Fire Threatens Big Sardine Factory At Black's Harbour

Fire Threatens Big Sardine Factory At Black's Harbour
Transcribed by G. Christian Larsen

    Black's Harbour, Sept. 21 - Fireman battled flames for about half an hour Friday morning to avert what might have resulted in a disastrous fire. About six o'clock in the morning Captain Joshua Justason went down to start the engine in his sardine boat,  "Genesta", which was tied up at No.1 Factory Wharf. The engine backfired catching fire, one gasoline tank exploded and the fire spread quickly. Before the blaze could be brought under control the pilot house and part of the stern of the boat were burned away. Being so close to the largest sardine plant it was imperative to get the fire out before it could spread. The "Genesta" is about forty foot long and has a capacity of twenty hogsheads.

SOURCE: The Saint Croix Courier (St. Stephen, NB) - September 23, 1943.

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