1871 Nominal Return of the Deaths with the last twelve months
1871 Pennfield Parish Census<

Schedule No. 2 - Nominal Return of the Deaths within last twelve months.
District 175 (Charlotte Co.), Sub-District C (Pennfield Parish)
Page 1, Wm. H. Justason, Enumerator
Conducted ?, 1871

Transcribed by G. Christian Larsen
Name of Deceased Sex Age Religion County or Province of Birth Profession, Occupation or Trade Married or Widow Month of Death Disease or other cause of Death
JUSTASON, Enos M 20 Baptist N.B. Farmer   July Drowned
JOHNSON, William M 15 Ch. of Eng. " "     March  
MEALY, Malcom Esq. M 74 " " " " Farmer M December  
RIORDAN, Timothy M 32 Catholic " " Laborer M March Heart Disease
JACK, David M 6 Ch. of Eng. " "     June  
HALL, Cameron  M 21 Baptist " " Seaman   November  Drowned
HAWKINS, Mary F 46 Presbyterian " "   W October  
HOPKINS, Margaret F 76 Baptist Ireland   M March  
HAMILTON, Mary F 65 Presbyterian " "   M February  

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