Pennfield Parish Villages

Parish Villages
Updated February 14, 2001

    The following villages/areas are located in Pennfield Parish. Pennfield is outlined in Blue on the map below .   If you see one missing, please drop me a note.

Adelaide Lake Justason's Corner Seelye's Cove
Air Strips from WW II  Little Pocologan River  Seely Head 
Anthony (Antonio) Lake  Long Lake  Smith Lake 
Beaver Harbour  Love Lake  Sparks Lake 
Belle View (see Beaver Harbour)  Mill Lake  Spinney's Corner (see Utopia) 
Blacks Harbour  Pennfield  Tamarack Brook 
Charlotteport (see Beaver Harbour) Pennfield Centre  Thompson's Mill (see Woodland)
Clear Lake  Pennfield Corner  Trout Brook 
Cripps Stream  Pennfield Parish  Trueman Corner (see Justason's Corner)
Crooked Lake  Pennfield Ridge  Tunaville 
Crow Harbour  Pennfield West  Utopia 
Deadman's Harbour  Pocologan  Utopia Center 
East Head  Pocologan Lakes  Utopia Game Refuge 
Forked Lake  Pocologan River  Wallace Cove 
French Village (see Blacks Harbour)  Pocologan Station  Wellington (see Tunaville) 
Gunter's Mill  Prescott's Corner (see Pennfield Corner)  Wellington Lake 
Hawkins Lake  Red Head  Woodland 
Jake Lee Brook  Red Rock Lake  Wolves, The 
Jake Lee Mountain  Riordans Corner (see Utopia)   

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