Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service (July 24, 2011)

Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service
Hosted by Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society
July 24th, 2011

Left to Right: Georgie Robertson, Chuck Gabriel, Paul Thom (Piper), Robert Anderson, Leo Wisted, Frank Burnham, Fred Bing, Alistair Evans, Aaron Bennett (Bugler), Al Barker, Jessie Nason, Terry Robertson, Jim Stewart, Hib Barry, Richard Chambers (partial hidden), Colin Fleiger, Valerie Crisp (white), Paul Gould (partial hidden), George Richardson, Elizabeth Allen, Everett McQuinn, Rob MacAndrew (partial hidden), John Charters and Gordon Boyd.

Getting Ready For The Service
All Photographs by "Sheri Larsen".

Mike Cameron, CTV News and Christian Larsen, President Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society

Mike Cameron and Christian Larsen

Christian Larsen & Lt. Bernard J. Cormier, MC

Christian Larsen, Lydia Hanselpacker and Karen Corning

Colin and Alice Fleiger

Al & Josephine Barker

Ike Bradford, The Royal Canadian Legion (Branch No.39)

Lt. Aaron Bennett, Christian Larsen and John Charters

Christian Larsen and Harold Wright

Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service
All Photographs by "Daniel Goguen"

Brenda Ferguson
Opening Remarks

Lt. Bernard J. Cormier
Master of Ceremonies

Elizabeth Cormier
Signing O'Canada

Lt. Bernard J. Cormier
Welcoming Everyone To This Year's Service

Pastor Brent Wagstaff
Beaver Harbour United Baptist Church

Pastor Brent Wagstaff

Lt. Bernard and Elizabeth Cormier
Reading poem High Flight

Paul Gould and Richard Chambers
Colour Party

Lt. Aaron Bennett
Last Post

Piper Paul Thom
The Lament

Lt. Bernard J Cormier
Two Minutes of Silence

Lt. Aaron Bennett

Laying of the Wreaths
All Photographs by "Daniel Goguen"

The Hon. John Williamson, MP
Dominion of Canada

Everett McQuinn
Province of New Brunswick

Deputy Mayor Jim Maxwell, St. Stephen
Mayor's Wreath

F/L James A. Stewart, DFC, ONB
R.A.F. Wreath

Cpl. George Richardson
R.C.A.F. Wreath

LACW Jessie G Nason
R.C.A.F. (WD) Wreath

Rob MacAndrew
R.A.A.F. Wreath

Sandra Welch
R.N.Z..A.F. Wreath

Lt. Cmdr. Alistair Evans
R.N. Wreath

Colin Fleiger
Camp Utopia Wreath

George Richardson
No.2 ANS Wreath

Fred Bing
No.34 OTU Wreath

John Charters, CD
RCAF Station Pennfield Ridge Wreath

Diane Naugler
In Memory of Lt. Col. T.M. Powers, Camp Utopia

Al Barker
Royal Canadian Legion (Branch No.40)

Colin Fleiger
Royal Canadian Legion (Branch No.03)

Pastor Brent Wagstaff
Beaver Harbour United Baptist Church

Terry Robertson, President
250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing, AFAC

Jim Suluis, President
Turnbull Chapter, CAHS

David Poissant, President
2nd TAF Medium Bombers Association

Frank Burnahm
In Memory of brother Sgt. H.J. Burnham, RAAF

Maureen Bearpark (middle)
In Memory of father Frank Albert, RAFVR

Peter Manning (middle)
In Memory of father Jim Manning, RAFVR

Lynda Lougheed
In Memory of father Ernie McGowan, RCAF

Brenda Ferguson
In Memory of father Mac McNevan, RCAF

Vic Gnaedinger
In Honour of uncle Rod Gnaedinger, RCAF

Vera Gostnell
In Memory of husband Howard Gostnell, RCAF

Conclusion of the Service
All Photographs by "Daniel Goguen"

Lt. Bernard J. Cormier
Reading poem "Pennfield Ridge"

Christian & Sheri Larsen

Frank Burnham

Front Row (Left to Right): Barbara Charters, George & Charlotte Richardson, Elizabeth Allen, Valerie Crisp. Fred Bing, Everett McQuinn, Colin & Alice Fleiger
Back Row (left to right): Clara McLean, Maxine Card, Maureen Bearpark (in back of Maxine), Janet Bearpark, Lydia Hanselpacker, Jim Hawkins, Karen Corning, Hib Barry and Betty Mitchell

An Annual Tradition
All Photographs by "Daniel Goguen"

Peter Manning and daughter Charlotte

Colin and Alice Fleiger

Frank Burnham

David Poissant, Lynda & Jim Lougheed, Fred Bing and son Darrell
(2nd TAF Medium Bombers Association members)

Vic Gnaedinger

Vera Gostnell

New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson, Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society President Christian Larsen and 250 RCAF (Saint John) Wing, AFAC President Terry Robertson

Reception Service - The Royal Canadian Legion (Branch #40), St. George
All Photographs by "Sheri Larsen"

New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson

F/L James A. Stewart, DFC, ONB

Jim Suluis and Frank Burnham
Presenting Frank with a college of photographs pertaining to his brother, Sgt. H.J. Burnham (1923-1943)

Service Dedicated to those Veterans we've lost since last year's service

Kenneth W.W. "Ken" Harrison (RCAF)
d. 7 February 2011

Dr. Lionel E. "Hank" Hastings (RCAF)
26 May 1923-27 September 2010

C. Russell "Russ" Hunter (RCAF)
28 March 1922-25 May 2011

Rev. Father Richard P.A. Sims (RCAF)
5 January 1918-7 December 2010

Ivan Herbert Wright (RNZAF)
10 April 1923-2 September 2010

   ~We can never forget, because you define who we are.~ 

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