Monument to be unveilved in Pennfield

Monument to be unveiled in Pennfield
by Barb Rayner/ Transcribed by G. Christian Larsen

PENNFIELD - The Charlotte Fundy Kin Club1 will hold a ceremony in September to unveil a monument to the men and women who served and/or worked at two major military bases in the area during the Second World War - the Pennfield air base and Camp Utopia army base.

    The two bases were an important part of the Canadian war effort. Air crews from Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia trained at Pennfield as part of the British commonwealth air training plan serving as pilots and crew in all theatres of war. Several died while training at the base.

    Assault troops trained at nearby Camp Utopia and took part in the invasion of Europe, fighting in Frances, the Netherlands and Germany. The base continued to operate several years after the war ended.

    The dedication of the monument will take place Sunday, Sept. 24, at the provincial park in Pennfield across Route 1 from the Pennfield post office.

   Past and current members of the military have been invited to attend the ceremony as well as representatives from the local, provincial and federal governments.

SOURCE: The Saint Croix Courier (St. Stephen, NB) - August 15, 2006.

Transcriber's Notes:

1 The memorial stone was brought about by the hard work and dedication of the "Charlotte County War Memorial Committee (2005)". The committee members were: J. David Stuart, Mark Pedersen, 250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing, A.F.A.C. and Charlotte Fundy Kin Club.

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