Hawkins Family History Presented

Hawkins Family History Presented
by G. Christian Larsen

  Lynn E. Garn, of Virginia, Ronnie E. Hawkins, Snr., of Michigan, and G. Christian Larsen have traced over 5000 descendants of Zadock Hawkins and his wife Lydia Wilmot, of Derby, Connectict to places throughout Canada and the United States. There are over 500 pages of people listed in the book entitled "The Family of Zadock Hawkins." For more information on the book, please see: "Book On Hawkins Descendants" or "Family of Zadock Hawkins."

    On January 16th, 2006 Larsen presented a copy of "The Family of Zadock Hawkins" to the "Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd." in memory of Lena (Dickson) Hawkins (1902-1996). Larsen has done genealogical research on various families in and around the Beaver Harbour area for almost 17 years now. Some of his efforts have been a continuation of work previously done by the late Lena Hawkins. Lena worked tirelessly over the years to preserve the history of Beaver Harbour. Much of her efforts were not recognized or at least not duly credited to her. Larsen canít count the number of people he has spoken to over the years who ask about Lena. Some may not recall her name right off, but all certainly remember she was the one they went to for answers when visiting the Harbour to discover their ancestors. This was a token of appreciation for her dedication to the preservation of our history.

"Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd."
Friends and family gathered for the presentation of the recently published book "The Family of Zadock Hawkins."
Left to Right: Barb Leavitt, Marlene Wadlin, Ruth Steele, Janet Fullerton, Lucy Lawton, Florence Hawkins, Mavis Leavitt, Nicole Gillis, Sherman Wadlin, Frank Leavitt, Chris Larsen, and Jim Hawkins.
Missing from the photograph: Marion Belliveau, Jeff Hawkins and Violet (Meme) McKinley.

Chris Larsen presenting the book "The Family of Zadock Hawkins" to B.H.C.V. president James L. Hawkins, youngest child of Arthur W. and Lena M. (Dickson) Hawkins.

    Larsen did most of the research on the Canadian branch of the family and furnished the majority of the information about them for the book. He has spent almost 17 years now researching various families in & around the Pennfield area, among them being: Barry, Bates, Best, Crickard, Cross, Dunbar, Eldridge, Gillespie, Hawkins, Hunter, Jack, Justason, McKay, Mealey, Nodding, Paul, Spear, Tatton, Thompson, Trynor, Wadlin, Wright and Young. Since Oct 27, 2003 he has served as coordinator for the Pennfield Parish pages, and on July 25, 2005 took over as coordinator for the Lepreau Parish pages as well. He is also active in the "Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd.", having served for over 6 years now as chairman of the Archive Committee.

  Author Lynn Garn resides in Virginia, and it was his great grandmother that was a Hawkins. She died when his grandfather was only four years old. Very little information about the Hawkins family was passed on to their part of the family because of the disconnect resulting from her death. As he did research on her line, he soon discovered information that fascinated him. As he continued to accumulated more and more information and stories that Garn thought were interesting, he wanted to tell someone. So he decided to write a book. Garn has been doing serious genealogical research for over 30 years. He started work on the book about seven years ago. Garn and Ronnie E. Hawkins, Senr. of Michigan started collaborating about 7 or 8 years ago when one of them noticed that the other had posted a query on a genealogical web site on the Internet. After a while they agreed to collaborate. Garn was tracking a fellow named William Wilmot Hawkins, who had served for a short time in the American Army during the American Revolutionary War. He deserted the American Army and joined a Loyalist unit the next day. After the war, he settled in the Pennfield area. So Garn was looking for Hawkinses in the Pennfield area. Karen (Ward) Hawkins from Pennfield contacted Garn in regards to her husband's family, and shortly afterwards put Larsen in touch with Garn as well. They have been able to work together while living so far apart mostly because they exchange a lot of emails. They use scanners to scan documents and send them to each other as attachments to emails. There are occasional phone calls and they sometimes send hardcopies of things by postal service, but most of the communication is by email.

    There have also been a couple of visits. Hawkins was in the Virginia area and stopped by to visit Garn in the latter part of 1998. They spent the day at the National Archives in Washington D.C. During the summer of 2004 Garn and his wife Karyl visited New Brunswick. Both Garn and Karyl enjoyed their visit to Charlotte County very much. They found everyone was so friendly. Larsen took them to visit a number of the older Hawkins relatives in the area, and they were amazed by the vitality of their 76 to 93 year-old kinfolk. They also visited the Beaver Harbour Archives, located at the Community Center, and the Barry & Eldridge store where the Garn's were able to buy a nice shirt with "Beaver Harbour" on it.      

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