The Family of Zadock Hawkins

Book On Hawkins Descendants
by Barb Rayner

    "PENNFIELD - Chris Larsen, of Beaver Harbour, is one of the three authors who have collaborated on a book about the family of Zadock Hawkins, of Connecticut, whose descendants still live in Pennfield today.
    Lynn Garn, of Virginia, Ronnie Hawkins, Snr., of Michigan, and Larsen have traced over 5000 descendants of Zadock Hawkins and his wife Lydia Wilmot, of Derby, Conn. There are over 500 pages of people listed in the book entitled "The Family of Zadock Hawkins."
    Zadock Hawkins and two of his sons served in the American army during the American Revolutionary War. Zadock died after less than a year in the army, probably as a result of illness.
    A few months before his death, one of his sons deserted the army and joined a Loyalist unit fighting with the British against the Americans. That son eventually settled in Pennfield and many of his descendants still live in the community today.
    The other son who served in the American army left the service about a year-and-a-half after his father died. He went to Kentucky, as did his mother, and at least two of his brothers. Another son settled in Vermont, while another appears to have joined a Shaker community in Massachusetts.
    The book includes an index of all descendants, spouses of descendants and parents of spouses - almost 100 pages. There is also a 13-page index of places, key facts, and almost 50 pages listing all the references used to assign relationships among people.
    Also included are original source materials, such as Civil War pension files, provincial and state archives, correspondence and photographs.
    The hardbound book in over 700 pages in all, and it includes biographical information, especially for the early generations, including the ancestors of both Zadock Hawkins and his wife. Cross references explicitly identify when a descendant of Zadock Hawkins married a person who is also one of his descendants. The book also includes discussion of the possible descent of Zadock Hawkins from the Admiral, Sir John Hawkins - evidence indicates that he is not a descendant.
    The book costs $50 (U.S.) (includes shipping and handling charges) for destinations in the U.S., and $60 (U.S.) (includes shipping and handling charges) outside the U.S. Priority shipping is available for an additional $5 (U.S.).
In order to receive a copy of the book, payments should be sent (in U.S. dollars) to Lynn E, Garn, 12210 Redwood Ct., Woodbridge, VA, 22192, making sure to include the address to which the book should be sent, and including an email address or phone number in case there is a question."
SOURCE: Courier Weekend - Friday, December 2, 2005.



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