Fire Destroys CPR station

Fire wipes out CPR station at Pennfield

    A fire of unknown origin which is believed to have started in the freight shed completely destroyed the Canadian Pacific Railways Station at Pennfield early Saturday night.

    The blaze raged out of control for three hours as fireman from Blacks Harbour, St. George and the New Brunswick's Forest Service fought the flames.

    No cause had been determined for the fire which is thought to have started in the ground floor of the two story building which was soon enveloped in flames. Peak of the blaze was reached when a storage section containing 200 gallons of fuel went up, throwing leaping tongues of flame hundreds of feet into the night sky. The fuel did not explode.

    Lack of water supply near at hand hampered fireman. They were forced to haul water by tanker.

    A CPR official at St. George said the major portion of freight stored in the express office was saved intact but some of the freight in the freight shed over the weekend was a total loss.

    No official estimate of the loss in dollars of the station was given by Railway officials who viewed the charred wreckage Sunday. The building, 35 by 25 feet is said to be one of the oldest landmarks in the area.

SOURCE: "The Saint Croix Courier" (Dec 13, 1962) - written by permission.

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