Pennfield Corner School

Pennfield Corner School
Written by P. Dale Wright

    A new four-room modern school was built at the Pennfield Corner in the 1940's, thus doing away with the one-room schools in Pennfield District No. One. The one-room schools were: Trout Brook, Cold Brook, Pennfield Ridge, and Lake Utopia School.

    There were two grades in each room. Here are the students who were in Grade 7 and 8 in 1949 and 1950, at the Corner School:

    Carroll Borthwick, Ernest Bradford, Grovenor Bradford, Barbara Cawley, Frederick Cook, Charlotte Culbert, Margaret Dines, Doris Dunbar, James Gallant, Frances Goodeill, Marjorie Hatt, Jean Hawkins, Claude Holland, Sylvia James, Alfred Justason, Josephine Justason, Malcolm Justason, Rupert Kelson, Frances Leighton, Ann Mahar, Audrey Mahar, June Mahar, Lester McKay, Maynard McKay, Mary O'Brien, Jack O'Neill, William Stewart, Geraldine Stoddard, Gwendolyn Stuart, Herbert Travis, Elizabeth Vickery, Gerald Vickery, Royce Wells, Ruth Patterson, Allan Armstrong, Colin Culbert, Sherman Hatt, Frederick Jack, Ruby Kelson, June McCullough, Keith McDowell, Laird Monahan, Weldon Sawler, and Louis Gallant.

    The principal of the school was Mr. Colin Barrett.

SOURCE: "The Saint Croix Courier" (May 30,  2003) - written by permission.

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