west of Bagotville, Quebec.

April 18th BALKWILL, Stanley Herbert, DFM (Pilot) RCAF J/17111 Flight Lieutenant
"             " RICHARD, Joseph Regis (Aero Engine Mechanic) (passenger) RCAF R/73359 Corporal
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Mosquito 968 crashed one mile south-east of Truro, NS.
May 22nd MacDONALD, Ian Alastair Norman RAFVR GB1820164 Sergeant
June 25th SWIFT, Thomas Charles Victor Morris (Nav.) RCAF R/273980 Flight Sergeant
"             " WHITE, William Thomas (Pilot) RCAF J/39530 Flying Officer
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Mosquito KB170 and Mosquito KB303 were engaged in low level formation flying when they collided in mid-air. The tail section of KB170 was cut off and the aircraft crashed four miles south of Hantsport, NS killing F/S Swift and F/O White.

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